Sunday’s Newslinks – 01/31/10

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Sunday’s Newslinks brought to you by At Ease Tees

Brown victory prompts political tremors in California
California Republicans have joined other party faithful across the country in celebrating the Scott Brown win in Massachusetts and believe it will be the political stimulus the GOP needs heading into this Fall’s election.

Study: Sexting a growing and dangerous problem
Pew Research Center has released results of a survey on “sexting,” the practice mostly among youth of transmitting nude or semi-nude pictures of themselves via cell phone.

Airline clerk appeals UK rulings banning crucifix
A Christian woman is asking London’s High Court to force British Airways to admit it was wrong in demanding she stop wearing a crucifix at work.

Ten Commandments monument in place at Okla. bank
A Ten Commandments monument that supporters want to put on the lawn of an Oklahoma county courthouse has been installed outside a bank for the time being.

Recent poll results (Jan. 18-22, 2010)
See the results from last week’s poll questions.

Over 35,000 Walk for Life in San Francisco
Over 35,000 pro-lifers took to the streets of San Francisco Saturday to show their support for “the least of these” and to mark a turning point in the battle against legalized abortion.

Pro-Lifers Mark 37th Roe v Wade Anniversary with Gains, Growth

New Evangelical Group Calls for Haiti Debt Cancellation

Company to Remove Bible References from Gun Sights

Trial of Accused Abortionist Killer Opens Without ‘A-Word’

Hawaiian Senate OKs Civil Unions

Human Rights Watchdog Releases Hall of Shame List

Pelosi Claims Jobs ‘Permeated’ Congressional Actions in Year of 10 Percent Unemployment
– House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said Congress’ focus over the past year has “always” been about jobs and deficit reduction. “The jobs issue has permeated everything, [every] major initiative that we have,” Pelosi said at her weekly press briefing Thursday.

Chairman of U.N. Climate Panel Head Clings to Post Despite Erroneous Glacier Claim
– After a groundless claim about vanishing Himalayan glaciers found its way into a key United Nations climate report, the chairman of the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change faces new calls to resign. But despite the growing criticism, IPCC Chairman Rajendra Pachauri says he has no intention of leaving.

Israelis Win Unaccustomed Praise for Rescue Efforts in Haiti
– The rescue Friday of a Haitian man pulled from rubble ten days after the devastating earthquake was the latest accomplishment by Israelis who have drawn unaccustomed international praise for their small country’s fast, effective and lifesaving response to the disaster.The largely positive reaction in international media has not stopped critics of Israel from questioning its motives, however.

Abortion Language in Health Care Bill Played ‘Critical Role’ in Demise, Pence Says
– Rep. Mike Pence (R-Ind.) said that language in the Senate health care bill allowing tax dollars to go to health plans that cover abortion played a “critical role” in the legislation’s apparent demise. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) announced on Jan. 21 that there were not enough votes in the House to pass the Senate version of the bill.

Unborn Babies, Mothers ‘Wounded’ from Abortion Deserve Compassion Too, Republicans Say
– Republican legislators joined tens of thousands of people on the National Mall on Friday to commemorate the 37th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the 1973 U.S. Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion. As the nation and the world reach out to help the children and adults who survived the deadly earthquake in Haiti, Republicans said Americans should not forget the more than 50 million unborn children whose lives were ended by abortion.

56 Percent of Americans Say Abortion is ‘Morally Wrong,’ Poll Finds
– After 37 years of legalized abortion, 56 percent of all Americans still say it is morally wrong, and 58 percent of those aged 18-29 take that position. The poll was conducted by the Marist Institute for Public Opinion and is the latest in a series of such surveys commissioned by the Knights of Columbus.

Poll: Public Funding for Abortions Still ‘Extremely Unpopular’
– According to the latest data from the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute, 67 percent of registered voters would oppose public funding for abortion under the Obama administration’s health-care reform legislation.

‘Family-planning services’ in Haiti…now?
International Planned Parenthood is using the Haiti crisis to raise money.

Brown stopped America’s ‘bleeding’
Christian attorney Matt Barber says newly-elected Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown was the “tourniquet” that temporarily stopped America’s “bleeding” caused by the agenda of prominent Democratic leaders, including President Obama.

