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Saturday’s Newslinks brought to you by At Ease Tees

Geithner Floats Obama’s Next Big Move: A Tax Hike on the Middle Class
– Appearing on ABC’s “This Week with George Stephanopoulos” Sunday, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner made it clear that the administration believes new federal revenues are needed, and he declined to rule out raising taxes on Americans earning less than $250,000 a year to get those revenues.

Health Care Bill Says Sebelius Must Develop ‘Measurements of Gender;’ Sebelius Says She Has ‘No Idea’ What That Means
– Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius says she has “no idea” about a section of the Senate health-care reform bill that requires her to “develop standards for the measurement of gender” for use in a new federal database that will collect information about all beneficiaries of government-run or government-supported health care programs. The purpose of the database is to allow the government “to detect and monitor trends in health disparities” between different groups in the U.S. population.

Republicans Mock Obama’s Medical Pronouncements; Offer ‘Better Solutions’
– President Barack Obama isn’t a doctor, but he plays one on TV. At least he did at his most recent press conference, Republicans say. House Republicans on Monday released a YouTube video questioning Obama’s medical pronouncements from the podium.

FDA Commissioner Says FDA’s Once-Every-Twelve-Years Pace of Inspecting Foreign Drug Manufacturers Is Unacceptable
– Touring a Capitol Hill market with Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack on Friday, FDA Commissioner Peggy Hamburg said that her department’s performance in inspecting drug manufacturing facilities was not acceptable, and that her goal was to turn the FDA into a world class regulator, working with both foreign and domestic partners to better keep tabs on drug makers.

Conyers Says He’s a ‘Great Advocate’ of Sarah Palin
– At a recent National Press Club luncheon, House Judiciary Chairman John Conyers (D-Mich.) sarcastically said he is “a supporter of Sarah Palin” and “one of her great advocates.” Palin, the GOP vice presidential candidate in 2008, recently resigned as governor of Alaska.

U.S. Casualties in Iraq Dropped to All-Time Low in July
– The month after U.S. forces completed their withdrawal from Iraqi cities has been the least deadly for U.S. forces in Iraq since the March 2003 invasion. The death toll among Iraqi civilians also dropped significantly in July. Seven Americans – six soldiers and a Marine – were killed in Iraq during July, four of them in combat-related circumstances.

Fatah Conference to Consider Non-Recognition of Israel, Closer Ties to Iran
– As Fatah, the “moderate” Palestinian faction, prepares this week to hold its first convention in 20 years, a series of platform proposals threatens to take relations with an already skeptical Israeli government to a new low. Some of the proposals to be voted on reportedly include continued non-recognition of Israel as a Jewish state, the continued right to use violence against Israeli occupation, and calls to open a strategic dialogue with Iran.

Why Catholics Will Not Get Abortion Out of the Health Care Bill

Live Action Launches Petition Against YouTube for Censoring Videos

Operation Rescue Launches Campaign to Keep Tiller’s Business Closed

Fear of Having Children Based in “Lack of Hope”: Cardinal Pell

HHS Will Limit ‘Measurements of Gender’ in Health Care Database to ‘Male’ and ‘Female’ — No LGBT Categories
– A spokesman for Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius told on Monday that a new federal database that will collect information on all beneficiaries of government-run or government-supported health-care programs will use only the categories “male” and “female” — not lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender — when making entries for a person’s gender. The language in the Senate health care bill directing the HHS secretary to create the database makes no mention of “male” or “female” but specifically mandates that the secretary “develop standards for the measurement of gender.”

Obama Still ‘Committed’ to No Tax Increase on Those Making Less Than $250,000, Says White House
– The clarification became necessary after two senior administration officials were perceived over the weekend to have floated the idea that the president might raise taxes on the middle class.

Liberals Paint Health-Reform Protesters As Dangerous Nuts
– The Democratic National Committee linked to a blog in a mass email on Tuesday, effectively endorsing the blogger’s message that “excessive displays” of anger at Democrat lawmakers could “breed a backlash.”

