Sunday’s Newslinks 01/24/10

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4 More Malaysian Churches Attacked; 1 Vandalized
Three more churches in Malaysia were targets of arson Sunday and another was vandalized in the latest wave of attacks on the country’s Christian minority.


Ugandan Lawmaker Refuses to Withdraw Anti-Homosexuality Bill

Aid Groups Urge Int’l Community to Help Sudan Keep the Peace

Prison Fellowship: High Rape Rate of Juveniles Unacceptable

Anglican Leader Calls for ‘Tougher Church’

Southern Baptist President’s Surgery Went ‘Great,’ Says Family

Tens of Thousands Sign Petition Urging Holder to Move KSM Trial from New York
– More than 60,000 people, including members of Congress and three former presidential candidates, have signed a petition calling on Attorney General Eric Holder to move the trial of Khalid Shiekh Mohammed (or KSM) from New York City to a military tribunal.

Research Arm of Congress Examines ‘Extraordinary Price Increases’ in Some Brand-Name Prescription Drugs
– Between 2000 and 2008, 416 brand-name drug products had “extraordinary price increases,” ranging from 100 percent to 499 percent – and in a few cases, 1,000 percent or more, the General Accountability Office says in a newly released study.

Obama Maintains Confidence in Embattled Treasury Secretary Amid AIG Questions
– President Barack Obama has full confidence in Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, now under scrutiny for e-mails that suggest the Federal Reserve Bank of New York pressured the bailed-out American International Group (AIG) to conceal information. “Secretary Geithner was not involved in any of these e-mails,” White House spokesman Robert Gibbs told reporters at the White House. “These decisions did not rise to his level.”

Obama’s Interpol Order Won’t Send ‘Blue Bereted Officers’ Onto American Streets, Expert Says
– An executive order signed by President Barack Obama on Dec. 16 extending certain legal exemptions to the international crime clearinghouse Interpol may limit civil oversight of the organization, including preventing citizens and citizens’ groups from gaining access to its records through the Freedom of Information Act. But it will not mean “blue bereted officers” will operate freely on the streets of America’s cities, said an expert at the conservative Heritage Foundation. “There are already too many unaccountable, opaque organizations operating in the United States, most obviously the United Nations,” one Heritage Foundation analyst told

‘Marriage’ in Calif. – a never-ending legal battle
Attorneys are in San Francisco again to argue yet another lawsuit filed to overturn California’s Proposition 8.

Perspective: Two words we must not speak
News analyst Brit Hume dared to speak of “Jesus Christ,” and his liberal counterparts go ballistic. Atta boy, Brit!

DOJ lacks transparency
A federal court has fined the Obama Justice Department for its lack of transparency.

Perspective: Is your candidate gay?
Voters have a right to know. Homosexuality has been mainstreamed and de-stigmatized — any reason not to be open and honest has now been removed.

Church votes to split from Lutheran denomination
Members of a church in Roanoke, Virginia, have voted to leave the country’s largest Lutheran denomination over its policy to allow homosexual clergy.

Malaysia ‘Allah’ Ruling Sparks Arson Attacks on 8 Churches
Police on Monday reported the eighth arson attack on a church in Malaysia since the High Court ruled that non-Muslims can use the word “Allah” to refer to God.

Battle Over Gay Marriage Reaches Federal Court

Tiller Shooting Trial May Revisit Abortion Debate

Willow Creek Seeks to Build Better Families

Theologian: Brit Hume is Right on Christianity, Buddhism Difference

U.N. Humanitarian Chief Highlights Need for Int’l Church Networks

Reid, race, and regret – and that’s all…
A conservative media analyst says the mainstream media will once again be demonstrating its bias if it quickly ends its coverage of Harry Reid’s controversial race remarks like the White House wants. And a seniors advocacy group suggests the Nevada senator might possibly get “Daschled.”

Perspective: Obama’s un-safe schools czar
People must understand the agenda Kevin Jennings brings with him to Washington. His idea of a safe school is not your idea of a safe school — I guarantee it. Caution: Objectionable content

Obama relaxes demands on Gitmo
The retired naval officer who commanded the USS Cole when it was hit by terrorists in 2000 hopes that recent congressional action will convince President Obama to permanently abandon his plan to close the Guantanamo Bay detention facility in Cuba.

Perspective: ‘Notional’ security
We in America have become so obsessed with political correctness that both common sense and self-preservation have to take a back seat.

Sex sells… or does it?
A new study by the American Psychological Association reveals that sex doesn’t necessarily mean bigger profits on the big screen.

Not Realistic to Screen 400,000-Plus Names in Current Terror Database, ACLU Expert Says
– Former FBI agent Mike German, now a terrorism expert with the ACLU, says it is “fundamentally ridiculous” to think the Terrorist Screening Database of 400,000-plus names is not flawed. The terrorist watch-list system is “broken,” he said on Monday.