Perspective: Beware political chameleons
James Madison, the father of the Constitution, would have been proud of the voters in Massachusetts last week. In the wake of that political upset, however, we must be vigilant and guard against chameleons on Capitol Hill.

Perspective: After Massachusetts, what’s next for GOP?
Barack Obama isn’t going to change. This is a date that you know after five minutes is not going to work and you have the whole evening ahead of you — only in this case, it’s three more years.

Poll shows Muslim prejudice
Messianic Jewish leader Jan Markell isn’t surprised that a recent Gallup survey shows Americans are more than twice as likely to express “prejudice” against Muslims than against Christians, Jews, or Buddhists.

Christian Apologists: Be Careful of Oprah’s Spiritual Teachings
She is persuasive, influential and does a lot of good, but Christians should be careful when Oprah speaks about spirituality, warned two apologists who recently co-authored a book on the subject.

Paganism ‘Just Another Religion?’

Pro-Choice Groups Petition Against Tim Tebow Super Bowl Ad

Ex-Relief Worker: Christians Credited, Blamed for U.S. Deeds

Christians, Muslims, Jews Worship at Evangelical Megachurch

Las Vegas Pastor: Get Rich Quick in God

Nigerian Anglican Bishop Kidnapped, Held for Ransom

‘Must Put Taxes on Table’ to Cut Deficit, Former GOP Senate Budget Chief Domenici Says
– Former Sen. Pete Domenici (R-N.M.) said new taxes must be part of any proposal to deal with the nation’s impending debt crisis. To reduce the deficit, “you’ve got to put entitlements on the table, and if you do, you’ve got to put taxes on the table” to attract Democrats’ support, he said. Domenici, a former chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, announced the creation of the Bipartisan Policy Center’s Debt Reduction Task Force in Washington on Monday.

National Security Adviser Says Obama’s ‘Engagement’ Policy Has Led to ‘Unprecedented’ International Consensus on Iran
Washington (
– Gen. Jim Jones, President Obama’s national security adviser, claimed Monday that the administration had seen “unprecedented” success in rallying the world against Iran through its strategy of engagement. The four-star general made the comments at a liberal think-tank, the Center for American Progress, where he discussed the Obama administration’s strategy in Afghanistan and highlighted other national security measures taken in the past year.

No Sign of International Unity on Iran After Administration’s Latest Deadline Passes
– Almost a month after the Obama administration’s most recent deadline passed for Iran to respond to international demands on its nuclear programs or face “tough” sanctions, the likelihood of multilateral action against Tehran looks as remote as ever. Despite the lack of movement, the administration continues to characterize the international community as “unified” on the issue.

More Questionable Material Found in U.N. Climate Report
– The U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in 2007 shared the Nobel peace prize with global warming advocate Al Gore. In the wake of controversies dogging climate-change panel, some critics are now calling for the award to be rescinded or returned.

Obama’s First Year Most Polarizing of Any President, Poll Says
– While 88 percent of Democrats support President Barack Obama, just 23 percent of Republicans back him. That is a larger approval gap than what President Bill Clinton experienced after his first year in office (52 points after the end of 1993). Ronald Reagan had an approval gap of 45 points at the end of his first year in office.

Obama Administration Promotes ‘Middle Class’ Initiatives, Won’t Provide Cost of Proposals
– New tax credits and help with student loans are among the initiatives President Barack Obama outlined Monday, and he’s expected to further discuss those proposals in his State of the Union address on Wednesday. The proposals, if enacted, would increase the reach of government, but they are far more modest than the health care overhaul bill that has dominated the president’s domestic agenda for most of his first year in office.

Obama to offer middle class ‘window dressing’
Economist David John says some of President Obama’s plans to help the middle class are important, while others are mere “window dressing,” yet unfortunately none of the proposals address the country’s out-of-control spending binge.

Perspective: Confessions of a former feminist
Feminism, women’s liberation, and the idea that men and women are no different from each other have led many of us down dead-end roads — often away from faith.

Alaskans call for vote on parental consent
Alaska voters will have the chance to decide whether underage girls seeking an abortion should be required to notify their parents.

