Design of the Week – Clown

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This week’s design is called Clown (I know, it’s pretty original…). The design came to mind while I was thinking about how silly some of the arguments against Christianity are and how arrogant some of the attackers are. They purport to know for a fact that God doesn’t exist or that He’s really a different “god” altogether.

For instance, atheists say that they know for a fact that God doesn’t exist and that there is absolutely no evidence for His existence, and yet, they breathe His air, walk on His earth, and live in His graces every day.  They promise the public school kids that evolution is a fact, but the entire story changes every time they find a new tooth or fossilized impression. Their entire hypothesis is based on conjecture and “what-ifs” that they have yet to show any concrete proof for.

Others talk about how their religion is better at offering them what they need, but they don’t seem to have any clue what they really need. Allah gives no certainty that the Muslim will definitely go to paradise, even if they do all the things that “he” tells them to. The Hindu gods offer nothing for the food, jewels, and worship that the people bring to them. They can’t even move themselves from place to place! Buddhism doesn’t have a god per se and just supposes that we are to try and rid ourselves of all our desires and then we’ll reach nirvana where we’ll become nothing. That’s a pretty uplifting future when things get down eh?

Then you have those religions who mock Christianity the most. These are the religions that have made themselves a shadow of true Christianity in order to gain popularity or followers. Religions like the Mormons, who tell you that all you have to do is work really hard to get to heaven (“God’s done His best and I’ll do the rest”) and, if you’re a good Mormon, you’ll go to the third heaven, become a ‘god’ yourself and have your own world where you can make your own “spirit babies”.  Of course, if you fail to do enough good works for the church, then you’re on your way to outer darkness.

Or, you’ve got the Jehovah’s Witnesses who deny that Jesus is God. They claim that Jesus is actually Michael the archangel (a created being). To support this claim, they’ve created their own version of the Bible that changes the meaning of the scriptures. They also believe that only 144,000 will make it to heaven and that if you die without reaching perfection, you’ll be annihilated – there’s no hell in the Jehovah’s Witnesses beliefs.

The largest of the shadows of Christianity is probably the Roman Catholic Church. While many newer converts to Catholicism seem to be confused, if you ask someone who’s been Catholic for awhile, they will tell you without hesitation that Catholics are not Christian. The Catholic doctrines are numerous, long, and convoluted. They include the necessity that one believes that Mary, the mother of Jesus, was without sin (the Bible clearly says that Jesus is the only one without sin), that she remained a virigin her whole life (although the Bible talks about Jesus’ brothers and sisters – including James and Jude), and that she is the co-Redemptrix of mankind (some even go so far as to call her the “queen of heaven”).  Other unscriptural doctrines that the Roman Catholic Church holds to include purgatory (the idea that as long as you don’t commit any horrendous sins you can work them off in some place between heaven and hell (not Earth) and then go to heaven), transubstantiation (the idea that the bread and wine of communion become the actual, literal body and blood of Jesus – thus resacrificing Him all over again), believing that the pope is head of the church on earth (I thought Jesus was that?), and the giving of indulgences (telling a parishioner that they can pay so much or make a special spiritual journey and their sins will be forgiven). None of these (and many others) have any scriptural support whatsoever. Not only that, Catholicism is also works based. You have to do your part and add your works to what Jesus did on the cross so that you can go to heaven, even though the Bible says that it’s not possible (Ephesians 2:8-9).

Looking at all the other world religions and what they offer, and then looking at Christianity and what it offers, one would have to be a clown to think that a true Christian would deny Christ. Christianity offers forgiveness of sins and definite confidence that a person will go to heaven if they repent of their sins and put their faith in Christ. This comes without the person doing any work or “good deeds” to earn any part of their forgiveness. Even the repentance and faith are gifts from God! Christianity is the only belief system that has it’s God coming down to do something for man that he couldn’t do (and still can’t do) for himself so that the two might be reconciled. And all of this was done while we were still sinners.

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