Design of the Week – Under Par

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I really don’t know how the weather has been where you live, but here in the Southern U.S., it’s been HOT. It’s also been pretty clear. If you are a golfer, then this is the perfect weather to go out and play a few rounds. When most people play golf, they try to get the lowest score they can (notice I said most…when I go out to play it’s to give other people comic relief!). To do this, they have to shoot under par.

If you have no idea what this means I’ll explain a little. Par is basically the number of strokes the golf course thinks it should take for you to start from the tee and get it into the hole. If you get it in more shots, that’s over par and if you get make it in fewer shots, that’s under par. Obviously, if you’re going for the lowest score, you want to get from the tee to the hole in the fewest shots possible.

You’re probably wondering what any of this has to do with evangelism and Christianity. Well, it’s all tied together in this week’s design – Under Par. While Christian golfers may be under par, the Bible says that they are not under sin. Instead, because of the humbling and amazing work that Christ did on the cross, those who repent of their sins and put their trust in Him to save them have been moved under grace. This is an amazing thing and it lifts the burdens of many who call on the name of the Lord. To be under grace means that you are no longer carrying the weight of your sins because Jesus took care of them. It doesn’t give you a license to sin, but it does give you a clean conscience.

If you’re not saved, the Bible says that you are under God’s wrath and that you’ll have to pay for your own sins if you die without Christ. Please take some time today to look at sin (lying, stealing, lusting, hatred, murder, coveting) and understand that sin will kill you. Then think about Jesus Christ, the only One who has offered to take those sins (and the punishment that comes with them) and give you His righteousness, even though you don’t deserve it (He’s the only One who can and will do it – no other “god” will do this!).  Don’t be under sin, come under the grace of God.

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