Perspective: Great Scott!
If politicians can’t do anything else right, they can count votes — so be sure to let them know what you’re for and what you’re against.

Blockbuster movie conveys disturbing message
A bestselling author and Hollywood screenwriter is delivering a warning about the blockbuster movie Avatar.

CBS Clarifies New Ad Policy Amid Tebow Row
CBS said Tuesday that its policy regarding advocacy ads has evolved over the past several years and that it would now consider airing “responsibly produced” ones during its broadcast of this year’s Super Bowl, as it had done with that of Focus on the Family.

Pro-Choice Groups Petition Against Tim Tebow Super Bowl Ad

Prop 8 Defenders Call Up First Witness

UK Christians Celebrate Victory Over Equality Bill

Sacramento Presbytery Calls PC(USA) to Reject Belhar Confession

Graham Fest in India Draws 85,000 People on Final Night

Despite Democracy, Christians in Bhutan Remain Underground

Hoyer: It’s Good for People to Make Money Because Then They Can Pay Taxes
– House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) on Tuesday noted that projected federal revenues have stopped declining and have stabilized. He said it’s evidence that people must be making money in America.

Obama’s First Two Years Marked by Biggest Deficits Since World War II, Says CBO
– President Barack Obama’s first two years in office will boast the two biggest annual federal budget deficits since World War II, when measured as a share of GDP, says the Congressional Budget Office.

Obama’s Department Heads Discuss Their Accomplishments and Priorities, Including Swine Flu, Aviation Security
– Before President Obama delivers his State of the Union speech Wednesday night, each of his Cabinet heads are delivering their own videotaped summaries of the year past and their priorities for 2010. While Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius glosses over the swine flu scramble, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano lists aviation security and information-sharing among her priorities for 2010.

Incompetence, Power Struggles Hinder Gov’t. From Preventing Terrorist Attacks in U.S., Bipartisan Report Says
– Former Sens. Bob Graham (D-Fla.) and Jim Talent (R-Mo.) said at a news conference on Tuesday that the Obama administration is ill-prepared to protect the United States from a biological terrorist attack. They added that incompetence and a reluctance to share information and power led to the failed Christmas Day terrorist attack.

Zogby Poll: 57 Percent of Independent Voters Give Napolitano a ‘D’ or ‘F’ for Keeping America Safe
– A new Zogby Poll finds that nearly half (46 percent) of American voters surveyed – and 57 percent of Independents — give Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano a below-average or failing grade on keeping America secure. Also, when it comes to air travel, more Americans said they felt safer under President Bush than under President Obama.

Abortion Language, Special Deals Made Senate Health Care Bill a ‘Foul Piece of Work,’ Republican Says
– Language in the Senate health-care bill allowing tax dollars to go to insurance plans that cover abortion played a large role in the legislation’s apparent demise, according to Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa). So did “carve outs” — or special agreements Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid made with certain senators to give their states extra Medicaid funding in exchange for voting in favor of the bill.

Rep. Chris Smith: ‘We Need to Pray’ for Abortion ‘Obsessed’ Obama
– Rep. Chris Smith (R-N.J.), co-chairman of the House Pro-Life Caucus, told in a video interview at Friday’s 37th annual March for Life that all of Obama’s picks for secretary, under-secretary, and other government positions are “litmus-tested pro-abortionists, many of whom come right out of the abortion-rights movement.” It’s an “aggressive pro-abortion administration,” the pro-life lawmaker said.

Obama Criticizes ‘Special Interest’ Money in Politics Despite Big-Money 2008 Campaign
– President Barack Obama was highly critical last week of the Supreme Court’s ruling in a First Amendment case that rolled back government restrictions on political speech, despite his own record-breaking fundraising for his successful 2008 campaign race for the White House, and despite his reversal in 2008 to stick with public financing for his campaign. Despite the court’s ruling, Obama said he would work with Congress to impose new limits.

Democrats Offer Muted Response to Scott Brown’s Victory; Republicans Hear ‘Deafening Message’ From Voters
– Following Republican Scott Brown’s come-from-behind victory in a liberal-leaning state, prominent Democrats issued terse statements Tuesday night, while Republicans were eager to discuss the message sent by voters.

