Tea party in the church?

April 12, 2010 at 4:16 am | Posted in Christianity | 2 Comments
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The climate of the US has changed dramatically in just over a year. Where there was talk of “hope and change”, there is now talk of disappointment and disgust. Where there was talk of a better tomorrow, there has been more of the same. The politicians that supposedly lead this country have shown themselves, for the most part, to be incompetent at even the most basic of tasks. They can’t do the things that the Constitution gives them the power to do and they still try to grow beyond the limits the Constitution places on them. Some of them don’t even know basic geology (Guam, or any other island, cannot capsize and sink…). Enter the Tea Party. The Tea Party has been mocked as an “Astroturf” type of movement that is all fluff and no substance. Those who support the Tea Party have been labeled as “right-wing extremists”, “terrorists”, and “racists”. They have made their voices heard as they stand up for truth and integrity from our so-called leaders. They share the same principles that our God-fearing founders did. All of this started with the people…

The similarities between parts of the church and the federal government are shocking. There are entire denominations that have completely tossed out the truth found in scripture in order to have things their own way. They ignore the clear admonitions, warnings, and judgments of God in order to shape an idol of God that suits their preconceived notion of what it means to be a Christian. They are preaching “gospels” that have nothing to do with the truth or with sin. Instead, we are told that we should be helping others because that’s what the gospel is. We are told that we need to start programs because that’s “social justice” and that’s what Jesus was about. The gospel of Jesus Christ has been perverted by numerous churches and “pastors” in an effort to be “relevant”. They strive to be liked and look for new ways to get people into the church so that the money keeps coming. They like the fame, fortune, power, and prestige that comes with preaching a false gospel (which Paul said was anathema – Galatians 1:8).

Where are the Christians? Where are the ones who aren’t afraid to stand up and speak out against the stupid and unholy things that are happening in the churches of America? We have “pastors” using stunts (like eating chili out of a diaper) at youth events! We have entire denominations embracing homosexuality as ok when the Bible clearly says it’s not (Leviticus 18:22, 1 Corinthians 6:9). We have others who talk about all of the different ways that someone can get to heaven (including atheism…how does that work exactly?) while Jesus said that He was “the way, the truth, and the life” and that “no man can come to the Father but through Him” (John 14:6). Gossip runs amok disguised as concern for brothers and sisters. “Pastors” spend their time preaching a topical message that has no basis in scripture without the horrible twisting of scriptures or just plain ripping them out of context.  The truth gets replaced by different “new” (Age) theologies that directly oppose a close study of God’s Word. People sit idly by while their fellow “Christians” live in blatant sin. Outright rebellion is tolerated because to say something is “too judgmental”; after all, the Bible does say “Do not judge, lest ye be judged” (Matthew 7:1). This ignores what John 7:24 says, “Judge not by appearance but by righteous judgment”.

What will it take for true Christians to get fed up with the circus that the church has become? When will the church actually take a stand and make it clear that sin is wrong and ecumenism is not the answer? When will the body of Christ start protecting itself (and the children) instead of sleeping with vipers? When will enough be enough? Does the church even have the backbone to call sin what it is anymore? Can it recognize sin in the first place? At what point do the members of the church get serious about salvation because their neighbors are going to hell? When will the church separate itself from the world and other false religions that ride on the coattails of Christianity so that they can truly be sanctified by God?

It never ceases to amaze me how many churches pray for revival in their town or city but are unwilling to do what is necessary to see that revival come about. If you were to look at history, the great revivals all happened because of two things: persecution and preaching of the law. The church has consistently been persecuted by those who hate her (including many “Christians”). Today, hundreds and thousands of Christians will have their lives snuffed out because they believe in Christ. Not in America though. In this “land of plenty” we have become inoculated to persecution. We are harassed and antagonized, but we know nothing about persecution in this country. It seems that we don’t know much about the preaching of the law either. Not too long ago, the church celebrated the resurrection of the Lord Jesus. Without this event, Christianity doesn’t stand. Since Easter, I’ve heard of numerous “sermons” that were preached on Easter. Some churches didn’t even preach on the resurrection! Others talked about life enhancement because Jesus died and rose. How many churches actually even understand the basics of the faith anymore? If I were to go out with questions about basic Christian doctrine, would it be an uplifting example of godly men and women or would it look more like an episode of Jaywalking?

I would like to put forth that it’s time for a Tea Party in the church. It is time for those who are teaching blatant heresy to be made known. That used to not be a problem… People like Brian McLaren, Rob Bell, Kenneth Copeland and so many others would have been called heretics in days gone by. Some would have even called them “spawn of Satan” or worse. Now, it’s hard to get a Christian to even answer a few honest questions without hemming and hawing. It is time that we call things what they are. Fame, fortune, power, prestige, and worldliness are not things that the church should be chasing. God is holy. He has drawn definite lines in the sand on numerous issues that we are now waffling on.

We need to get back to delivering the truth whether people like us or not. Jesus has already told us that they won’t. We shouldn’t be surprised. But we shouldn’t water down or toss aside the message of the true gospel so that we can be friends with the world. Our kids need men and women who will do things according to Biblical standards and not worldly ones. Those who refuse to look at, listen to, or take in anything that is unholy and detrimental to their Christian walk. They need someone to teach them from a very early age (like birth) the truth of what Christianity is all about. They don’t need coloring pages or trite little stories. They need a foundation that they can stand on. But to build those foundations, we need to make sure that we have one first…


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  1. We to talk less about your God. And how or what Christians want. There are many whom do not care about God. NOT ONE NATION UNDER GOD. Change it to ONE NATION UNDER FREEDOM

    • Thanks for your comment, but I would have to respectfully disagree with you. It’s precisely that there are so many who “don’t care about God” that the nation is where it is today. You say that He’s my God, implying that He isn’t your God. That’s not completely true. The truth is, He’s your God whether you acknowledge Him as God or not. I find it somewhat amusing that you want freedom without God. As if that’s even possible. The Bible says that the unsaved person is a slave to sin. If you have not repented of your sin and trusted in Christ alone to save you from God’s wrath, you will not know freedom….

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