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Ok, I’ll admit it. This shirt made me laugh. My daughter went to see the Jo Bros a couple months ago and the whole thing was a farce. Although they are a “Christian” group, the ticket prices were outrageous (good thing I didn’t pay for them). On top of that, the prices for a t-shirt (A T-SHIRT) were around $40 and that was for the cheap one…

But, like the copy says, before there were the Jonas brothers, there was Jonah. Jonah had a little problem going to preach repentance to the Ninehvites. But he went anyway (after a small detour in the belly of a great fish) and a city of 40,000 was saved.

This gets me to thinking though. The Ninehvites were known for being cruel, ruthless, and nasty. And yet, one reluctant man went and preached the truth to them and the entire city repented. Here in America, we have cities that have a church on every block and yet a growing majority of the populations of those cities remain unsaved. Why?

If you are going to preach something, be like Jonah and preach the truth!

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