Education Secretary Has No Professional Classroom Teaching Experience
– U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan, the man responsible for implementing the Democrats’ education policy goals, tutored kids as a young student but has never professionally taught inside a classroom. Duncan’s experience in education includes time as the administrator of a nonprofit school and as head of the Chicago public school system, according to Education Department press secretary Justin Hamilton.

Obama, Democrats Put Politics Above Educating D.C.’s Disadvantaged Youth, Black Leaders Say
– Black leaders say that President Obama, Education Secretary Arne Duncan, and members of Congress have put politics ahead of low-income children in the District of Columbia by refusing to support a program that allows 1,700 children to go to private schools, including the school that Obama’s two daughters attend. Congress did not reauthorize funding for the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program in the 2010-11 federal budget, thus ending a program that has helped thousands of disadvantaged children attend some of the best schools in the nation’s capitol since its inception in 2004.

No Comparison Between Reid’s and Lott’s Remarks, White House Says
– White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said on Monday that racial comments by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, a Democrat, and former Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott, a Republican, are not comparable. “I don’t understand exactly how one draws the analogy to a former majority leader expressing his support for the defeat of Harry Truman in 1948 so that Strom Thurmond would be president running on a State’s Rights ticket,” Gibbs said.

Snapshots: Current Events Caught on Camera
– Included here, in no particular order, are photographs of events near and far, most taking place on Tuesday, Jan. 12, 2010.

Powerful Quake Strikes Haiti; Thousands Feared Dead
A powerful 7.0-magnitude earthquake struck Haiti on Tuesday, collapsing a number of buildings and filling the capital city of Port-au-Prince with clouds of dust and smoke, according to initial reports.

Prop 8 Backers, Opponents Face Off in Federal Court

McCain Strategist: Palin Believed VP Pick was ‘God’s Plan’

Preacher Declares an Unashamed Pentecostalism

Students Take Mission Trip to Las Vegas, Porn Expo

Megachurch Enters Doritos Super Bowl Ad Contest; In Top Six

CPAC keeps GOProud, loses other sponsor
Liberty University Law School has withdrawn as a co-sponsor of next month’s Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington because a Republican homosexual activist group is being allowed to co-sponsor the event.

Explaining the ‘stimulus’ flop
A labor economist says President Obama’s economic “stimulus” program has failed because it does nothing to address the main problem that has caused rising unemployment.

Perspective: Why won’t Obama protect America?
A terrorist gets tried in a civil court — and we don’t want to offend by referring to a “war on terror.” No wonder we’re worried about our safety.

Pastors fight for traditional marriage
Opponents of same-sex “marriage” from around the country — many of them black ministers — have held a two-day summit in the nation’s capital.

NJ rejects in-state tuition for illegals
An immigration reform organization is pleased that New Jersey lawmakers failed to pass a bill that would have granted in-state tuition benefits for illegal immigrants.

GOP Senators Say U.S. Military They Visited in Afghanistan ‘Confused’ by Obama Detention Policy
Washington (
– Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), just back from a fact-finding trip to Afghanistan and Pakistan, said he and other senators found operational “confusion” among U.S. military officials on how to handle detained enemy combatants. McConnell also said the Obama administration is wrongly preoccupied with detainee “rights.”

‘Remains to Be Seen’ If Afghanistan Can Stand Alone After U.S. Troop Withdrawal, Republican Says
– “Well I think if we’re successful in our mission, that we will be able to see…the Afghan government begin to assert the control both through the military and police forces, but I think that remains to be seen,” Senator Mike Crapo (R-Idaho) told on his return from a trip to Afghanistan.

U.S. Chamber CEO Calls Obama’s Bank Fee Plan A ‘Bad Idea’
– Tom Donohue, CEO of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, said the Obama administration’s plan to charge banks a fee to recoup some of the TARP funds used to bail out the U.S. financial sector is misguided. “It’s a bad idea,” Donohue told at a news conference following his State of American Business address on Tuesday.

Environmentalists Say Cold December Temperatures Could Provide ‘Lesson’ About Global Warming
– December was one of the coldest on record, but that does not undermine the science on global warming, which is “settled,” according to representatives from the National Wildlife Fund and the National Resources Defense Council. NRDC Director of Government Affairs David Goldston told Tuesday that the “cold winter” weather could teach people a “lesson” about global warming — that “weather and climate aren’t the same thing.” The environmentalists said month-to-month variations do not affect the long-term warming trend.

MLK’s Niece: What Reid Was Really Saying is ‘Now We Have a White House Negro’
– The niece of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. has denounced racially charged comments Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) made about Barack Obama during the 2008 presidential campaign. She described Reid’s way of thinking about black people as “sadly outrageous.”

Conservative Leaders Call for Napolitano’s Resignation
– Conservative leaders are calling on Janet Napolitano to resign from her post as secretary of Homeland Security following her apparently “reckless” statements and behavior. “We are concerned that your performance as Secretary has not been consistent with the high standards required of your job,” the Conservative Victory Committee wrote in a letter it sent last week to Napolitano.

IRS Commissioner: ‘I Find the Tax Code Complex, So I Use a Preparer’
– The commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service, Douglas Shulman, told C-SPAN on Sunday that he uses a tax preparer to do his federal income tax return because he finds the tax code too “complex” to handle the job himself.

