Design of the Week 01/28/09- Intelligent Designer

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This week’s featured design is calledIntelligent Designer. It is commonly believed by many that the earth and everything in it couldn’t have come about by anything outside of purely natural causes. Others say that there is an intelligent designer but will not promote any one “being” as that designer. Then, there are some who believe what the Bible says about how everything came about.God, you will use whatever excuses you can to deny Him – despite what the evidence says…

The Bible says that God created everything in six 24-hour days. This includes the stars, moon, sun, planets, plants, trees, animals, dinosaurs, and man. For children, it is obvious that the world around us wasn’t created by chance. Even they can understand that it takes something more than “nature” to bring about the complex and wonderful life around us.

It can be explained pretty easily. Most of us drive cars to and from work and other places. Not one of us has seen our car being made or where it was made. Yet we know there is a maker because the car exists. The maker’s stamp is all over the car. The same can be said for creation. We can know there is a Creator because creation exists. Even though we can’t see the Creator, the creation screams that He exists. It should be really simple.

There are other arguments for the Creator that I will go into in a future blog. The truth is that if you don’t want to believe in

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