America’s Answer

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As we watch the federal government grow to an unheard of size, taking liberties and freedoms with it, we keep hearing talk about answers. The president says that his plans are the answers for America’s problems. He tells us as often as possible how great his plans are and how lucky we are to have him as our president. The problem is that the math doesn’t add up when you look at the numbers and just about everything that the president has said to the American people has been a lie. He has broken almost every promise and took steps to make things extremely worse for not only us but future generations of Americans as well. Our grandchildren will have no idea what America used to be like (unless they have an honest history teacher) unless we stop this progression.
But, if the president’s plans aren’t the answer than what is? Many talk about cutting taxes and reducing spending. Those will both work economically, but they aren’t the answer to restoring the moral fabric of the country. Personally, I will be surprised if the Republicans do any better than the Democrats when they get the majority again. They seem to be Democrat lite to me… The answer to our country’s problems doesn’t lie in economic plans or government programs. It doesn’t fall on the president, Congress, or big business to fix our situations (they all proven many times over that they are too incompetent to do this anyway). America’s answer lies in One person. God.
God is the answer to our nation’s problems. Now, before you shut me out, please listen. God is the only One that can solve everything that our nation is going through. The Founding Fathers knew this and relied daily on His provision and protection. They called for national days of fasting and prayer. The principles that our nation was built on come directly from Biblical principles. If our nation is to return to what it once was (which isn’t the horrible fate that some seem to say it is), then it will only result when the American people turn to God. For decades Americans have been conditioned to depend on the federal government for more and more. We have relied on them for Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security (which isn’t secure at all) and other entitlements. We have depended on them for education, equality, and benefits. We have gradually given over our individual privileges to the point that we no longer even know what many of those privileges are!
Now before you see this as just a political post, let me tell you, it’s not. It deals with politics because America has placed their faith in politics instead of God. We have left the foundation that our country was built on and rebuilt on shifting sand. Now, every two to four years, the course of our country swings from one side to the other because our nation has become tied to the political system. The people of the United States no longer have the power they were meant to have. The states no longer have the rights they were supposed to have. The people were the founders of the states and the states were the founders of the federal government. Today, you wouldn’t know that if you didn’t know history. States do everything that they can to get as much money from the federal government. They do it in education, roads and highways, and other areas so that they can function. That’s not the way it was meant to be. If I understand correctly, there wasn’t even an income tax until about 100 years ago…
Some of you will probably say, “Well, you keep talking about how bad things are. You keep saying that the president’s plans aren’t the answer. Do you have a better idea?” Actually, I do.
Our nation is in the shape it’s in because it turned away from the God that providentially founded it. We need to turn back to Him now more than ever. We need to look to Him for everything: wisdom, mercy, grace, love, hope, truth, patience, kindness, gentleness, self-control. These are the things that will help us and they are found nowhere else. There is no other source of any of these things but the God of the Bible. To have these things, we must be reconciled to God. This means that we need to repent of our sins, as individuals and as a nation. We need to stop fantasizing about how great we’re doing and how generous and caring we’ve been and call things as they are. Pornography runs rampant in our nation and has become a billion dollar a year business. Lying, cheating, lusting, fornication, homosexuality, hatred, and drunkenness have all become the norm. Think I’m exaggerating? How many of you have heard a politician speak about something and thought “ok, that sounds good, but he’s a politician. He must be lying.”? Look at all of the stories (gossip!) that have come out in the past 6 months about infidelity and adultery. We must repent! It is only then that we can even begin to see things in America change. The outcome of repentance alone would be exceptional. We would be able to rightly understand God again. We would begin to have leaders that have honor and integrity. They would fear God and look to Him for guidance and provision. But, this would be just the beginning.
If America would return to it’s roots, other things would change. These wouldn’t be goals of repentance or reasons why we would repent. They would instead be the results of that repentance and a governing by the wisdom and counsel of God and God-fearing leaders. Think about it. The Ten Commandments would once again be the foundation for our system of law. They would be openly posted in classrooms again so that children could understand that there are absolute laws and consequences for their actions. They would learn humility, honor, love, mercy and forgiveness. They would come home to a mother and a father who have a strong God-centered marriage. The father would protect and provide for the family while the mother nutured the children and raised them. The church wouldn’t be a laughing-stock anymore. It would no longer be lagging behind on its duty but instead would be at the forefront with answers, help, and guidance for families and individuals.