Congress Subpoenas AIG Documents After New York Fed Blocks Release
– The Federal Reserve is refusing to release documents to Congress regarding the bailout of the American International Group, according to Neil Barofsky, the special inspector general for the Troubled Assets Relief Program. This prompted the chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee to issue a subpoena for the documents on Tuesday.

Snapshots: Around the World in Photos, Jan. 13, 2010
– Included here, in no particular order, are photographs of events near and far, most taking place on Wednesday, Jan. 13, 2010.

Aid Agencies Warn of ‘Untold Suffering’ for Haiti Quake Survivors
“It is one of the poorest places on earth. This latest disaster is going to cause untold suffering and hardship, particularly in communities with very little to fall back on,” said the chair of Christian Aid.


1 in 3 Presbyterians Affirm Jesus as Only Way to Salvation

30 Chinese House Church Leaders Detained, Says Rights Group

Mideast Evangelical Churches OK Women Ordination

Malaysia ‘Allah’ Case Lawyers Report Break-In

Texans Debate Adding Religious Emphasis in History Class

Director of Terror Watch List Says Full List Could Be Screened Before Passengers Board Flights
– While less than one percent of the 400,000 people named on the terrorist watch list would be prohibited from boarding an airplane because the people are on the “no fly” list, it would be possible to screen the entire list at airports, a top counterterrorism official told on Wednesday.

Christian Defense Group Publishes ‘Top 10 Anti-Christian Acts of 2009’
– The Christian Anti-Defamation Commission has published a list of what it views as the 10 worst “anti-Christian acts” of 2009, including the murder of a pro-life protester, expansion of federal hate-crimes laws, and controversial presidential appointments. CADC President Dr. Gary Cass told that the list reflects the frustrations Christians feel with their society and their government.

White House Won’t Advocate Posting Health Care Bill 72 Hours Before Vote
– The White House, which has avoided answering questions on whether health care negotiations should be broadcast on C-SPAN, claimed the public would have “ample” time to review the legislation. However, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs on Wednesday declined to say whether President Obama would advocate posting the final negotiated bill on the Internet for 72 hours before a final vote by the House and Senate. “I’m sure people will have an opportunity to see what is in the legislation,” Gibbs said.

Taliban Strongest in Southern Afghanistan, Where Most 2009 U.S. Casualties Were Concentrated
– Southern Afghanistan is “the center of the activity” right now in the ongoing war, said Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska), who joined a delegation of Republican senators on a fact-finding trip to Afghanistan and Pakistan over the congressional recess. “This is where we’re seeing more of the Taliban presence and unfortunately we don’t have as many (Afghan) police forces coming from the south as we do from the north,” she added.

Poll: More Americans Now Say Obama is ‘About the Same’ or ‘Worse’ Than Bush, as Independents Sour on Him
– A Quinnipiac poll, released Wednesday, shows that a majority of respondents said Obama’s performance in the last year is comparable to that of President George W. Bush, who suffered some of the lowest approval ratings in history. Quinnipiac asked: “Do you think Barack Obama has been a better president than George W. Bush, worse, or about the same as President Bush?” Forty-three percent of voters said he was a better president, 30 percent said worse, and 23 percent said “about the same.”

Snapshots: Around the World in Photos, Jan. 14, 2010
– Included here, in no particular order, are photographs of events near and far, most taking place on Thursday, Jan. 14, 2010.

Polishing up the ‘jobs’ numbers
The White House sent a memo to federal agencies last month, announcing that it would no longer count a job as “saved or created” by the stimulus, but rather count the number of jobs “funded” by the stimulus.

Perspective: Obama’s anti-jobs policy
History shows that governments are not creators and saviors of jobs on a net basis, but effective destroyers of jobs.

Potential GOP standard bearers – a growing list
Michael Steele, chairman of the Republican National Committee, expects that within the next year or so a number of strong candidates will emerge ready to challenge Barack Obama in 2012.

Pruning faith from history
The Texas Board of Education is holding public hearings and will vote this week on the content of textbooks, which will impact many other states that follow Texas’ lead.

Home-schooling ‘threat’ turned away
Home schoolers in New Hampshire have “responded to the threat” posed by legislation that would have placed new, heavy restrictions on those who prefer to educate their own children.

Massive Quake Propels Massive Outpouring of Aid, Prayers for Haiti
From denominations and mission agencies to broadcasters and foreign governments, groups and individuals are responding to the devastation in Haiti with an outpouring of aid, on-site efforts, and calls for prayer and donation.

Pastors Repent, Unite to Tackle Marriage Problem

Over 100 Christian Teens Arrested in Egypt

Renowned Theologian Seeks to Recatechize Christians

N.H. Homeschoolers Praise Vote Against Tighter Regulations

High Court Blocks Judge’s Attempt to Broadcast Federal Prop 8 Trial

Obama’s TSA Nominee Characterized Groups That Were Domestic Security Threats as ‘Anti-Abortion’ and Having ‘Christian Identity’
– Erroll Southers, nominated by President Barack Obama to head the Transportation Security Administration, described groups that were a domestic security threat as being “anti-abortion” and “Christian-identity oriented.”

