DOTW 03/11/09 – Cleansed

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This week’s design is called Cleansed. It is a design meant to remind us that we need to be cleansed of our sin. In Hebrews 10:4 the Bible says that it is impossible for the blood of bulls and goats to cleanse us of our sins. For our sins to be taken away, there had to be something more permanent. The blood of bulls and goats could only cover our sins. The problem comes when we see that because man is the one who brought sin into the world, and because all men after Adam have been born into sin, it is impossible for man to do anything to pay for his sin.


For us to be cleansed of our sins, we need a spotless Lamb. We need someone who has never sinned. The Bible says that this is exactly what happened. The Son of God, Jesus Christ, came to earth and lived among men as one of them. There was one important difference between Christ and other men. Christ was without sin. He never once transgressed the law of God and did everything that He was supposed to do. Because Jesus was without sin, He could be the propitiation (substitute) for us. Because Jesus was the seed of God (promised back in Genesis 3:15), He didn’t inherit the sin nature passed down through Adam. Jesus spent 33 years on earth. The last 3 ½ years, He spent preaching the truth of God to all those in Israel who would listen.


Unfortunately, many of those who heard the message didn’t like it. They didn’t like to hear about their sins or how those sins would send them to hell. Sadly, not much has changed in 2000 years. Man still doesn’t like to hear about his sin (lying, stealing, lusting, coveting, etc.) and he still hates those who preach the message of repentance. He still doesn’t like to be told that many of the things that he likes to do are seen in God’s eyes as sin. Because man can’t reach God or attack Him, he often takes out his anger on those who represent Him by mocking them, insulting them, and even killing them. But, no matter how much sinful man doesn’t like to hear their need to repent, it doesn’t change the truth.


The truth is that sin will be paid for one of two ways. One way that the Bible says sin will be paid for is when man is sent to hell to pay for those sins. This is hard for us to understand and to accept, but it is the truth. If we don’t have our sins paid for, they will be in hell. The other way that sins are paid for is through the blood of Jesus. Because Jesus a man who had no sin in His life, He could substitute Himself for us and reconcile us to God. Because He is the Son of God, that substitutionary sacrifice could be applied to all of those who would repent of their sins and call them what they are. The blood of Jesus cleanses man of all his sins and reconciles him to God.


Please understand this truth and take a look at your life. If you have not been cleansed of your sins through the blood of Jesus, please repent. Hell is not a myth and it’s not a joke. It’s a horrible place of torment that lasts for eternity. Be cleansed through the blood of Jesus and put your faith in Him.

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