Newslinks 07/25/10

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Sunday’s Newslinks brought to you by At Ease Tees

Ahead of Key Kabul Meeting, Clinton Woos Pakistan With Aid, But Wants More Counter-Terror Measures
– Afghan President Hamid Karzai’s plans to reconcile with elements among the Taliban will take center stage in Kabul Tuesday, when the world’s foreign ministers meet to discuss the country’s future…

Maryland Becomes Second State to Offer Federally Funded Abortions under Obamacare
– Maryland will join Pennsylvania as the second state to use federal tax dollars to pay for abortions under the new health care law signed by President Barack Obama in March, according to information released by Maryland’s State Health Insurance Plan…

New Regulations Outline Content, Transmission Standards for Every Americans’ Electronic Health Records
( – New regulations issued by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) on Tuesday outline federal standards for the electronic health records that every American must have by 2014…

Obama to GOP: Restore Unemployment Benefits Now
Washington (AP) –
President Barack Obama took aim at Republican lawmakers Monday, accusing them of holding the public hostage to Washington politics by blocking extended unemployment benefits for millions of out of work Americans…

Pro-Lifers Win a Round in Health Care Overhaul
Washington (AP) –
Abortion foes have scored a victory and traditional allies of the Obama administration are grumbling about a decision to ban most abortion coverage in insurance pools for those unable to purchase health care on their own…

Pro-lifers win a round in health overhaul
Pro-lifers have scored a victory and traditional allies of the Obama administration are grumbling about a decision to ban most abortion coverage in insurance pools for those unable to purchase healthcare on their own.

Prayer shushed on Supreme Court steps
After a group of students praying on the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court building was confronted by police and told what they were doing was illegal, the Alliance Defense Fund sent a letter to officials of the high court.

Giving heresy a bad name
A former evangelical preacher, who now calls himself an “evolutionary evangelist,” maintains that Christians need to embrace atheism to fully understand God.

NEA’s priorities questioned
The leader of Christian Educators Association International claims its liberal counterpart — the National Education Association — is protecting unproductive teachers at the expense of student learning.

Perspective: Americans reject a new racial divide
What if they threw a race war and nobody came? So far that sums up the results of the left’s recent efforts to instigate racial animosity in America.

Faith Leaders Urged to Tackle HIV/AIDS Together
Leaders of different faiths from around the world have been urged to work together in tackling HIV and AIDS.

Attack on Nigerian Christian Village Leaves 8 Dead, Church Burned

‘End Times’ Authors Warn of Potential Threat to Religious Freedom in U.S.

Christian Relief Group Says Shelter is Greatest Need, Challenge in Haiti

Suspended Lutheran College Calls for Probe of Accrediting Body

YMCA Unveils New Brand Strategy

Apologist: Need for New Breed of Young Christian Defenders
Well-known Christian apologist Dinesh D’Souza visited a California megachurch on Sunday to equip believers with tools other than “Let me tell you what Jesus has done for me.”

Gunmen Kill 2 Pakistani Christians Outside Courthouse

Islam Experts: Ground Zero ‘Mega Mosque’ Is Political Statement

Yakima Christian CityFest Draws Thousands

Report: Alarming Rise of HIV Infections in E. Europe, Central Asia

Retired Lutheran College President Appointed to Interim Spot by 4th School

Obama Job Approval Lowest Among ‘Conservative’ States
( –
New polling data from Gallup on President Barack Obama’s job approval show that he is least popular in those states where people self-identify as “conservative” – in states, for example, such as Alabama, Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming. At the same time, the numbers show Obama is most popular in the one area where more people self-identify as “liberals”: the District of Columbia…

Census Officials in New York Instructed Workers to Falsify Questionnaires, Says Inspector General
( –
The Commerce Department’s Inspector General (IG) has confirmed whistleblower allegations that management at a local Census office in Brooklyn, N.Y., “directed employees to falsify Census questionnaires during” the decennial count’s largest and most expensive operation known as Non-response Follow-Up…