Rep. Barney Frank: Multi-Million Dollar Bonuses to Freddie, Fannie ‘Too High’
– The Obama administration recently approved base salaries of $900,000, plus $3.1 million in deferred payments, and another $2 million in bonuses for the CEOs of the failed mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. When asked if tax dollars should pay those bonuses or if they should be cancelled, the chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.), told that the bonuses were “too high” but “nothing can be done now.”

GM, Chrysler, Fannie, Freddie Exempt from Obama’s Proposed Tax on TARP Recipients
– Even banks that have already paid back their portion of the $700-billion federal bailout would be subject to a special tax under a White House proposal that opponents call punitive. But the failed and government-controlled mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac would not be subject to the tax, although they also received bailout money. President Obama blasted “obscene bonuses” on Wall Street Thursday.

Seventy GOP Congressmen Call on Geithner to Cancel Bonuses for CEOs at Government-Owned Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
Washington (
– Seventy Republican members of Congress want Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner to cancel up to $6 million in bonuses and deferred compensation — approved before Christmas 2009 — for the chief executive officers of the failed mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. “(T)here’s a letter that’s going to Sec. Geithner from a number of us calling for a rescission of those bonuses,” Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) told Wednesday.

NATO Commander Says Afghan’s President Karzai Not Concerned About U.S. Withdrawal in July 2011
– NATO’s top military commander for Europe, Navy Adm. James G. Stavridis, indicated Wednesday that Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai is not concerned about the planned U.S. troop withdrawal, which is supposed to begin in July 2011. But other Afghan officials expressed uneasiness about the U.S. troop withdrawal in conversations with a U.S. congressional delegation that just visited the country.

Snapshots: Around the World in Photos
– Included here, in no particular order, are photographs of events near and far, most taking place on Friday, January 15, 2010.

The inevitable – employment down, foreclosures up
High unemployment in the U.S. continues to fuel the country’s home mortgage crisis.

A pretty penny to hear Palin
The founder of the Tea Party movement is defending the steep price of admission for grassroots activists attending the Tea Party National Convention next month.

Perspective: Obama’s phony fruits
Even the most loyal subjects of the Obama administration are beginning to realize that “hope” and “change” were phony fruits.

Great needs in Haiti, great response from Christians
Franklin Graham’s Christian relief organization, Samaritan’s Purse, is sending disaster experts to Haiti, as is the Friend Ships ministry.

America’s Christian roots – a myth?
The Texas State Board of Education is making tough decisions on textbooks that will be used for the next ten years — textbooks that will be used by many other states.

Will ‘Book of Eli’ Draw Moviegoers from the Pews?
Will a movie about a man in post-apocalyptic 2043 carrying the last remaining copy of the Bible draw believers in the pews into the theaters?

U.S. Churches Search for Workers, Missionaries in Haiti

Lutherans Nationwide Wrestle with Staying in, Leaving ELCA

Opponents Find Consensus on Religion in Public Life

Malaysian Evangelical Body Calls for Prayer, Fasting

Neuroscientist Explores How Porn Hijacks Male Brain

Is Obama administration going soft on China?
President Barack Obama came into office talking tough on China. The emerging superpower, he promised, would be treated as a competitor, not coddled as a friend or shunned as an enemy. But that tough stance has all but disappeared.

Google threatens to leave China
Religious and human rights advocates are applauding Google’s threat to pull out of China unless Beijing allows the search engine to show uncensored results.

Texas Board defers vote on school curriculum changes
Texas’ board of education has put on hold its consideration of new social studies curriculum standards that could affect students nationwide.

Assisted suicide = medical treatment?
Mercy killings have increased in the Netherlands as the number of euthanasia cases rose by 200 for a total of 2,500 last year, but because reporting cases to the government is voluntary, exact figures are not available.

Perspective: Education and nat’l security
The real problem with American education is opposition to reform and competition from so many entrenched special interests in the education sector.

Obama campaigns for floundering Mass. Democrat
His agenda at risk, President Barack Obama fought on Sunday to save a sinking Democratic U.S. Senate candidate and the critical 60th vote needed for his health care plan while the White House and congressional Democrats scrambled to pass the legislation quickly in case of a loss.

Judge bows out of pro-life case
The trial judge presiding in the case of arrested Notre Dame pro-life demonstrators is stepping down.

Recent poll results (Jan. 11-15, 2010)
See the results from last week’s poll questions.

Tim Tebow to Appear in Pro-Family Super Bowl Ad
Just weeks after capping his college football career with a win in the Sugar Bowl, Florida Gators’ star Tim Tebow is set to make an appearance during the upcoming NFL Super Bowl. But it won’t be on the field that sports fans will see him.