Welfare would no longer be needed because people would be going to the church for help. Think about this for a minute. Instead of someone getting a blind check from the government, they would get real assistance. Those who truly need assistance would get it. They wouldn’t just get handed money either. They would be taught how to live within their means, raise their families rightly, and eventually get to the point where they could turn around and help someone else. Those who don’t need help and are just lazy would also get assistance. They would be told scriptural truths like “if anyone is not willing to work, then he is not to eat either” (2 Thessalonians 3:10) and “make it your ambition to lead a quiet life and attend to your own business and work with your hands” (1 Thessalonians 4:11). Instead of just getting a hand out, individuals and families would get teaching on how to live a life that glorifies God. They would be held accountable for their actions (something that the government can’t do).
Welfare wouldn’t be the only program that is unnecessary. Medicare and Medicaid wouldn’t be necessary either. The church would stand up and fulfill the command it has been given to “visit widows and orphans in their distress” (James 1:27) and they would understand that to have “the world’s goods” and see a brother in need and “close his heart against him” would show that the love of God doesn’t abide in them (1 John 3:17). Social Security wouldn’t be needed for two reasons. One, the church would take care of those who couldn’t take care of themselves and had no family to take care of them. Two, people would stop looking at 65-70 as a retirement age where they get to sit back and play. They would understand that there is no Biblical reason for someone to stop working. Education would also be affected. It would be started at home and would be guided by the parents. There would be no need for a Department of Education or many of the other departments that now exist. There would also be no need for czars to tell people what to do or how to do it. Families would be strong and people would be looking out for each other with the church being their source of encouragement and knowledge. They wouldn’t need the government for the things that they can do themselves. The people would have more to give because the government wouldn’t need the tax money and they could give directly to those in need. They would know that their money went where they wanted it to go and it actually helped accomplish something.
I imagine that some would read this and see it as a “state endorsed religion”. It’s not. The founder’s were Christians and understood that Christianity was the only belief system that could allow the individual liberties that they sought because God is the source of those liberties. It is also the only religion that allows other religions to practice their beliefs in peace. Atheism doesn’t allow for that. Many atheists are violently opposed to God and desire to wipe every mention of God from this nation’s view and from its history. What I don’t understand is this: If atheists don’t believe that God exists, then why does He bother them so much? Why do they go out of their way to erase Him from view? They don’t pursue Islam like this (probably because the Muslims would kill them…). Islam (the so called religion of peace) doesn’t allow for peaceful practice of Christianity either. I know that many “Western Muslims” would disagree, but this is only because they a) don’t live in a predominantly Muslim country, or b) really aren’t Muslims but like the fad. All you have to do to see how Islam sees Christianity is look at how Christians are treated in Muslim dominated countries. They are imprisoned, tortured, and killed for the slightest (imagined) offenses. The same goes for Hinduism and Buddhism. It’s ironic that those who are bent on destroying Christianity and removing it from this country are living by its principles every single day without fail…
No other religion (or non-religion) provides the foundation for the liberties, the charity, and the unity that Christianity does. Atheism says there is no God so I can do what I want (which is not how any atheist actually lives…). Without God, there is no reason for love, mercy, charity, forgiveness, or sacrifice. According to atheism, if someone is going to die then it’s not a tragedy or a sorrowful event. Instead, it is just life and it means that there is one less person to compete with for food, money, and prestige. There are no rules with no God so anything goes. Islam doesn’t provide the foundation for these core ideals either. The claim is that Allah is merciful and forgiving but that isn’t supported by their scriptures. Muslims spend their entire lives trying to work their way to heaven through fasting, prayer, giving alms (they are forced to or they won’t enter paradise) and other self-righteous acts; but even then, they are not guaranteed to enter paradise. Allah may decide at the last minute that they can’t get in and that’s it. Hinduism is a religion that contains over 330 million idols. You can worship any number of those or, if you’re not happy with that selection, you can make your own. The idols have no power and therefore have no bearing on the people that worship them. Oddly enough, the people seem to worship those idols that share their exact views on life and those around them. If they don’t have any desire to give, love, or be merciful, then the idol won’t either. None of the idols give the worshipper a reason to do any of these things. Buddhism can’t provide for any of the core ideals either. Buddhism says that you must work to get rid of all of your desires because they are evil. In other words, you must desire to get rid of your desires. If you were to desire to help someone, that would be evil and therefore the pious Buddhist (is that an oxymoron?) wouldn’t help someone because it would hinder them from reaching nirvana. You could go down the list of religions, but you will not find one religion that provides the foundation of core ideals like love, hope, peace, grace, mercy, forgiveness, and sacrifice apart from Christianity.
Our country doesn’t need any more government programs. It doesn’t need handouts or bailouts. It doesn’t need bigger government or a specific party to be in control. What our country needs is God. It needs a church that actually cares about fulfilling the duties its been given and dumps to the side all of the “relevant” entertainments that have become the norm. It needs people to return to the truth of the scriptures found in the Bible. It needs the repentance of sin from both individuals and the nation as a whole. That, my friends, is America’s answer…

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