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Sunday’s Newslinks brought to you by At Ease Tees

Ministry Blasts ‘Gross Misrepresentation’ of Creation Museum
The Creation Museum issued a response this week refuting much of the critiques that were made in a recent LiveScience article, including the claim that non-Christians are unwelcome.

Conservative Lutherans to Form New Church Body in North America

Army Soldiers: Skipping Christian Concert Got Us Punished

Extremists Can Gain Ground Through Pakistan Flood Aid, Warns Group

Rapes of Christian Girls in Pakistan Reflect Hidden Trend

So. Baptist Pastor: We Have to Crucify Our Self-Righteousness

Memories of Past Failures Hang Over New Push for Mideast Talks
– With the first direct talks between Israeli and Palestinian leaders since 2008 due to begin on Sept. 2 in Washington, there is no sign that either side is ready to compromise on the issues that divided them at the Camp David talks in 2000.

U.S. Soldier Killed in Iraq After the Last Combat Troops Withdraw
– An American soldier was killed in Iraq on Sunday, three days after the last combat brigade left the country ahead of the month-end deadline for the formal end of combat operations. The death brings to four the number of U.S. deaths in combat so far this month, making August even with April as the deadliest month in Iraq since last fall.

Musician John Legend Compares Disapproval Of Ground Zero Mosque To Opinions On Segregation in 1960’s
– Grammy award-winning musician John Legend told that he does not “care” about polls showing that the majority of Americans do not want a mosque built at ground zero, saying “You can’t let the majority have tyranny to the point where minorities are oppressed.”

‘Tin-eared’ Pelosi off-base on mosque debate
Nancy Pelosi appears to be more concerned about investigating the detractors of the “Ground Zero” mosque than she does those who are spearheading the controversial project.

.Perspective: Who was that mosqued man?
Conservatives take note: When the Washington Post tells you to back off something, it’s time to turn up the heat.

Faith groups leaning toward GOP
A poll by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life suggests Catholics and Jews are more likely to vote Republican this November than they were in 2008.

.Perspective: Nancy Pelosi – a moderate?
You would be hard-pressed to find one rational political scholar in the U.S. who would categorize Nancy Pelosi as a “moderate” — but radical leftism flourishes in the land of academia.

MathCounts won’t count home schoolers
Home schoolers are expressing disappointment over a decision that will no longer allow them to form teams and compete together in a national math contest.

The King’s College Taps Apologist Dinesh D’Souza as President
A Christian liberal arts college that has been supported by Campus Crusade for Christ for over a decade has named renowned apologist Dinesh D’Souza as its new president, according to an announcement Monday.

U.S. ‘Back to Church Sunday’ Campaign Surpasses 1.2M Invites

Hundreds Rally Against ‘Sharia Mosque’ Near Ground Zero

Muslim Men Attack Somali Church Leader in Ethiopia

Survey: 2 in 3 Say Religion Losing Influence on American Life

Study: Non-Profit CEOs See Boosts in Salaries

The devastating result of ‘uncertainty’
Radio commentator Herman Cain says the problem with the economy is that no one in the Obama administration knows how to solve a problem.

Perspective: Obama’s confusing faith
With Barack Obama we are witnessing the most unconventional faith profile of a president in arguably 200 years.

New stem-cell regulations on hold
A federal judge has blocked temporarily new regulations from the Obama administration that would expand research using human embryos.

Board takes revenge, closes charter school
Just six days before school was to begin, the Idaho State Board of Education voted to uphold the closure of a charter school that tangled with officials over the use of the Bible in the classroom.

Perspective: Popular music and porn
If you haven’t seen any music videos lately, you don’t know what you’re missing. It’s a window into the startling world of today’s music business.

‘Ground Zero Mosque’ Imam Viewed Sanctions Against Iraq As an Act of Terrorism
– Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, the Muslim cleric at the center of the controversy over the mosque near Ground Zero, was quoted as saying four years ago that economic sanctions impacting civilians amounted to an act of terrorism. Previously, in July 2005, Rauf was quoted as saying, “We tend to forget, in the West, that the United States has more Muslim blood on its hands than al-Qaeda has on its hands of innocent non-Muslims.”

Obama Justice Dept. Argued in Favor of Using Race As a Relevant Factor Among Others to Justify Immigration Stops
– In at least three court cases, President Obama’s Justice Department has argued in favor of federal law enforcement officers using race as a factor in determining whether to stop someone for a suspected immigration violation. It has done so despite the fact that the Justice Department and the Homeland Security Department report that they do not engage in “racial profiling.”