Coptic Christians Rally Worldwide for Believers in Egypt

Christian Groups Prepare 1M Meals and Scriptures for Haiti Quake Survivors

Pastor, Blogger Divided on MLK Legacy

Texas Board Delays Vote; Defends Christian Influence in U.S. History

ADF Update on Prop 8 Trial: Day 5

What Washington Post Didn’t Tell You about Its Own Poll: Most Americans Say They Want a Smaller Government
– A large majority of Americans say they want a smaller government that provides them with fewer services, according to a new poll from the Washington Post and ABC News. But the Washington Post story about the poll makes no mention of this fact.

Only 36% of Likely Mass. Voters Support Obamacare; Only 48% Approve of Job Obama’s Doing
– Only 36 percent of the Massachusetts residents who say they are likely to vote in the special U.S. Senate election on Tuesday say they support the national health-care plan being pushed by President Barack Obama. Only 48 percent say they approve of the job Obama is doing as president. The results are from a poll of 500 likely voters interviewed Jan. 11-13 by the Suffolk University Political Research Center.

Sixty-Two Percent Say America Has ‘Gotten Pretty Seriously Off on the Wrong Track,’ Up 14 Points from April
– Sixty-two percent of Americans now say the country has veered seriously off track, according to a new poll from the Washington Post and ABC News. That is up 14 points from April 2009, when only 48 percent said they thought the country was on the wrong track.

Obama’s EEOC Nominee: Society Should ‘Not Tolerate Private Beliefs’ That ‘Adversely Affect’ Homosexuals
– Chai Feldblum, the Georgetown University law professor nominated by President Obama to serve on the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, has written that society should “not tolerate” any “private beliefs,” including religious beliefs, that may negatively affect homosexual “equality.”

Leftist Leaders Say U.S. Is Using Relief Mission As Pretext to Occupy Haiti
– “What is happening in Haiti seriously concerns me as U.S. troops have already taken control of the airport,” Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega said late Friday. On Sunday, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez used his weekly television and radio show to accuse the U.S. of “occupying Haiti undercover.”

GAO Official: ‘No One’ at Indian Health Service ‘Has Ever Been Held Accountable for Anything’
– The Indian Health Service, a government-run health agency for native Americans and Alaskan natives, has lost millions of dollars worth of equipment over the last several years, but has yet to implement recommendations for improvement, according to the Government Accountability Office. “No one (at IHS) has ever been held accountable for anything,” said Gregory Kutz, managing director of forensic audits and special investigations for the GAO.

More Americans Can Identify the Gosselins Than ‘The Father of the Constitution’
– The finding is part of a new report issued by the libertarian Lexington Institute that says teaching U.S. history has been de-emphasized in schools with “appalling results.”

No Sign Other Companies Will Emulate Google’s Stand Over China
– Google’s threat to pull out of China over intellectual property and censorship concerns continues to resonate, with parties on both sides of the disagreement anxious to see how it will be resolved. Among the major issues at stake are freedom of online expression in China and the future of foreign companies doing business in the world’s biggest Internet market.

Focus defends decision to sponsor CPAC
Focus on the Family intends to maintain its co-sponsorship of next month’s Conservative Political Action Conference despite the inclusion of a Republican homosexual activist group at the event.

Will ‘angry’ voters install a Republican senator?
A conservative activist in Massachusetts says Democrats may lose their filibuster-proof majority in the Senate because voters in the Bay State are “angry” with the current legislative agenda in Washington.

Perspective: The unanswered question
Does Congress have the constitutional authority to enact the healthcare legislation being debated? No — and no one seems to even care.

Tebow to appear in pro-life Super Bowl ad
Former University of Florida quarterback Tim Tebow and his mother will appear in a 30-second commercial during the Super Bowl next month.

Perspective: Less choice, more murder
Democrats are pushing us in a perverse direction. They want to deny our personal freedoms while expanding our capability to murder our unborn children.

Obama: Faith Keeps Me Calm in Hard Times
President Obama on Sunday told congregants at a church where the late Martin Luther King Jr. sometimes spoke at that faith keeps him calm in pressing times.

Churches Kick Off 2010 Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

Nigeria Muslim-Christian Clash Kills Over 40 People

Atheists Set Up ‘Religion-Free’ Fund for Haiti Relief

Indian Christians Forced Out of Camps Ahead of EU Visit

Youth Specialties’ Veteran Worker Returns

TSA Nominee: Global Warming Merits ‘Some Parity’ With War on Terror
– Erroll Southers, President Obama’s nominee to head the Transportation Security Administration, said in a 2008 interview that the war on terror should be given “some parity” with other national priorities such as global warming, education, and the economy.

Abortion Mandate in Senate Health Care Bill Energizes Pro-Life Activists Ahead of National Rally
– Pro-life activists say this year’s “March for Life” on Friday is more significant than any march to date, as Congress prepares to vote on a sweeping takeover of health care that would mandate abortion coverage as well as federal funding for abortion. “If this legislation passes, we will be paying for abortion with taxpayers’ dollars,” Kristan Hawkins, executive director for the pro-life college campus ministry Students for Life of America, told

HHS Study Says $150 Billion Head Start Program for At-Risk Pre-Schoolers is Largely a Failure
– Head Start, the federal government’s largest preschool program for low-income children, yields no lasting results, according to a report released by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services at the beginning of this year. The study found that children served by Head Start made gains in education and health during preschool when compared to other low-income children not participating in Head Start. But by the ends of both kindergarten and first grade, those benefits had “largely” dissipated.

