DOTW 12/17/08 Crossover – RMS Aquitania

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This weeks design is part of the Crossover blog. It is where a number of designers take the time to talk about another artist’s design that caught their eye.

This week, I am writing about something that I have always liked. The design is called RMS Aquitania. It is designed by labelstone and is part of a vintage art series. When asked about how she got started with vintage labels, she replied:

The love of vintage started with a fascination with art deco. I bought a lamp and then a few bowls etc. Then I started looking at the printed ads, which really caught my eye. At this point I need to add that printer’s ink is in the blood as I a from a line of printers dating back to 1879. The company closed shortly before my father’s death in 2000. His company did not print labels (sadly) but I well remember going down to the plant to watch the presses in action and smell the inks.
I now have a large collection of fruit crate labels and that is where quite a few of my images come from. I also have Victorian trade cards and postcards that I get designs from.

The design that caught my eye did so because it is colorful and there is a sense of movement and life to the image. I also like the style the art is done in and the depth of the image as well.

I asked labelstone how an image is chosen for her shop and she had this to say:

How do I chose? I have to like it, which I know is not the best way of approaching success! If it catches my eye or sense of humor, then I have a go at digitally cleaning the image. If it will not clean up, then I toss the image.

If you get a chance, check out labelstone’s shop and see if there is anything that catches your eye like it did mine!

This blog post is a part of a crossover blog. Other participants in this crossover blog are:


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