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This week’s pick is a great design by Upstream Designs. It is called Alien and shows the word “alien” with an actually alien for the “I”. It also says “til heaven calls me home”. This is something that I know that I sometimes forget. The Bible says that Christians are not to be of the world.  We are not supposed to look like the world, act like the world, think like the world, talk like the world, or live like the world. I really have to wonder if  some Christians know what that means though.

The point of Christianity is that Christ changes us. He takes a filthy, rotten sinner and makes us something completely different. Something that we could never become by ourselves. When this happens, we hate sin and the things that we used to love. Sexual immorality, drunkeness, lust, hatred, lying, stealing, murder – we hate it all. This is what scripture says, and yet it’s not really what I see. There are numerous “Christians” still lusting, lying, stealing, and hating. This is contradictory to the scriptures…

Christians are supposed to be aliens. We are supposed to be different, and not just a little bit. We are to be radically different for the cause of Christ. We should be bold enough to speak out and tell people the truth because their very lives depend on it. I realize this may not seem like a Christmas message, but it is. Christ came to earth to be our propitiation for sin. When He ascended into heaven, He made it clear that we should carry on His work. Are you an alien?


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