What’s happening with the blog?

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For the two of you that still read this blog (thank you!), I wanted to let you know that starting next week there will be some changes. All of this is what I hope to do and may be subject to change depending on what is going on in my personal life.

Starting next week, Mondays we will be posting a Bible study that you can follow along with. We will be going “line by line” through different books of the Bible. As would be appropriate, we are going to start in Genesis! šŸ™‚ This will be done by myself and the divisions of scripture will be dependent on what I can get done with proper study and prayer. Because designs have become sporadic lately, we are going to make Wednesdays the potpurri day. This will be a mix of designs, events, and other blogs that I have been studying for. Fridays will hopefully be a day of focus on what is happening to Christians around the world. We have been troubled by what happens to Christians outside of America and hope to provide a short glimpse of the trials, tribulations, and death that they face on a daily basis just for calling themselves Christian. Sundays will still be for newslinks and will still offer a mix of Christian stories to keep you up on the latest happenings from a Christian viewpoint.

We hope to be more diligent about getting things posted on time and appreciate your time and patience in reading this blog. We would be extremely grateful if you would add us to your blog roll, pass along the link to both the blog and our shop, and find our page on FB. Our main desire is to glorify God and see the lost find the gift of salvation inĀ Jesus Christ, and we would like to thank you for reading this blog and hope to have much more interaction as the blog grows!

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