Bangladesh Court Orders Protection for Teenage Muslim Girl Who Was Punished for Being Raped
– Bangladesh’s High Court has ordered authorities in an eastern district to protect and produce in court a 16-year-old girl who was lashed 101 times earlier this month after becoming pregnant as the result of a rape. The girl was punished on orders of village elders who issued a “fatwa,” or Islamic ruling, declaring that she be flogged for immoral behavior. The elders pardoned the 20 year-old rapist. “Village justice” is a widespread problem in Bangladesh, despite court directives.

Foreign Policy Gets Little Attention in Obama’s State of the Union
– President Obama dedicated considerably less of his State of the Union address to foreign policy issues than did five previous presidents in their speeches of similar or shorter length. About 850 words of Obama’s 7,080-word address – around 12 percent of the total – dealt with foreign affairs. He made one reference to “freedom,” and “liberty” did not make an appearance…

Obama Urged to Set Up Commission to Probe National Security-Climate Link
– A retired military officer is urging President Obama to set up an independent commission to examine the link between climate change and national security, saying the issue is too important “to be driven by unsubstantiated claims.” Adm. James Lyons, Jr., former commander in chief of the U.S. Pacific Fleet, suggested that climate change policies could have a detrimental effect on the military.

GOP Skeptical of Obama’s Commitment to Fiscal Prudence
– While calling for a modest spending freeze and the creation of a bipartisan task force to examine government spending, President Obama also announced a number of new spending proposals in his first State of the Union address. Republicans questioned the president’s commitment to fiscal responsibility and moving to the center after his first year in office.

Spending Cuts, Not Revenues, Key to Solving Budget Shortfall, GOP Leaders Say
– Speaking at different Capitol Hill press conferences Wednesday, House Republicans Eric Cantor (Va.) and Paul Ryan (Wis.) said the federal government must enact major spending cuts to avoid adding trillions of dollars to the national debt over the next decade. “We feel very strongly that it is incumbent upon us to put a plan out there that balances the budget,” Cantor said. “Washington doesn’t have a revenue problem – we have a spending problem here.”

Obama Touts His Administration’s Anti-Lobbying Pledge, Even Though He’s Violated It
– In his State of the Union address Wednesday night, President Barack Obama returned to his campaign themes of ethics and transparency, touting his administration as an example of one that is setting new standards. However, the Obama administration has come under scrutiny for violating his pledge to exclude lobbyists from policy-making jobs.

‘We Can Handle’ Current Level of Debt But Long-Term Economic Trajectory ‘Unsustainable,’ Sen. Conrad Says
– Senate Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad (D-N.D.) indicated that although the current level of U.S. debt is close to unprecedented, it is manageable.

McCain Says He Supports Cutting Federal Spending Enough to Counter $6 Trillions in New Debt Over Next Decade
– Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) said Tuesday he would support cutting federal spending enough to counter-balance the $6 trillion in new debt that the Congressional Budget Office report indicated would be added to the federal ledgers over the next ten years if current laws governing taxing and spending are maintained. McCain’s comment came in response to a question from at a news conference where he and Sen. Evan Bayh (D-Ind.) called for a “fiscal freeze” on congressional spending.

Sen. Gregg: Eliminating Some Federal Agencies to Reduce Spending Is ‘Great Idea’
Washington (
– Sen. Judd Gregg, the Budget Committee’s ranking Republican, told that eliminating some federal agencies to reduce spending – with the goal of balancing the budget — is a “great idea.” The rate of government growth is going to have to be reduced, he said, adding that controlling spending is the “bottom line.”

Sen. Casey Won’t Commit to Cutting the $6 Trillion Needed to Balance the Budget; Blames Bush
– Sen. Bob Casey (D-Pa.) would not say, when asked, if he would support a federal spending cut of $6 trillion over the next decade, the amount needed to bring the budget into balance, according to a new Congressional Budget Office report. He said the problem stems from President Bush and “his Republican friends.”