Blasphemy Laws Seen As Root Cause of Violence Against Christians in Pakistan
–National lawmakers in Islamabad on Monday condemned the mob violence, which left seven Christians dead, and called it a conspiracy aimed at defaming Islam. Government ministers said there was no evidence that a copy of the Koran was desecrated – the supposed trigger for the attack. But amid the furor, the only calls for the blasphemy laws to be thrown out are coming from the Christian minority.

Bill Clinton Lands in North Korea on A Mission to Free Two Americans
– Almost nine years after he called off plans to visit North Korea, former President Clinton has arrived in the reclusive Stalinist nation, reportedly on a mission to secure the release of two jailed American journalists. Reporters Euna Lee and Laura Ling were detained along the North Korean-Chinese border in March. Clinton’s surprise involvement follows appeals by his wife, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, for North Korea to grant Lee and Ling clemency and deport them.

McCain Says No to Sotomayor as Senate Debate Opens


Congressman: I Would Rather Save My Soul than Support Abortion-Promoting Health Care Bill


Catholics United, NARAL Blast Family Research Council for Exposing Abortion Mandate in Health Bill


EU “Equality” Directive an “Instrument of Oppression” against Religious Believers: UK Bishops


Amnesty International Calls Protection of Unborn in Nicaragua a “Great Horror”


New Gallup Poll: More Americans Pro-Life than Pro-Choice Thanks to Obama


“Safe Sex” with Condoms Bad for Mental Health, Psych Researcher Finds


Over-the-Counter Abortion Pills Lead to Menstrual Complications


German Catholic Bank Apologises for Contraceptive Investments


American Bar Association Champions Same-Sex “Marriage” Benefits


Mature Adolescents Should Have a Say in Medical Treatment: Supreme Court of Canada

White House Caught Between Drudge and a Hard Place on Health Care Reform


AP Confirms Health Bill Radically Opens Federal Funds to Abortion


Big Brother is Watching Britain: Government Announces 24-Hour CCTV Surveillance for Bad Parents


Oakland Abortion ‘Bubble Zone’ Ordinance Upheld by Federal Judge


Cardinal Marc Ouellet Calls Out Brother Bishops for Lack of Support for Pope


Maclean’s Mag: Kids “hurt your career, your marriage, your social life, your bankbook. Why bother?”


International Groups Pressure Dominican Government to Remove Pro-Life Constitutional Provisions as Final Vote Approaches


Over 100,000 Letters Sent Urging Congress to Keep Abortion Out of Health Care


Senate Confirms Sebelius Supporter Diaz as U.S. Ambassador to the Vatican


Obama-Recommended Census Rules Take Effect: Same-Sex “Marriage” Data to be Released


Children the Greatest Threat to US Environment: Oregon Study


World Congress of Families Conference Organizer Offices Vandalized


Study: To Avoid Greed and Lust, Avoid Temptation – New research from Kellogg School of Management


Famed 93 Year-old Canadian Priest Still Recovering From Grave Health Complications

As Health Care Issue Heats Up, Congressmen Turn to Tele-Town Hall Meetings Where They Control Audience
– Members of Congress are increasingly turning to virtual town hall meetings–conducted by telephone–in an effort to reach more constituents while avoiding the potential that informational meetings might be disrupted by angry and persistent questioners or protesters. One advantage to these telephone town halls is that the Member of Congress controls the audience and the questioning.

Polls Prove Opposition to Health Plan Not ‘Manufactured,’ Conservative Group Says
– Vocal opposition to the Democrats’ health care overhaul legislation – evident at town hall meetings across the United States — is genuine, not manufactured, a conservative activist told on Wednesday.

Liberal Talk Radio Host Hopes Conservative Glenn Beck Commits Suicide on TV
– Liberal talk radio host Mike Malloy lashed out at conservative commentator Glenn Beck, who has a program on the Fox News Channel, saying he hopes Beck commits suicide “on camera,” particularly given that suicide “is rampant in his family” and that Beck apparently is “self-destructive.” “I have good news to report,” said Malloy on his Aug. 4 radio program. “Glenn Beck appears closer to suicide. I’m hoping that he does it on camera.” Malloy noted that “Suicide is rampant in (Beck’s) family.”