More than 600,000 on Massachusetts Voter Rolls Had Died or Moved, Nonpartisan Analysis Discovered
– Massachusetts had 116,483 dead people on its voter registration rolls and another 538,567 people who were no longer living at the addresses on their registrations, according to a study released Oct. 28, by Aristotle International Inc., a nonpartisan political technology and data firm.

Sen. John Kerry Invokes ‘Dangerous Atmosphere’ of Sarah Palin’s Campaign Rallies
– Although Sarah Palin has endorsed Republican Scott Brown, she has not campaigned for him or with him. But Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) brought Palin into the race on Monday, at a news conference where he urged Massachusetts voters to support Democrat Martha Coakley.

TSA Nominee: ‘We Will Never Win’ War on Terror, But Can ‘Contain Terrorism’
– Erroll Southers, nominated by President Obama to head the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), said the U.S. “will never win” a war on terrorism in the permanent sense, but we can focus on trying to “contain” terrorism. Southers made his remarks in a 2008 video interview with the Web site.

Yemen Claims to Have Top Terrorist in Custody
– The government of Yemen says it has arrested al-Qaeda’s number two leader in the country – a Saudi held at Guantanamo Bay who was released from U.S. custody in 2007. Said Ali al-Shihrquickly resumed jihad activity after going through a Saudi government “rehabilitation” program. If confirmed, al-Shihri’s capture will boost the Yemeni government’s efforts to clamp down on the group.

Dems face ‘un-ignorable wake-up call’
Jeff Jacoby, columnist for The Boston Globe, predicts that if Republican Senate candidate Scott Brown wins tonight in Massachusetts, President Obama’s healthcare legislation in its current form will be defeated. Are Republicans ‘due’? (commentary)

Seat of democracy says ‘no’ to public vote
Alliance Defense Fund attorneys are preparing this week to appeal a Superior Court decision that bars Washington, DC, residents from the right to vote on marriage.

Perspective: Are Republicans ‘due’?
Even if you’re not a Republican, you have a huge stake in this fall’s elections, because the Obama administration is not merely deficient but dangerous — both at home and abroad.

Ten Commandments display stays
An appeals court decision favoring a Ten Commandments display in Grayson County, Kentucky, will likely not be appealed.

Online threats pose risk to Rifqa
Islam critic Robert Spencer is very concerned about reports that a high-profile Christian convert from Islam has been receiving death threats from Muslims.

‘Creation’ Movie to Make U.S. Debut
A film that tells the “true story” of 19th-century naturalist Charles Darwin will finally be making its U.S. debut this weekend – nearly four months after its worldwide release.

Faith-Based Funding for Teen Challenge Stirs Debate

Houston Megachurch Pastor Laments ‘A Broken Washington’

Forced Recantations of Faith Continue in Vietnam

‘Resurrection of the Christ’ Movie Set for Easter 2011 Release

Americans to Send Avatars on Virtual March for Life

Obama to Nationalize Student Lending with Pending Budget Bill
– A bill currently before the Senate would empower the Obama administration to nationalize the student lending industry, eliminating the federally subsidized private loans millions of university students rely on to finance their educations. Under the current system, the federal government subsidizes private financial institutions, thus encouraging them to provide low-interest loans to students.

Education Secretary: ‘A Lot More Losers Than Winners’ in ‘Race To The Top’ Grant Contest
– Tuesday was the deadline for states to apply for a share of the $4.35 billion in grants from the Obama administration’s “Race To The Top” education reform contest. Education Secretary Arne Duncan touted the plan Tuesday, even before the winners are announce — and President Obama pledged $1.3 billion to continue the program that has yet to spend any money on U.S. schools.

Sessions ‘Goes to War’ With Obama Administration Over War on Terror
– The ranking Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee is “calling out” the Obama administration over its approach to the war on terror and its policies on national security. U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) says he wants Wednesday’s scheduled Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on recent intelligence failures to address “the grave and growing threats facing our country.”

U.S., U.N. Target Al-Qaeda in Yemen As Senate Report Warns That American Converts May Be Training There
– The U.S. government and a U.N. Security Council committee announced new measures Tuesday against the al-Qaeda wing based in Yemen, including adding al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) to the list of “foreign terrorist organizations.” The moves came as a new Senate report raised concerns about several dozen American converts to Islam who are now living in Yemen.

Social Security Administration Spent Millions in Stimulus Money to Hire 585 New Bureaucrats to Certify New Disability Recipients
– The Social Security Administration spent $30 million in stimulus money in 2009 to hire 585 new bureaucrats who will be responsible for certifying whether people are eligible for disability so they can be paid by the taxpayers not to work.

