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I know that it’s been awhile since I promoted a design but this week’s was something quick and easy to do. The design is called Global Sketchy and is a text design that says, “Global Warming – we’re still a little sketchy on the science”. This design seems to be the epitome of what much of science has become. Science used to be about starting with a thought and looking to see if that thought had any merit in the natural world. Then the scientist would start looking at facts (real ones not made up ones) and evidence and then drawing a conclusion. If the thought was not supported by the evidence, the scientist would either lay the thought aside or toss it out completely. They wouldn’t continue wasting time trying to prove something that was ultimately unprovable. Instead, they would take the facts as they found them and move on to another thought to repeat the process.

Not so today. Today, many scientists are pushing thoughts and ideas that have no scientific support whatsoever in order to push their own agenda. They continue to change the facts, cook the numbers, and thickly veil everything they do in vague statements so that they can happily ignore what the evidence really says. Two major proofs of this are the evolutionary hypothesis and global warming.

The evolutionary hypothesis states that man ultimately came from a single-celled organism that came from non-living chemicals. Those non-living chemicals were the result of millions of years of time and chance. They beganwith all the other matter that makes up the universe in what scientists call a singularity. This singularity was supposedly the size of a pin. One day, the singularity decided to explode and BANG!, there’s the universe….stars, galaxies, eventually planets and rocks too. Then, in a process that science still cannot explain, non-living things came alive and poof!, there is the first cell. Supposedly, over millions of years, this single cell grew and evolved into a multicelled organism which eventually became man. Ok, so that’s the really condensed version but I can’t fit the whole thing in one blog. There are so many holes in the evolutionary hypothesis that it makes swiss cheese jealous. It is all speculation and, what’s worse, none of the evidence supports it. The just-so-story changes with every new fossil or archeological discovery. It is all a big facade created so that man doesn’t have to face the fact that he is God’s creation and that God owns him. It also allows him to “avoid” God’s rules and deceives him into thinking that he’s the boss. Sadly, this is all a lie and the deceived man won’t know until it’s too late (unless someone tells him!!!).

Global warming is no different. There is nothing that supports that “greenhouse gases” are causing the planet to warm up at a rate that will bring about catastrophe. As a matter of fact, it’s been noted by many scientists that the planet seems to have cooled a little bit. But, Al Gore and all the other eco people (I’m playing nice) continue to promote the issue and push governments into complying with things that will “save the mother”. Really? Will the few percentage points of CO2 that humans give off actually save the planet or keep the ice caps from melting? I doubt it.

Instead of worrying about the planet warming up because of greenhouse emissions, people should be worried about the heat from the fires of hell that are reserved for those who die in their sins. Unlike the “facts” foisted on us by eco-friendly scientists, this is a fact from the very mouth of God that you can take to the bank. If you are found still in your sins when you stand before God on the Day of Judgment, you have no excuse (Romans 1) and will be physically cast into hell for all eternity because you are guilty. You won’t have be re-incarnated, you won’t get to work off your sins in pergatory, and you won’t “just sit down with God and talk it all out”. This is the only chance you’ve got and you aren’t guaranteed that it’s gonna last beyond the breath in your lungs right now. Don’t waste time floundering. Stop running from what you know to be true. Don’t remain sketchy on the truth of hell and sin and judgment. Your eternal soul is at stake…

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