It’s Not for Us to Pass Judgment on Fairness of Iran’s Election, Says White House Spokesman
– The White House backtracked Wednesday on an earlier statement calling Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Iran’s “elected leader.” Press Secretary Robert Gibbs later said it was not up to the administration to say whether Ahmadinejad was legitimate. Despite Gibbs’ reluctance to pass judgment on whether Iran’s election was fair, the administration has not hesitated to air its opinions on elections elsewhere.

Federal Stimulus Funds Will be Used to Train ‘Domestic Violence’ Counselors for Cohabitating Homosexuals
– Funds from the $787-billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 will be used in Alexandria, Va., where same-sex marriage is not legal, to train staff on how to work with sexual/domestic violence victims who who do not identify themselves as heterosexual. The “assumptions” about LGBT couples are different, said the city’s legislative director.

GOP That Rose to Power Exploiting ‘Racial Fear,’ Can Make Amends Supporting Immigration Reform, Says Liberal Activist
– Simon Rosenberg, president of the New Democrat Network, believes that the Republican Party rose to power in recent decades by exploiting “racial fear” — and can now make amends now by supporting comprehensive immigration reform. “I am not arguing that Republicans have been a racist party,” Rosenberg said, citing the 1988 presidential election and the welfare reform debate as examples of what he was talking about.

Mass Transit Officials Ask Congress for Increased Subsidies So They Can ‘Encourage’ More Americans Not to Drive Cars
– Representatives of some of the nation’s largest transit agencies testified before Congress on Tuesday, saying that they need more federal subsidies despite growing ridership. According to one official, increased federal spending on public transportation will “encourage” more people to get out of their cars.

Top Obama Adviser Urged a ‘World of Zero Net Physical Growth’ in 1995 World Bank Publication
– A top White House adviser to President Barack Obama argued that mankind eventually must face up to the need for a “world of zero net physical growth” and “population limitation” in an essay he co-authored. The essay was included in a 1995 book on environmentally “sustainable” economic activity published by the World Bank.

U.S. Unconcerned About Russian Subs off East Coast; Moscow Says Patrol Is Routine
– The Russian and United States militaries both played down the significance of two Russian attack submarines patrolling in international waters off the East Coast of the U.S., although the Pentagon confirmed Wednesday that it had been years since Russian subs had extended their reach into the region. A Pentagon spokesman said as long as the Russian vessels remained in international waters and behaved in a responsible way, they were free to do so.

Senate Confirms Sotomayor for Supreme Court – 68-31


When Murder Becomes a “Human Right,” the First Victim is the Truth


Lawmakers Rip White House for “Orwellian” Blog Post on Health Care


‘Health Care Reform Must be Abortion-Free,’ says Supreme Knight


IRS Drops Objections to Planned Parenthood Protests, Grants Tax-Exempt Status for Iowa Pro-Life Group


Alaska Planned Parenthood Sues to Strike Down Parental Notification Referendum


Cash for Clunker Politicians


Irish Government Pressing Hard for Yes Vote on Lisbon while Other EU States Hesitate


APA Officially Rejects Reorientation Treatment for Homosexuals


U.S. Signs Disabilities Treaty, Sparking “Reproductive Health” Concerns


Radical Homosexual Group Targets CEDAW to Push “Gender Identity” Agenda


Manitoba’s NDP Government Puts Paying For Sex-Change Surgery on the Back Burner, For Now

Knights of Columbus Reaffirm Ban on Invites and Honors for Abortion Supporters


Catholic Organizations’ Support for Health Care Reform Follows the Money Trail


Teachers Dissatisfied with Pro-Abortion, Homosexualist NEA Turn to Ethical Alternatives


Opposition Continues To Madonna Concert in Poland


Late-term Abortionist: Man is “Malignant Eco-Tumor”


Quebec Abortuaries Set to Close, Can’t Meet Basic Safety Standards of New Bill


Keep Strip Club in Development Project, Montreal City Panel Recommends 

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