Democrats Offer Muted Response to Scott Brown’s Victory; Republicans Hear ‘Deafening Message’ From Voters
– Following Republican Scott Brown’s come-from-behind victory in a liberal-leaning state, prominent Democrats issued terse statements Tuesday night, while Republicans were eager to discuss the message sent by voters.

Hoyer Says Mood of Country Reminds Him of 1994—When Democrats Lost Congress
– House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D.-Md.) told Tuesda7 that the current mood of the country reminds him of 1994, a year when the Democrats lost majorities in both the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate.  Hoyer said public opinion was mistaken in 1994 and suggested that it is mistaken again today.

Obama ‘Surprised and Frustrated’ and ‘Not Pleased’ by Massachusetts Senate Race
– President Barack Obama is “surprised and frustrated” and “not pleased” with the Senate race that will conclude in Massachusetts today, White House Spokesman Robert Gibbs told reporters during Tuesday’s press briefing.

Conservative Group’s ‘MasterLard’ Ad Lampoons ‘Pork’ in Health-Care Bill
– A new Internet video accuses Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) of “buying off” Sens. Mary Landrieu (D-La.) and Ben Nelson (D-Neb.) to get a health care bill passed. The visuals play out over a background of pigs trying to beat each other to the trough.

Nigeria’s Religious Violence Comes Amid Political Crisis
– The latest surge of Muslim-Christian violence in Nigeria comes at a sensitive time for Africa’s most populous country, already in crisis over the prolonged and destabilizing absence of its president. Osama bin Laden in 2003 named Nigeria as one of six “most qualified regions for liberation” in the drive “to establish the rule of Allah on earth.”

‘Ongoing revolt’ against Obama continues in Mass.
Former Boston Herald columnist Don Feder says Senator-elect Scott Brown’s triumph last night in Massachusetts will create a political “sea change” across the nation.

Perspective: The Democrats’ Massachusetts meltdown
Scott Brown’s showing in the Bay State is an unmistakable victory for Tea Party activism. Take that, President Obama and other out-of-touch Democrats.

Rifqa to remain free of Muslim parents
A runaway teenage girl from Ohio who converted from Islam to Christianity has reached a court settlement that allows her to remain free of her Muslim parents.

Interpol no longer subject to U.S. Constitution
The head of a civil liberties organization is concerned about an executive order signed by President Obama last month which allows an international law enforcement agency to have jurisdiction in the United States without being subject to the U.S. Constitution.

Missouri works to dodge abortion funding
A Missouri lawmaker is taking action to block possible federal abortion mandates that accompany the much-debated healthcare bill.

Brown Win Lauded as Stop Sign for Health Care Plan
Conservatives are hailing Tuesday’s election upset in Massachusetts and citing it as evidence that Americans are frustrated and want change.

2010 Pro-Life Marches Take on New Significance

Apologist: Youths Need Truth, Not ‘Easy Believism’

Driscoll on Haiti Quake: Sex Trade Occurring in Port-au-Prince

Runaway Christian Convert Allowed to Live Apart from Parents

CBS OKs Script for Tim Tebow Super Bowl Ad

One Year Later, Obama Administration’s Top Religious Freedom Post Still Vacant
– One year after President Obama took office, the administration’s top international religious freedom post remains empty, at a time when religious freedom campaigners have noted a surge in incidents of violence against Christians in particular over the past two months. One Christian advocacy organization launched a petition drive on Wednesday, urging Obama to appoint an ambassador immediately.

Hate-Crimes Law Named No. 1 Anti-Christian Act of 2009
– “The very fact that this law elevates ‘sexual orientation’ and ‘gender identity’ to the same protected status as race – that in and of itself is a cataclysmic shift in policy,” said Mathew Staver, president of the religious liberty law firm Liberty Counsel and dean of the Liberty University Law School.

Planned Parenthood Uses Teens to Distribute Injectable Birth Control in Rural Ecuador
– Planned Parenthood Federation of America has launched a program in rural Ecuador that uses people ages 11 to 19 to deliver the hormone injection Depo-Provera, a birth control method that prevents the release of eggs from the ovaries. Critics call the program “dangerous” for a variety of reasons.

Republicans Call for Massachusetts Special Senate Election Results to Be Certified ‘Without Delay’
– Four Republican congressmen have written to Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts William Galvin, calling on him to certify the results of Tuesday’s special Senate election “without delay or political games” so that Sen.-elect Scott Brown can be sworn in.

‘President Didn’t Expect To Lose’ the Massachusetts Senate Race, Says Spokesman Gibbs
– “A lot of people bear responsibility for what happened last night” in Massachusetts, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs told reporters on Wednesday. “The president didn’t expect to lose that Senate race, nor did I.”

Health Care Biggest Issue for Massachusetts Voters in Special Senate Election
– According to Rasmussen Reports, the only firm to attempt an exit poll on the U.S. Senate race in Massachusetts, health care was the biggest issue weighing on voters’ minds as they stepped into the ballot box. Scott Brown managed his 52-47 percent win Tuesday by winning almost every voter who was opposed to the current health care bill (98 percent).


