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This week’s design is another one that my daughter came up with. It is a simple question but one that many people don’t seem to be able to answer honestly. The Bible says in Matthew 12:30 that you are either for God or against Him. If you do not obey Him then it doesn’t matter what you call yourself or how much you pretend, you are not His. If you are not His, then you belong to the devil. It’s that simple.

This may seem harsh, but it’s the truth. A lot of people talk the talk, but John says that it’s more than talk and it’s more than one day. It’s a lifetime. If you’re not giving your all to God on a daily basis, you may want to check and see if you are saved. Does this mean that you don’t sin. Nope. Does it mean that you’re always going to be up and energetic. Nope. What it means is that when you do sin, you immediately go to your Advocate, Jesus, and confess that sin. Then, you get back to doing what you should be doing. You don’t live in your sin, you don’t wallow in self-pity, and you don’t pout.

Sadly, many Christians today are all about feelings. It’s not about feelings at all. Being a Christian is about knowing and that comes from abiding in Him.

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