Design of the Week – He’s Alive

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This week’s design is called He’s Alive. It is based on scriptural truth and was inspired by a song by Christian rap artist Shai Linne. The design shows a simple truth that many people seem to forget when arguing about religion. Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, and others always try to show why their religion is the best. They talk about how they are the right way to God/Nirvana/Heaven, but they fail to provide strong evidence on this claim. The founders of every world religion but one are now dead. Mohammed is dead. Siddartha Gautama (Buddhism) is dead too. Hailie Selassie is dead. Nekar Vat (Sikhism) is dead. Joseph Smith, Charles Taze Russell, Elijah Muhammed, Confucius, and Charles Darwin are all dead. Ok, some wouldn’t consider Darwin a religious figure. Granted, he didn’t set out to start a religion, but his theory is (by default) the foundation of both atheists and secular humanists. Regardless, they’re all dead.

Millions of people follow these religions as their effort to make it to heaven. All of these religions leave their adherents no way to heaven but through work and good deeds. Even if they go through a lifetime of good deeds and great works, they have no guarantee that they will enter heaven. Many of the religions have a number of contradictory statements and tenets that cannot be reconciled. Many of them promote the goodness of man (being made by man is that any surprise?).

Miles apart from all of these religions stands Christianity. Christianity is the only religion that offers the hope of love, grace, and mercy without having to work for it. It is the only belief system that actually deals with man’s problem – sin. No other religion deals with sin. There are only a few that even mention sin at all. Christianity not only addresses the sin of man, it has the power to eradicate it. Christianity alone offers the sinful wretch an opportunity to repent of his life of sin and be saved from the wrath of God by a Lord that loves Him. Christianity is the only religion who’s founder still lives. Mohammed, Buddha, and Confucius are dead; but Jesus is alive!

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