Americans Losing Confidence in ObamaCare’s Promise of Lower Costs and Medicare Guarantee
– Americans are less confident they will be able to afford their health care now than they were before President Barack Obama signed the $1 trillion health care overhaul package, according to a poll released on the five-month anniversary of the president’s signature. The poll is the latest indicator of sustained public disapproval of the Democrats’ health care reform law.

Obama Administration Tells U.N. It’s Committed to Closing Gitmo, ‘Fixing’ Immigration
– In the first ever self-assessment of America’s human rights record, the Obama administration has informed the U.N. that it remains committed to closing the detention center at Guantanamo Bay and to “fixing our broken immigration system.” A report delivered to the U.N. Human Rights Council in Geneva on Friday describes the “great strides” the U.S. has made towards ensuring equality of the law for all Americans. It also acknowledges that work remains to be done.

Enforcement Against Human Traffickers Improving, State Department Official Tells Prosecutors
National Harbor, Md. (
– Law enforcement officials at the local, state, federal and global level have done more to combat human trafficking over the last 10 years than ever before, said Ambassador Luis CdeBaca, head of the U.S. State Department Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking In Persons. Speaking at a conference on child abuse, CdeBaca explained how the U.S. approach has changed over the years.

China, India, Indonesia, Brazil Can’t Estimate Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Complicating Push for Climate Treaty
– Even as the Obama administration seeks to negotiate an international treaty to cap greenhouse gas emissions, many of the world’s most egregious producers of greenhouse gasses cannot accurately estimate how much gas they currently emit, according to a recent report from Government Accountability Office.

Catholic Archbishop of New Orleans ‘Was Not Consulted’ About Obama’s Speech at Local Catholic College
– When President Barack Obama speaks at Xavier University of Louisiana on August 29 to commemorate the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, one person who will not be in attendance is New Orleans Archbishop Gregory Aymond.

Judge Blocks Obama’s Embryonic Stem Cell Research Policy
A federal judge on Monday blocked President Obama’s embryonic stem cell research policy, concluding that it violates a ban on federal funds being used in the destruction of human embryos.

World Vision Can Continue Faith-Based Hiring, Court Rules

Anglican Leaders Gather for ‘Historic’ All Africa Bishops Conference

Jimmy Carter Plans N. Korea Trip to Free Jailed American

Family Research Council Calls on Supporters to Help Raise $2.5M

Court: Calif. ‘Prosperity’ Preacher Can Sue ABC for Defamation

Tuesday’s primaries – a message for Nov. 2?
The outcome of Tuesday’s primaries in Alaska, Arizona, and Florida could have significant implications on the mid-term elections just ten weeks away.

Perspective: The White House war on jobs
The “Summer of Recovery” is looking more and more like the Beltway Chainsaw Massacre for America’s workers.

U.S. money for foreign mosques
Almost $6 million of U.S. taxpayers’ money is going to restore Muslim mosques and minarets around the world — and that’s money well spent, says Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Advice: Use Facebook app with caution
The Internet’s largest social networking website has introduced a new geo-location service though which its 500-million users can share their whereabouts in real-time from a mobile device.

Judge says ‘remediation’ lawful, student appeals
A federal judge has rejected a graduate student’s lawsuit that claimed Augusta State University in Georgia was forcing her to abandon her Christian beliefs in order to receive a counseling degree.

‘Burn the Quran Day’ Plan Prompts Warnings of Anger, Unrest
– The Organization of the Islamic Conference has joined the growing condemnation of plans by a Gainesville, Florida church to burn copies of the Quran on the 9th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks. The OIC said it hoped the U.S. government would “take appropriate steps to protect the sacred religious sentiments of Muslims of America and of the Muslims across the world.”

Islamist Leader in Pakistan Says Accepting Flood Relief From U.S. and India Is Like ‘Poison’
– Accepting emergency aid from the United States or India amounts to taking “poison,” the head of one of Pakistan’s leading Islamist political parties said Tuesday. The remarks by Syed Munawar Hasan, head of Jamaat-e-Islami (JI), evidently were intended to apply new pressure on a government already torn between dealing with the flood crisis and antagonizing radical elements.

Sen. Kerry Urges American People to ‘Do More’ for ‘Pakistan’s Katrina’
– Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.), just home from a trip to flooded Pakistan, says the world “isn’t keeping up with the size of the challenge” in that country – and he is urging the hard-pressed American people to help out. “Even as I sit here I’m shaken by the fact that this is Pakistan’s Katrina,” Kerry said.

Biden: NIH Critics ‘Know Nothing About Science’
Washington (
– Vice President Joe Biden praised the National Institutes of Health Tuesday, despite the agency’s record spending of tax dollars to study such topics as teaching Chinese meditation techniques to cocaine addicts and “hookah” smoking among college students in Jordan. “I love how our opponents have nitpicked some of the research money that we have given to NIH. It reflects that they know nothing about science,” Biden said.