Kagan Says She Has Never Been Asked and Has Never Offered Her Opinion on Legality or Constitutionality of Any Proposed Health Care Bill
– Solicitor General Elena Kagan, nominated by President Barack Obama to the U.S. Supreme Court, said in written responses provided to the Senate Judiciary Committee today that she has never been asked–and has never offered–her opinion about the underlying legal or constitutional issues of any proposed health-care legislation–including the health-care bill signed into law by President Barack Obama, in March…

Supreme Court Police Told School Teacher It’s ‘Definitely Contrary to the Law’ to Pray on Supreme Court Steps, Says Alliance Defense Fund
– The Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) wants assurances that an Arizona Christian school teacher will not be arrested if she prays on the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court building…

Hatch: There’s ‘All Kinds of Pressure’ by Democratic Caucus Not to Have Hearings on Berwick
( –
Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), a member of the Senate Finance Committee, said there is “all kinds of pressure” by the Democratic Caucus on Committee Chairman Max Baucus not to call in President Obama’s recess-appointee to run Medicare and Medicaid, Dr. Donald Berwick, for hearings, which are constitutionally mandated…

Clinton Urges London, Edinburgh to Probe Lockerbie Release and BP Deal Claims
( –
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has asked the British and Scottish governments to review a decision to release from a life prison term the Libyan convicted in the Lockerbie bombing, amid suspicions of links to a lucrative oil deal in the North African nation…

President’s rhetoric = ‘calculated deception’
A former White House policy advisor is accusing President Obama of what he calls “playing” the American public.

Electoral College under assault
An author and political analyst reports an effort is afoot by well-funded liberal activists to effectively get rid of the Electoral College in its present form, without having to use the constitutional amendment process.

HIV study ‘manipulates’ public view
Concerned Women for America is denouncing a new government study that tries to link poverty with the infection of the AIDS virus.

Resignation follows ‘white farmer’ comment
A black federal worker has resigned from a Georgia agricultural job after a video clip showed her saying she had not helped a farmer as much as she could have because he was white.

Perspective: Race card fraud
Playing the race card fraudulently takes many forms. It can be used to target judicial nominees, the Tea Party, or even those who criticize a supposedly “post-racial” president.

Supreme Court Nominee Kagan Approved by Panel
A Senate panel voted Tuesday to send the Supreme Court nomination of Elena Kagan to the full Senate for confirmation.

Delegates Gather for Lutheran World Federation’s 11th Assembly

Adoption Agency: Major Increase in U.S. Interest in Orphans

Calls for ‘Urgent’ Security Review Follow Fatal Attack on Christians in Nigeria

Report: Christians Unfairly Targeted by UK Hate Laws

Salvation Army Leaders Bring Social Justice to the Fore at World Youth Convention

Hoyer: ‘I Don’t Think TEA Party Is Racist’; But House Dem Leader Not Sure ‘Who the TEA Party Is’
– House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) said Tuesday that he does not think that the Tea Party is racist, but admitted that he also does not know “who the Tea Party is.”…

Brownback: Obama’s Pick to Run Medicare, Medicaid ‘Not a Person Who Should Be Appointed to This Job’
( –
Sen. Sam Brownback (R-Kan.) told that Dr. Donald Berwick, who President Barack Obama recess-appointed to run the Center for Medicare and Medicaid, is “not a person who should be appointed” to the job…

Obama Administration’s Actions in Auto Bailout Added to Unemployment, Audit Says
Washington (
– The Obama administration’s policies in steering the auto bailout drove unemployment up, according to an audit by the Office of Special Inspector General for the Troubled Assets Relief Program (SIGTARP)…

Ban Ki-Moon in the Firing Line Over Leadership, Reforms
– The question of whether Ban Ki-moon will serve a second term as U.N. secretary-general is set to generate new debate, after the second leak of an internal document scathingly critical of the South Korean diplomat in less than a year…

British PM Doesn’t Plan Full Inquiry of Lockerbie Bomber Release or Alleged BP Connection
Washington (
– British Prime Minister David Cameron does not think there should be an inquiry into the release of the Lockerbie bomber and also does not believe that BP Global played a role in lobbying Scottish officials to free the terrorist…

Home Depot target of boycott
Sponsorship of “gay pride” festivals has gotten a major U.S. retailer in hot water with the American Family Association — so much so that the prominent pro-family group is asking its supporters to boycott the retailer.