SEIU President Calls Senators ‘Terrorists’ for Opposing the Card Check Bill
– Andy Stern, president of the Service Employees International Union, took a swipe at Sens. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) and Ben Nelson (D-Neb.) Tuesday, calling them “terrorists” for their opposition to the Employee Free Choice Act. Karen Packer, executive director of the Workforce Fairness Institute, which opposes the card-check legislation, said Stern’s comments left her “speechless.”

Obama’s Call to Abolish ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ Seen As Politically Risky
– President Barack Obama’s call to scrap the “Don’t-Ask-Don’t-Tell” rule barring homosexuals from military service will be difficult, both politically and legally, a military advocacy group said on Wednesday.

Counterterrorism Chief: Some on Terror Watch List Allowed Into U.S. Because ‘We Want Them Here in the Country for Some Reason or Another’
– Michael Leiter, director of the National Counterterrorism Center, told the Senate Homeland Security Committee in a hearing last week that the United States sometimes chooses to allow people into the country who are on the federal government’s terrorist watch list.

Democrat Congressman on No-Show Cabinet Official: ‘Where the Hell is Secretary Napolitano?’
– Top Democrats on the House Homeland Security Committee publicly reprimanded Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano Wednesday for failing to show up at a hearing on the attempted Christmas Day bombing of Northwest Flight 253. One Democrat asked “where the hell” Napolitano was. Napolitano sent Deputy Secretary Jane Holl Lute to testify in her place.

FACT CHECK: Obama and the ‘hatchet’ job
President Barack Obama, who once considered government spending freezes a hatchet job, told Americans on Wednesday it’s now part of his solution to the exploding deficit.

Perspective: A speech only Washington could love
In his first State of the Union address, Barack Obama desperately tried to keep all of his legislative efforts alive while also acknowledging that the country has firmly rejected his policy agenda.

‘The Year of the Czars’ challenged
President Obama is once again coming under fire for his nominations and appointments in his first year in office.

Scripture scratched from scopes
Pentagon advisor Bob Maginnis says it’s unfortunate that political correctness has compelled a Christian company to end the practice of stamping biblical citations on products it manufactures for the U.S. and other militaries around the world.

Bungled abortion results in woman’s death
Operation Rescue is focusing on a New York abortionist and the death of an abortion patient at his clinic.

Obama Focuses on Economy, Critics on Social Issues
President Obama spent half of his more than one-hour speech addressing the economy and job creation. But social conservative critics zeroed in on his pledge to repeal the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy and his push to pass health care reform that may include abortion coverage.

Houston Megachurch Pastor Laments ‘A Broken Washington’

Over 30 States Push to Establish Personhood for Unborn

Church Agency: Wall Street Should Tithe Bonuses to Haiti

Anglicans Confront Decline; Plot New Course

Presbyterians to Consider Clearer Restrictions Against Women Leaders

Study: Movies with Sex, Nudity Don’t Sell

Sen. Conrad: Raise Revenues and Cut Spending to Address $6 Trillion in Projected New Federal Debt
– While the Congressional Budget Office this week projected $6.074 trillion in new national debt over the next 10 years, Sen. Kent Conrad (D-N.D.) said the solution to the problem rests not just in cutting federal spending but also in raising revenue. He also criticized offshore tax havens.

Sen. Snowe: ‘Absolutely’ Cut Spending $6 Trillion to Balance Federal Budget
– Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-Maine) said she “absolutely” supports cutting federal spending to counter-balance the $6 trillion in new debt projected by the Congressional Budget Office. “You have to have a plan to reduce the federal debt and be on the trend to reduce it and hopefully eliminate it,” Snowe told

U.S. Senate Votes to Squeeze Iran by Targeting Its Gasoline Imports
– A day after President Obama warned that Iran faced “growing consequences” over its nuclear activities, the U.S. Senate late Thursday offered him a tool to crack down on Iran – but it’s a tool for which the administration has shown little enthusiasm. By voice vote, the Senate passed a bill paving the way for sanctions targeting Iranian petroleum imports. The House of Representatives passed a similar bill six weeks ago.

