Design of the Week 01/07/09 – Boldness

January 7, 2009 at 4:06 pm | Posted in Designs of the Week | 2 Comments
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This week’s design is called Boldness. It is a characteristic that all Christians need to have. It is a characteristic that all Christians should have. Boldness is what will make us preach the truth to those around us in spite of our fears. It is what helps us to overcome the fear of rejection. It helps us to stand strong against false doctrines. It is boldness that gives us the ability to do things that we may not think possible.


It is boldness that helps us convert our passion for the lost into action. It is boldness that allows us to tell the most rabid atheist about sin, hell, and salvation. But, what brings boldness? Proverbs 28:1 says, “The wicked flees when no man pursues, but the righteous are as bold as a lion”. Righteousness provides boldness. But it goes deeper. Ultimately, our boldness comes from the hope that we have in Jesus Christ. That hope comes from the knowledge that He died for our sins and, because we’ve repented of those sins, we have everlasting life. It is this hope that should push us on to reach out to everyone around us because we know if they die without their sins paid for they will go to hell.


If you haven’t repented, please compare your life to the Ten Commandments. They are the standard by which God will judge all of us. If you break God’s law, you are guilty and will find yourself sent to hell if you don’t have your sins paid for. If you will repent of your sins (turn from your sins and stop doing them) and put your trust in Christ, He will save you from your sins and from hell.


If you have repented and you don’t feel that you have the boldness you desire, look to Christ. He will give you the strength and the hope. Remember what He’s done for you and then think about what will happen to those who die without Him. That should move you to run out in the streets and plead with everyone you meet. Don’t be afraid of what man might do or say. Instead, fear what God will do if you don’t…


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  1. Boldness is a tough one. I’ve found that I only find boldness as I find Christ to deeper and deeper levels. I can’t muster it up on my own. it is a gift, just like faith, a gift from God that we don’t deserve or merit.

    Thanks for your words!


  2. Thanks for stopping by Sol! I think that boldness comes as we act more in accordance with Christ, study His Word, and begin to see that He keeps His promises. It is something that we HAVE to have if we’re going to truly reach people with the gospel!


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