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Freedom is important to everyone. Liberty is something that most people strive their whole lives to attain. In America, we have the freest nation the world has ever know. Sadly, that seems to be changing. Most of our “leaders” don’t know the most elementary history of our nation. Our colleges teach the next generation a history that has been revised by those who hate God. They have made every effort to remove Him from our history and foundation.


What’s sad is that they don’t realize that it is because God has been in our history and has been the foundation our country was built on; they don’t see that removing Him will mean the downfall of everything we stand for. We can see it already happening. The American people have turned their back on God and it is becoming more obvious. We kicked God out of our schools and our kids are growing more rebellious. Teen pregnancy has skyrocketed since we kicked Him out. Teen drinking and drug use is at an appalling level. Marriage has become just a convenience and isn’t the covenant that it’s supposed to be (well, it is still the covenant it’s supposed to be, it just doesn’t mean anything to anyone anymore – including “Christians”). Homosexuality is now not only accepted, it’s promoted; even though God says it’s a sin and an abomination. Pornography has become a 3 billion dollar a year business in our country. Crimes like rape, molestation, and incest are commonplace.


The God-given rights that were recognized by Thomas Jefferson and the other founders of America are being taken away in the name of “welfare” and “fairness”. The church looks like the harlots seen on the street corners of many big cities instead of the pure bride that the Bible describes her as. Many who call themselves Christians look just like the world. The only difference seems to be that they spend their Sunday mornings at church. This is sad and deplorable. The people that are supposed to be the shining example of Jesus Christ look nothing like the salt and light that He said they should.


As Christians, we have the greatest message known to man. We have been entrusted with the truth. We have been charged with the privilege of telling others what God has done for them through His Son. All of us have broken God’s law and have His wrath abiding on us. We have lied, stolen, blasphemed, lusted, coveted, and hated. Just one of these is enough to send us to hell. And there is no way that we can work our way to heaven. The Bible says that our righteousness is like filthy rags. It says that none of our good works will be good enough. It says that Jesus is the only way and that no other gods exist or can save you. The Bible says that Jesus came down from heaven and died on the cross for us. It wasn’t just love that made Him do it. It was a legal transaction that allowed His righteousness to be transferred to us, and our sin to be transferred to Him. For this transaction to take place, we must repent of our sins and put our trust in Jesus as the only One that can save us.


This is true liberty. When you repent of your sins and put your faith in Christ, you are free from sin. If you haven’t done this, please consider the sins that you’ve committed against God and understand that they will send you to eternal punishment in hell. Understand that without Jesus paying for your sins you will have to bear them yourself. If you will turn from your sins and stop doing them and then put your complete trust in Jesus to save you (and not yourself or any other god), you can know without a shadow of a doubt that you will go to heaven when you die. This is liberty and you can have it this Independence Day!

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