With New Leader Installed, Shunned Honduras Seeks International Recognition
– Honduras took a big step away from its protracted political crisis this week when its new president was sworn in and his deposed predecessor flew into exile. Wednesday’s developments in Tegucigalpa marked a defeat for Zelaya’s regional allies, led by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

Obama Student Loan Proposal Met with Skepticism from House GOP
– President’ Obama’s proposal to ease the student loan burden was met with skepticism by Republicans on the House Education and Labor Committee. Obama said in his speech that Congress should give “another 1 million students” the ability to pay reduced rates on their student loans and have the government forgive any outstanding balances after 20 years – or after 10 years if the person works for the government.

Obama Wrong About Supreme Court Ruling on Corporate Campaign Donations
– During his first State of the Union speech on Wednesday, President Barack Obama incorrectly stated that foreign nationals and foreign entities can now contribute unlimited amounts of money to U.S. political campaigns because of a recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling lifting certain campaign finance restrictions. In fact, the court decision does not allow unlimited contributions directly to a campaign or in coordination with a campaign.

Reid Claims Automatic Salary Increases Means Congress ‘Already’ Has Frozen Lawmakers’ Salaries
– When he was asked Thursday whether he would support freezing the salaries of members of Congress until massive budget deficits could be corrected, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) claimed Thursday that Congress had “already” done so. Reid and other members of Senate leadership were discussing the State of the Union address, in which President Obama said the federal government needed to “tighten its belt,” and asked whether that might include such a salary freeze.

Top Congressmen Implore Obama to Revive Scholarship Program for Low-Income D.C. Children
– House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) and Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) sent a letter to Obama on Wednesday, asking him to reverse his administration’s decision to pull funding for the District of Columbia’s school-choice program. “This program has helped thousands of young people escape from some of the worst schools in the nation,” Boehner said in a press release announcing the letter to the president. “It is a model of reform that should be expanded, not ended.”

Young Americans Skeptical of Both Big Government and Ethically Challenged Businesses, Marist Poll Finds
– A new poll conducted by the Marist Institute for Public Opinion and the Knights of Columbus shows that the next generation of the American work force — called the “Millenials” — is wary both of government intervention and the behavior of big business leaders. A majority of those aged 18-29 said they prefer a free-market approach over increased government regulation of business, and overwhelmingly they said they believe there is a different moral compass in the workplace than at home.

Axelrod: Republicans Must Decide if they Want to ‘Sit on the Sidelines and Hope that the President Fails’
( –
After Wednesday’s State of the Union Speech, Senior White House adviser David Axelrod told that Republicans have to decide if they are going to “side on the sidelines and hope the president fails” or engage Democrats in “bipartisan” efforts to “deal with our problems.”

Conviction in Tiller’s murder
A man who says he killed prominent Kansas abortion provider Dr. George Tiller to protect unborn children has been convicted of murdering the doctor.

Musgrave: GOP needs principled leaders
The Republican Party needs a repair job. That advice comes from a former congresswoman who is currently with the pro-life group, Susan B. Anthony List.

Perspective: Democrats’ political suicide pact
Wednesday night’s presidential address kicked-off the 2010 campaign season. Wonder how many incumbent Democrats will ring the Oval Office for help.

Obama shows he’s ‘out of touch’
Conservative military watchdog Elaine Donnelly is disappointed that President Obama used his State of Union address to voice his support for allowing homosexuals to serve in the military.

Perspective: Courtroom Cirque du Jihad
The specter of numerous (and expensive!) terrorist courtroom carnivals threatens to throw our civilian court system into complete chaos.

A GOP bow to the Tea Party movement?
The Republican National Committee has adopted a rule that will prod GOP leaders to provide financial support to only those candidates who support the party’s platform.

Muslim parents reject deal with Christian daughter
The Muslim parents of an Ohio girl who ran away from home claiming she feared harm for becoming Christian have rejected a deal meant to resolve the conflict.

South Dakota argues ‘self-evident truths’
The Eighth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals is being asked to rule on South Dakota’s informed consent law.

Abortion clinics may take charge
The legislature in Washington state is considering a proposal that would regulate pro-life pregnancy clinics that provide services in problem pregnancies.

Teen pregnancies go up – who’s to blame?
Teen pregnancies were up three percent in 2006, which is the latest reporting period available — and proponents of comprehensive sex education are blaming abstinence programs for the increase.

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