Obama’s Approval Hits All-Time Low of 39 Percent Among Men, Says Gallup
– President Barack Obama’s job approval rating among American men has fallen to a record low, hitting 39 percent in the week of Aug. 16-22, according to the Gallup Poll. The week of Aug. 16-22 also marked the first time Obama’s average weekly approval rating dropped below 40 percent for either gender.

Disapproval of Obama Rises to All-Time High, Says Gallup
– For the first time in his presidency, Barack Obama’s average weekly “disapproval” rating has hit 50 percent, according to the Gallup Poll. During the week of Aug. 16-22, President Obama’s average approval was 43 percent and his average disapproval was 50 percent.

Catholic Bishops Prod Members of Congress to Support Permanent Ban on Taxpayer-Funded Abortions
– The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops is soliciting the support of Congress for the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act, introduced by Rep. Chris Smith (R-N.J.) at the end of July. In a recent letter to members of Congress, Cardinal Daniel N. DiNardo, archbishop of Galveston/Houston, addressed the assumption that the Hyde Amendment bans all federally funded abortions.

Evangelical Body Calls for Solidarity with Pakistan
Just days after a major charity expressed alarm over the international community’s lukewarm response to aid appeals, the World Evangelical Alliance is calling on the world to stand in solidarity with flood-stricken Pakistan.

WCC Head to Pentecostals: We Need Each Other

ELCA Head Responds to Rival Lutheran Body

Uganda President Urges African Bishops Against Intolerance

Lawsuit Filed to Uncover Truth About Mich. Abortionist

‘Blasphemy’ Threats Send Pakistani Worker, Couple into Hiding

Obama Education Grants Politicized, School Choice Advocates Say
– Politics may have played a role in the awarding of some Obama administration education reform grants, say pro-school-choice groups. The inclusion of states such as Hawaii and Maryland — and the exclusion of states with marked improvement such as Louisiana and Colorado — makes the grants suspect, said Jeanne Allen, the president of the Center for Education Reform.

Jimmy Carter’s Trip to North Korea Raises Concerns About ‘Freelance Diplomacy’
– Former President Jimmy Carter’s “private humanitarian mission” to North Korea has sparked speculation that he may indulge in unofficial diplomacy on the nuclear issue. Carter has believed for years that sanctions are counterproductive and that the U.S. should engage the Stalinist regime in direct, high-level talks.

EPA Now Accepting Public Comment on Petition to Ban Lead in Ammunition and Fishing Tackle
– Environmental activists are pressing the Obama administration to ban the manufacture, processing and distribution lead shot, bullets, and fishing sinkers under the Toxic Substances Control Act of 1976, but hunting and Second Amendment groups say the EPA lacks the authority to do so, for starters.

CBO Report: Hard to Say How Many Jobs Really Saved by Stimulus
– Even though President Barack Obama declared this to be ‘Recovery Summer,’ it is difficult to determine whether the administration’s jobs boasts are accurate, according to an analysis by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office. The CBO says some of the jobs funded by stimulus dollars “might have existed even without the stimulus package.”

Florida Gov. Crist Visited Martha’s Vineyard Friday, but Crist Campaign Mum on Details
– Florida Gov. Charlie Crist, who is running for the U.S. Senate as an Independent facing both a Republican and Democratic opponent, visited Martha’s Vineyard last Friday for a fundraiser, but his campaign spokesman would not say who hosted the event. “He was in New England for a private campaign event,” Crist spokesman Danny Kanner said of the governor’s whereabouts on Friday.

A ‘faith or funds’ tradeoff
More than 100 leaders of religious groups are urging Congress to reject legislation that would prohibit them from hiring only fellow believers if they accept federal funds.

Appeal in stem-cell decision revealing
Americans United for Life says it’s obvious the Obama administration wants to circumvent the law and make federal funds available for research that requires the killing of unborn babies.

Perspective: Islam’s so-called ‘friends’
The brouhaha over some Islamists’ take on Obama being Muslim or not Muslim is absolutely fascinating.

School choice proves effective
An education reform expert is touting Florida’s scholarship program for students in foster care as a cost-effective model for other states to improve overall academic achievement in public schools.

Putting the stop to pot in Calif.
In an effort to head off the legalization of marijuana in California, a pro-family organization is releasing a video that documents the damage of marijuana use and informs Americans about the harmful effects that can be expected.

Some 9/11 Families Show Support for Mosque Near Ground Zero
A group of religious and civil rights groups and family members of 9/11 victims announced on Wednesday the formation of a new coalition in support of an Islamic community center and mosque near ground zero.