Healthcare plan in ‘critical condition’
Tuesday night’s special Senate election in Massachusetts leaves Democrats in Congress with a big decision to make: moderate their message and their ideas and show bipartisanship — or move full steam ahead with a government takeover of healthcare.

Advice to Obama: ‘Read the writing on the wall’
Boston Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby believes that unless President Obama makes some changes to his political agenda quickly, his party will experience a “bloodbath” in November.

Perspective – Massachusetts to Obama: ‘No, you can’t!’
Tuesday’s Boston Massacre — strike five against Barack Obama — pulls America back from the brink of a costly, irreversible leap into collectivism.

Debunking Planned Parenthood’s financial woes
California Planned Parenthood pays its top executives extremely well while also claiming to receive insufficient funding for its patients.

Can’t make it to March for Life? Yes you can….
Those who can’t attend Friday’s March for Life have the opportunity to create a virtual presence for themselves.

Group That Alerted Media to Biblical Markings on Rifle Sights Wants Congress to Investigate ‘Military Religious Extremism’
– Trijicon’s “outrageous practice” of stamping Christian references on rifle scopes used by the U.S. military “was an unconstitutional disgrace of the highest magnitude to our military and an action that clearly gave additional incentive and emboldenment to recruiters for our nation’s enemies,” said the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. Trijicon has agreed to stop putting references to scripture on products manufactured for the U.S. military.

Obama Proposes New Regulations on How Banks Invest
– President Barack Obama on Thursday called for new rules that he said would prevent a bank from becoming too big to fail, but Republicans said such legislation would only further harm the economy. “It will add to the environment of uncertainty that Democrats in Washington have created,” one Republican said.

Boehner: Health Care Bill ‘Not Quite As Dead as I Want It’
– Two days after Scott Brown won a special Senate election in Massachusetts, vowing to vote against the Democrats’ health care bill in the Senate, House Minority Leader John Boehner said the bill that passed the House in November was “dead” but “maybe not quite as dead as I want it.”

Daily Kos Founder Claims ‘Teabaggers’ and Republicans ‘Who Hate Brown People’ Will Put the Brakes on Immigration Bill
Washington (
– Markos Moulitsas Zuniga, a Democratic strategist and founder of the left-wing blog “The Daily Kos,” told reporters Thursday that “comprehensive immigration reform” legislation providing a “pathway to citizenship” for illegal aliens has a good shot at passage this year. But Moulitsas said “teabaggers” and Republicans who “hate brown people” would try to push back against it, and he said the issue would expose a rift within the Republican Party.

Terri Schiavo’s Brother Says the Press Is Still Lying About His Sister
– It’s been nearly five years since his sister, Terri Schindler Schiavo, died when her feeding and hydration tube was removed, and Bobby Schindler says the mainstream press is still “telling lies” about her. “They refer to Terri as being brain dead,” Schindler said of news accounts. “I see that all the time, and it simply is not true.”

Obama State Department Cites Outreach to Muslims As Reason to Allow Two Muslim Scholars Into the Country
– The Obama administration announced earlier this week that it would allow two Muslim scholars into the country – lifting a ban on Tariq Ramadan, a Swiss national and professor of contemporary Islamic studies at Oxford University, and Adam Habib of South Africa. But the pro-Palestinian group cited by the U.S. government in denying Tariq Ramadan’s visa remains on the U.S. Treasury Department’s list of organizations sanctioned for their links to terrorism.

Healthcare redo in the works
A congressional analyst with The Heritage Foundation believes Democrats will even have a difficult time passing a watered-down version of their healthcare bill.

Babies go to Congress
Mothers who decided not to abort their children are lobbying today in Washington, DC, for the March for Life as part of Heartbeat’s “Babies Go to Congress.”

Terror attack imminent under ‘Obama Doctrine’
A former official in the Reagan Defense Department says one year into the Obama presidency, it’s clear there must be a dramatic change of direction in U.S. foreign policy.

Depo-Provera delivery in Ecuador questioned
Planned Parenthood Federation is using children to provide birth-control shots to other children in Ecuador.

Prayer for Rifqa’s protection still necessary
A bestselling author and Islam critic says even though a high-profile teenage Christian convert from Islam will not have to return to her Islamic parents, she isn’t out of danger.

2010 ‘heartwarming’ March for Life
According to the estimates, the annual March for Life attracted over 250,000 people yesterday, drawing wide participation in the rally against legalized abortion.

San Francisco protests ‘Holocaust that is abortion’
A major two-mile Walk for Life is being held in San Francisco as more than 35,000 people are expected to join the rally against abortion.

Church facing eviction over homeless issue
Pacific Justice Institute is working to stop a Victorville, California, church from being evicted from its meeting place.

Dutch lawmaker faces hate speech trial
Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders is facing criminal charges in Amsterdam for allegedly inciting hatred against Muslims.

Firm will remove Bible references from gun sights
A defense contractor will voluntarily stop stamping references to Bible verses on combat rifle sights made for the U.S. military.

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