Legislating immorality in schools
An author and mother of five is alarmed at the recent news of school districts in Massachusetts and Montana that in her opinion are encouraging the sexuality of young children.

USDA reconsidering employee ouster
Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said Wednesday he will reconsider the department’s decision to oust a black employee over racially tinged remarks after learning more about what she said.

Alveda King jumps all over NAACP
The niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., is responding to the NAACP’s accusations that Tea Party activists tolerate bigotry.

Prayer = harassment?
Two employees of the University of Texas at Arlington who prayed over a co-worker’s cubicle — and were subsequently fired — will have their day in court.

Opponents of Ground Zero Mosque Push for Landmark Status
A Christian legal group representing thousands of Americans opposed to the building of an Islamic mosque near Ground Zero has urged New York City officials to grant landmark status to the current building on the site.

Breakaway Groups Prevented Anglican Split, Nigerian Primate Suggests

Christians Help Stem Cholera Outbreak in Cambodia

Buddhist Bhutan Proposes Anti-Conversion Law

Wichita Council Keeps Prayers at Meetings

WACC Taps Lutheran World Information Director for General Secretary

Obama’s Electronic Health Records Czar: HIV Status and Abortions Need Not be Included
( –
Dr. David Blumenthal, the Obama administration’s National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, said on Tuesday that patients can choose to omit procedures such as abortions and positive HIV tests from the electronic health records (EHR) that every American is supposed to have by 2014 under the terms of the economic stimulus law that President Barack Obama signed last year…

Department of Justice Won’t Say if Kagan Took Full Pay After She ‘Ceased’ Full Duties as Solicitor General
– The Justice Department is not saying whether Solicitor General Elena Kagan has been taking the full federal salary of solicitor general since she “ceased” performing the full responsibilities of that position more than two months ago…

University of Illinois Says Professor ‘Has Not Been Fired’ for Teaching Catholic Doctrine On Homosexuality in Catholicism Class – He’s Just Not Teaching Classes
– Threats of legal action persist after the University of Illinois responded to demands by the Alliance Defense Fund to fully reinstate a professor relieved of duty for teaching Catholic doctrine on homosexuality in a Catholic doctrine class…

Don’t Limit Lockerbie Probe to BP Claims, Campaigners Urge US Senators
– If the U.S. Senate wants to get to the bottom of the early release of the Libyan convicted in the Lockerbie bombing, it should look beyond allegations of links to an oil deal and ask whether the prisoner was sent home to preempt an appeal that could have overturned the trial verdict, campaigners said Wednesday…

Al-Arabiya Director Calls Nuclear Iran ‘Most Dangerous Threat That is Facing Our Region in 100 Years’
( –
Writing in the London based Al-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper, Abdul Rahman Al-Rashid, general manager of Dubai-based Al-Arabiya TV, said that a nuclear Iran would seek to dominate the Gulf States in the Middle East and said he supported a military attack against Iran before it produces nuclear weapons…

White House Backs Bill to Collect Employee Pay Information from Businesses
( –
The Obama administration is backing legislation that includes regulations requiring U.S. businesses to provide to the government data about employee pay as it relates to the sex, race and national origin of employees…

Brownback: Obama’s Pick to Run Medicare, Medicaid ‘Not a Person Who Should Be Appointed to This Job’
– Sen. Sam Brownback (R-Kan.) told that Dr. Donald Berwick, who President Barack Obama recess-appointed to run the Center for Medicare and Medicaid, is “not a person who should be appointed” to the job…

Archbishop Tutu to Withdraw from Public Life
Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu announced Thursday his intention to withdraw from public life on Oct. 7 – the day he is to turn 79.

