Design of the Week – Context

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This week’s design is called Context. It is a blatant and obvious example of the dangers of taking scriptures out of context. Sadly, many people don’t even take the time to find out if the things that they are hearing at church are actually in context and biblically sound. They sit in their pews (or theater seating) and hear the words being said and pick out the things that they agree with while ignoring the rest. Of course, this doesn’t happen if the “pastor” knows his audience…I mean flock…and just preaches what he knows they want to hear.

If it is possible for someone to go through scripture and pull out different verses to make God say what they want, then who is the authority? If we can twist verses together to meet our lives where they already are, then where is the power of the gospel? This is not the way that things should be! Scripture is THE authority and it should be us that changes to conform to scripture and not the other way around!

Sadly, there are numerous men and women who claim the Lord as their Savior and do everything they can to lead people away from their only hope of being saved from the wrath of God. They claim to be men of God who are rightly using the Bible to live the lives they do, all the while twisting the scripture and teaching others to do so. This is dangerous and could cost people their eternity. It is important that we study the scriptures in context so that we can apply the truth to our lives and become more Christlike.

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