Over 100 Groups Urge Congress to Preserve Religious Hiring Rights

Ky. High Court: Christian Healthcare Program is Insurance

Va. AG: Local Gov’ts Can Display Religious Holiday Symbols

Study Reveals How U.K. Doctors’ Faith Affects End-of-Life Care

LeTourneau University Receives $5M Endowment for Homeschoolers

Wallis-Soros ties surfacing
The leader of the “progressive Christian” Sojourners movement has accepted funding from leftist atheist billionaire George Soros.

Beck, others off-base on ‘gay’ agenda
A pro-family activist who is working to expose the truth about homosexuality says a number of high-profile conservative icons — Glenn Beck and Ann Coulter among them — are off base when it comes to the radical homosexual agenda.

Palin’s star still shines
Conservative icon Gary Bauer is impressed that former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has once again demonstrated her star power in helping a virtually unknown candidate in the recent GOP senatorial primary in her state.

Perspective: Five years after Katrina
Don’t expect Barack Obama to lift a finger this weekend to dispel the color-coded paranoia and political opportunism that poisoned the Hurricane Katrina recovery.

Hasselbeck – a veneer on ‘The View’
She’s labeled by many to be a staunch conservative — but does television personality Elisabeth Hasselbeck really measure up to that label?

Ground Zero Mosque Cleric Says Parts of His Book Were Woven into Obama’s Cairo Speech
– The cleric who wants to build a mosque and Islamic center near Ground Zero claims that ideas from his book were incorporated into President Obama’s landmark Cairo address to the Muslim world last year by one of the drafters of the speech. Feisal Abdul Rauf made the remarks during two media interviews in Egypt last February.

EXCLUSIVE: Sheriff Babeu: It’s ‘An Outrage’ Obama Stopped Building Border Fence
– Sheriff Paul Babeu of Pinal County, Ariz., says it is “an outrage” the Obama administration has stopped building the double-fencing needed to assist the Border Patrol in securing the U.S.-Mexico border. He says it is time for the United States to begin fighting illegal immigration and drug smuggling directly at the border instead of within the country where it harms American citizens and communities.

Dr. Alveda King: ‘Coretta Scott King Knew That Her Husband Was Pro-Life’
– Dr. Alveda King, niece of the late Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., says her uncle was pro-life –- a stance, she said, that is “supported fully by everything he always said.” The younger King is under fire from some black activists who criticize her for taking the position that abortion endangers black youth and that her uncle was pro-life when he was alive – and would be part of the pro-life movement if he were alive today.

Carter Secures Release of U.S. Christian from N. Korea
Former President Jimmy Carter has helped free a U.S. Christian who was detained for the past seven months in North Korea. The two are expected to return to Boston, Mass., Friday afternoon.

Black Christians Debate Abortion as Civil Rights Issue

Evangelical Megachurch Pastor Defends Support for Glenn Beck

Jewish Artist Invites Obama to Explain ‘Why Jesus?’ for Christ Portrait

Pakistan Flood Assessments Reveal ‘Bleak’ Picture, Huge Needs

Victim of India Violence Rescued from Trafficking Ring

‘Hipster’ Christianity vs. authenticity
Hoping to bridge the gap between the “irrelevant” church and young people who seek a counter-culture, a conservative journalist believes a wave of modern Christianity has gone “hipster” in its approach to reach the next generation.

Has Jesus been ‘domesticated’?
A Christian author and board-certified surgeon who helps on missions in Uganda and Kenya is suggesting that Jesus has been domesticated by Christians.

‘I Believe’ license plate gains support
The South Carolina attorney general has approved an application for a specialty license plate that displays three crosses and the words “I Believe.”

Court: Mental disability not a death sentence
Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court has ruled against family members who wanted to end the life of a man with mental disabilities.

DDT wouldn’t let the bedbugs bite
As bedbugs are making a comeback in the U.S., a banned substance may be the answer.

Beck rally signals trouble for Democrats
If Democrats had doubts about the voter unrest that threatens to rob them of their majority in Congress, they needed only look from the Capitol this weekend to the opposite end of the National Mall.

Hands-on politics for teens
The mission of a leadership program called TeenPact is to teach students how to be Christian statesmen through a program that operates throughout the year in 38 state capitols.

A first for Bobby Bowden
He won nearly 400 games in more than 40 years of coaching college football. Now Bobby Bowden has done something he never thought he would accomplish.

Recession taking toll on homeless shelters
Due to the rising demands of the economy, the Union Rescue Mission in Los Angeles will begin charging for services starting next month. But another local shelter is trusting God to provide for its needs as it struggles to meet the increasing demand.

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