Campaign Launched to Halt Deportation of Christians in Morocco

Lutheran World Federation Pushes ‘One Church’ Efforts

Poll: Prop. 8 Divides Religious Latino Community in Calif.

Ga. School Forces Christian Student to Alter Beliefs to Graduate

81 Congressmen Urge Court to Deny DOJ Motion to Block Ariz. Immigration Law

Where’s the money coming from?
GOP Congresswoman Michele Bachmann says extending unemployment benefits is fine, but that she has a real problem with how the government is planning to pay for the billions of dollars it will cost taxpayers.

Perspective: Dems’ war on the West
Citizens of Arizona, Utah, Wyoming, and Colorado who are suffering under punitive Democratic policies are asking the question: “Why do they hate us?”

Biden’s promise a ‘bribe’ to Kenyans
American tax dollars are being used to finance “yes” votes in an election on a proposed revision to the Constitution in Kenya.

Warren recovering from eye injury
Megachurch pastor Rick Warren is recovering at his California home after being briefly hospitalized due to an eye injury he suffered while gardening.

Book Review: The story about the threat
Terri Blackstock’s Predator should be required reading for every parent and every child who has a page on any online social network.

Sen. Kerry Predicts ‘Ice-Free Arctic’ In ‘5 or 10 Years’
( – Speaking at a town hall-style meeting promoting climate change legislation on Thursday, Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) predicted there will be “an ice-free Arctic” in five to 10 years…

Lawmaker Who Wrote Arizona Immigration Law Intervenes in Obama Administration Lawsuit
– The author of the Arizona immigration law filed a court motion to stop the federal government’s effort to prevent the law from going into effect on July 29…

Liberals, Conservatives Agree: Re-Imposing the Death Tax Designed to Penalize the Wealthy
( –
Unless Congress acts to extend its repeal, the death tax is scheduled to return in 2011– a tax that liberals and conservatives alike seem to agree is designed only to attack the “pockets” of the wealthy…

NATO’s Education Training Chief Unsure When Afghan National Security Force Will Be Fully Literate
( –
An objective for when to expect a fully literate Afghan National Security Force (ANSF) has not been established despite an ongoing U.S.-led education training program in place, according to NATO’s education training chief…

As Separatists Welcome Int’l Court Kosovo Opinion, US Insists it’s Not Applicable Elsewhere
– The International Court of Justice’s long-awaited opinion on Kosovo Thursday may be non-binding and Kosovo-specific, but it resonated around the world, buoying secessionist movements and prompting anxiety in countries grappling with separatism…

Obama’s Gay Rights Push ‘Distressing,’ Says So. Baptist Leader
The Obama administration’s role in the accreditation of a U.S.-based gay rights group by the United Nations is “distressing,” says a Southern Baptist public policy leader.

Deaths of Pakistani Christian Brothers Fuel Call for ‘Blasphemy’ Repeal

Church Coalition ‘Very Disappointed’ by New U.S. Sanctions Against N. Korea

Pro-Life Democrats Hailed as ‘Heroes’ for Health Care Vote

Over 30 Pro-Family Groups Ask Court for Role in Day of Prayer Case

Police Demolish House Church in Indonesia

Evangelical Lutheran pulpits welcome non-celibate gay pastors
Seven pastors who work in the San Francisco Bay area and were barred from serving in the nation’s largest Lutheran group because of a policy that required gay clergy to be celibate are being welcomed into the denomination.

House Church: Skip the sermon, worship at home
To get to church on a recent Sunday morning, the Yeldell family walked no farther than their own living room to greet fellow worshippers.

Moderate nominee for Calif. chief justice
Californians may elect the first Asian-American chief justice this fall, making the state Supreme Court a female majority for the first time in its history.

Post-abortion problems could = lawsuit
Despite a recent federal court ruling, Nebraska women can file lawsuits for psychological injuries resulting from an abortion.

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