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Friday’s Newslinks brought to you by At Ease Tees


This week’s newslinks is shorter than normal. One reason is that there wasn’t as much news as was available in other weeks. Another is that some of it I would like to focus a little more attention on in the coming weeks (especially the “Evangelical Manifesto”).

Fix my kid


(I usually don’t put editorials in the newslinks, but I wanted to write on this one…)


This editorial is about how many Christian parents see training their children in the ways of the Lord as taking them to church and Sunday School. According to the article, 70-75 per cent of the kids raised by Christian parents will not live for Jesus as adults. Why? If Christian parents are raising them, why do so many of them live their adult lives away from the Lord? According to the author, it happens for one of two reasons. Either we don’t have the truth of Jesus, or we’re not portraying it correctly. The author says that it’s the latter. The author says that we should be taking every opportunity to teach our children about living for God, and I agree. The saddest thing that a Christian parent can do for the kids is to have the truth and not give it to their children. Too often, Christians put the teaching of scripture off on “those who have been trained”.  They give them to the Sunday school teachers and pastors. This may be a news flash for some of you, but it is not the pastors or teachers who should be training our kids. It’s you! YOU should be teaching them the ways of the Lord and not just with your words. Your kids see how you live your life and whether you realize it or not, they are mimicking you. You can tell them all the scriptures you want, but if you don’t live it out in front of them, they mean absolutely nothing! What’s worse, we often don’t give our kids credit for being smart enough to catch on to us. We think that we’re getting away with living outside the Word and that we’re fooling our kids. The only ones we’re fooling are ourselves. Your kids know right from wrong and your teaching them that it’s ok to let God’s rules slide. Is it any wonder that they’re not following the Lord? You can blame it on the teachers and pastors all you want (and some of them are at fault for teaching to the kids like their 3 year olds), but ultimately it falls on the parents to make sure that their kids are taught the ways of the Lord!



Documents unsealed in Kansas abortion case


In the ongoing battle against abortion in Kansas, documents from two lawsuits were recently unsealed and opened to the public for the first time. One lawsuit was by Planned Parenthood against former attorney general Phill Kline for mishandling patient files from two abortion clinics in Kansas. Edited versions of the files were allowed to be seen by Kline during his investigation into two PP abortion clinics. Three days before Kline left the office of AG (he lost his reelection bid), he had the documents forwarded to the Johnson County district attorney’s office. Not long after, Johnson County picked Kline to fill a vacancy as county prosecutor. PP says that Kline lost rights to the files when he lost his office. District Court Judge Richard Anderson said that he gave Kline permission to forward the documents on to “any other prosecutor Kline might work with”. To me, this shows just how desperate PP is to keep that information under wraps. Regardless of what PP thinks, Kline seems to have done nothing out of line. PP claims that he kept some of the records in a Rubbermaid container in his apartment before transferring them to the Johnson County office. Kline returned with the fact that he was not allowed a locked storage area in his office and that the office was wide open. PP just needs to realize that more and more people are finding out what is really happening behind closed doors and that people are disgusted by it. I hope that this is the beginning of the end for PP…


E.U. Urges Religious Leaders to Boost Climate Change Fight


The European Union urged 20 of the world’s Christian, Jewish, and Muslim leaders to step up the battle against climate change. The leaders were in Brussels, Belgium to discuss how to fight climate change. European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso said churches, temples, and mosques all have a role to play in helping to save the planet. While I agree with the statement that Barroso made about churches having a role to play in saving the planet, it’s not the same one that Barroso, the EU, and many Christians seem to be focusing on. The “green” issue has exploded as many people try to stop “global warming”. This is ridiculous. The church does have a role to play in saving the planet. They need to be preaching the gospel! Both Pope Benedict and Bartholomew I have been praised for their aggressive efforts to “save the planet”. I have to ask what they’re doing about the preaching of the gospel though. The pope came to the US for about a week not too long ago, and I don’t recall one time where he preached the gospel. Bartholomew I is the leader of the Orthodox Church and says that the world needs to “repent and change their lifestyle in response to the threats posed by climate change”. The world needs to repent and change their lifestyle, but not in regard to climate change. I can’t help but wonder if both of these “religious leaders” remember what is causing the whole of creation to groan in the first place! It is SIN! (Romans 8:22) What about that? Aren’t we, as the body of Christ, supposed to be preaching the gospel to every creature and teaching them to observe all the things that Christ commanded us (Mark 16/Matt. 28)? While I’m all for doing what we can to protect the environment, when it becomes a religion of its own and takes a higher precedence than what God has set in His Word, something is wrong. The world needs to repent of its sin. If it were to do that, all the other things would take care of themselves…


Chinese City Set to Become Bible Printing Capital of the World


Amity Printing Company, the only Chinese state approved Christian printing company, is set to open the largest Bible printing factory in the world in Nanjing, China. The facility will be able to print up to 12 million Bibles per year, which amounts to about 23 per second. This excites some as interest in Christianity grows in China, which is officially atheist. The largest religious group in China is Buddhism, but Christianity ranks second. The publishers also said that they are looking at releasing audio Bibles that people can listen to on their MP3 players. Does anyone else find this ironic? The world’s largest Bible printing factory isn’t found in a largely Christian nation, it’s found in China! While this news is broadcast, the Chinese government is cracking down on home churches in one area of the country (see below). This just strikes me as strange. I hope that good things come out of it, but I don’t know…


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Blasphemous Art Works Remain at Vienna Cathedral Gallery


While the picture depicting the Last Supper as a homosexual orgy has been removed, many of the paintings by self-proclaimed atheist Alfred Hdrlicka still remain in the Dommuseum art gallery attached to the Cathedral of St. Stephen in Vienna. Among the art that still remains is one picture of the scourging of Christ by a nude Roman soldier who is performing a lewd act on the body of Christ. The director, Dr. Bernhard Boehler, said that the international protest against the display of the artwork is akin to the furor raised by Muslim extremists in regard to the Dutch Mohammed cartoons. He also said that the works are “very provocative, problematic” and that “strong believers” would feel that they “might be blasphemous or obscene.” The lack of response from the Archbishop of Vienna has also surprised many people. The idea that “strong believers” would feel that the artwork is “blasphemous or obscene” tells me that the art director of the museum is not in that category. To compare this to the Dutch cartoons is ludicrous. The fact that the museum even allowed this tells me that they have no respect at all for the God they supposedly follow as a “Catholic institution”. This is disgusting and blasphemous and would be considered so by any real Christian. To allow this type of thing in a “Christian” museum is an abomination. The liberal “squishiness” of the art director, the Archibishop, and all of those who condone this goes directly against scripture and is SIN pure and simple…


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