Does God Still Move Today?

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I am working on another Arm Yourself blog post about persecution, but I wanted to write a little bit about something that was brought up in a few places becasue of something that happened last week.

If you aren’t aware, last week the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) had its General Assembly for this year. During the meeting, the denomination was going to discuss and vote on whether or not practicing (i.e. not celebate) homosexuals should be allowed to be members of the clergy. The session in which this issue was going to be discussed was due to start at 2 PM Wednesday afternoon.

At exactly 2 PM Wednesday afternoon, from out of nowhere, a tornado formed in downtown Minneapolis. This was not something that had been forecast by any weather service in the country. The tornado followed 35W and crossed I94. It then preceeded to damage the convention senter where the ELCA was meeting, shred the tents at the Lutheran church across the street (including the beer tent), and then remove the cross from the steeple of the church and split the steeple in two. It does no other major damage although it did toss some trees about. After it touches the convention center and the church, it lifts into the air and disappears.

After word started that the tornado was a judgment on what the ELCA was pondering, they responded by saying that they didn’t see it that way. Instead, the tornado was “not a commentary on their work” but rather it was “a mighty wind of the Holy Spirit”. To those who supported homosexuality, it was a “positive message”. Despite the weather, the Assembly voted with a two-thirds majority to allow practicing homosexuals to be clergy members.

While I’m not into numerology or anything, it is kind of ironic that a two-thirds majority would come out to 66.6%…I agree with those who say that it was something more than just a normal storm. Sure, there were four other tornadoes in the area by some reports, but how many tornadoes have you heard of that travel down highways without doing major damage, only to damage the meeting place of a wayward denomination that is about to vote on a scripturally obvious sin, shred the beer tent, topple the cross on the steeple, split the steeple in two, and then disappear. That happens all the time right?

Others have brought up the thought that if this tornado was actually a message from God and a warning to the ELCA, then what are all the other tornadoes that we see happening? Why didn’t God send a message to the PCUSA or other denominations that have accepted what God calls sin? My response to this is simple. God is in control. Period. The wind, waves, weather, rotation of the earth, and everything else that happens on a daily basis are under the power of His word. It is nothing at all for the God of the entire universe to cause a storm, or to calm one. Not only that, the people that have been ignoring the warning (because I believe that that’s what it was) seem to forget that all of the destructive weather that we see today is because of sin! Sin is the reason that any of this weather, from hurricanes to tornadoes, happens in the first place. Before the Flood of Genesis 6, it had never rained. When God brought the Flood, it rained for 40 days and nights. Romans 8:22 says that the world groans because of sin and the destructive weather that we see is a part of that groaning. Those who mock and say, “if this was a judgment then why didn’t God send a tornado to all the other denominations that support homosexuality” seem to forget that God is judging them. It may not be with a tornado, but He is judging them. We may not recognize it as such right now, but we will.

The outcome of the storm is both saddening and angering. I am sad because an entire sect of people who claim to be Christians desire to cling to their sin more than they desire to cling to the One they call their God. It’s angering because they mock the sacrifice of Jesus, the holiness of God’s Word and the judgment of sin that is to come. They make an idol of the God of the Bible, my God, and use it to condone whatever sin makes them feel good.

This storm was a warning to all that they are consequences for sin. Every storm is, whether it is a natural storm or a metaphorical storm in our lives. What those who have mocked the Lord fail to realize in all of this is God’s mercy. He has allowed them yet another chance to repent of their sins, and so far they’ve failed to take it. Unfortunately, there will come a day (which is getting closer and closer by the second) when God will no longer extend His mercy to those who live in sin. He will judge the world in righteousness and fire.

If you are living in sin, you are not a Christian. If you are living in sin, you are an enemy of God and will see His wrath poured out on you if you will not repent. If you are reading this, God has given you precious moments to repent of your sins – all of them – and put your trust completely in Jesus to save you. If you refuse to do this and you die, you will be guilty of breaking the Law and be cast into hell for eternity. There will be no second chance, no “do over”, no talking to God. It will be done. Is your sin and your filthiness worth all that? It isn’t…Please, repent today and know what it means to be cleansed of your sin and made new!

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