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Yesterday, America celebrated it’s birthday. The first Independence Day happened July 4th, 1776. It marked the moment when a group of British colonies had become an entirely new nation. This nation was built on Christian principles and came to be so that the people in the colonies could worship the God of the Bible as they felt they were commanded to. They wanted to be free from the tyranny of the Roman Catholic Church and the king of Britain. The people of the colonies fought and many gave their lives in order for this freedom to be achieved and they expected their descendants to not only understand the cost of this freedom, but to keep fighting for it. Sadly, today’s America is a far cry from what the Founding Fathers expected or hoped for. The American people have given up the fight for their freedom and allowed smooth-talking, deceitful, self-righteous men and women to take these freedoms away from us. We have fallen asleep and our freedoms are slowly disappearing while we don’t care.

Independence from tyranny must be protected and fought for constantly. Americans should not depend on any one man to provide for them. They should depend on God and His agents – the church. Unfortunately, many church-goers are uncaring about helping those around them. Still others take it to the other extreme and call helping those around them the “gospel”. It’s not. The balance comes from understanding the importance of preaching the true gospel and then following that up with visible works.

Independence can be good where man is concerned. It is downright dangerous where God is concerned. Americans are increasingly drifting away from the God of the Bible and toward a “god” of their own making. One that loves what they love and hates what they hate. This is idolatry. Instead, men and women should be utterly and totally dependent on the One who is above all. They should be seeking His face and striving to order their lives according to what God has revealed in scripture. They should be depending on His daily grace to keep them from hell and His mercy to keep them alive.

Dependence on God is one of the most important things that we could ever learn. This means understanding who God is. We have to understand His sovereignty so that we can depend on Him in every circumstance. Because God is sovereign, He is in utter control of everything. He knows exactly what is going on in every instance and allows it all to happen. We have to understand His character so that we can depend on Him for wisdom and pray for the right things in the right way. We have to read the scriptures daily in order to grow in holiness and have the ability to live our lives to glorify Him.

The church seemingly spends more time teaching congregations how to depend on themselves and how to be “little gods” than it does how to study and rightly apply the scriptures to their lives. The “pastors” exalt themselves as leaders and guides while fleecing the congregations. They misdirect the eyes of those following them; drawing them away from Jesus Christ and onto different subjects that are the “focus” or “vision” of the church. It’s both disgusting and appalling to me. The soldiers of God’s army are so weak and out of practice that they couldn’t shadowbox. They can talk the talk all day, but when it comes down to it and things get tough, they have no stamina, no understanding, and no ability to stand in defense of the gospel.

As the church continues to drag itself along in the midst of the worldly influence they’ve brought in to lure non-believers, the world they are trying to “reach” laughs at the pathetic attempts to be relevant. Like a ship without an anchor, the church is being tossed about violently by winds of doctrine and waves of postmodernism because they’ve abandoned the only One that can anchor them down. They have nothing to cling to in the storm and have no refuge to hide in when the world gets too much. As the fireworks continue exploding and families continue to spend time together today, I hope and pray that Jesus is talked about.

It grieves me that the church is falling away from God. It hurts me and aggravates me that so many “Christians” could turn away from the God that loves them so much and chase after the world. It saddens me that the churches in America have abandoned the gospel and couldn’t preach the true gospel if their lives depended on it. If we are to truly influence the world we should be depending completely on God. If we are to grow in holiness and see the country and the world change, it will only be through the preaching of the true gospel. We must being teaching ourselves and our children to depend on God. If we do not depend on God, how can we bring others to Him? If we don’t depend on God, how can we survive in trials and tribulations to be a living example of God’s power and grace? The simple answer is that we can’t. Without our dependence on God, His Son Jesus Christ, and the gospel; we can’t accomplish anything of lasting effect regarding the true salvation of mankind.

Do you depend on God? Are you trusting Him in all things? Do you care more about man and what he thinks than you do about God and what He thinks? Will you lay down your pride and your fear in order to glorify God through obedience. This is depending on God. And it is what the church needs so that it can turn around and give the world what it needs – the gospel…

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