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Series spotlights bias against Christians

 The AFA and Inspiration Network (INSP) have joined forces to present a 13 show series called “Speechless…Silencing the Christians”. The mini-series focuses on the Anti-Christian bias that exists in America and urges believers to end the silence. They have also established a website that coincides with the show.  The show was born from a burden that it’s executive producer had after reading David Limbaugh’s “Persectution: How Liberals are Waging War Against Christianity”. The show is scheduled to debut on March 1st on INSP at 8:30 EST. It will also debut on i-Lifetv on March 7th at 9:30 EST.  I would love to see the show. It’s obvious to anyone who’s a Christian that there is a huge bias in America against Christians. Not only in the media, but in the workplace and in government policies as well. With the election happening at the end of this year and so many Christians talking about voting for people whose ideals clearly go against scripture, I think that anyone that can watch this should.


Promise Keepers revamps, updates

 The men’s ministry has announced it’s new season of events and the subject is “Manhood 08: Let the Truths Be Told”. The president of Promise Keepers said that this year, they plan on focusing on what happens after a man gets home from the event. He also talked about their new product “PK Adventure”. Let me preface what I’m going to say with this: I have never been to or had any desire to go to a Promise Keepers event. I know some people that have gone and said that they were wonderful. My question is this: Is this what men need? Do they need to go to a two-day event and get hyped up and then come home and go back to the way things were? Do they need another program trying to tell them what a “man” is supposed to be? Do they need someone else telling them that they’re supposed to be “warriors” and “fighters”? Do they need a PK Adventure? Or do they need be taught how to study the Word of God and actually apply it to their lives? If Christians really had an understanding of what God’s Word says, would men already know how they are supposed to act? Wouldn’t Christians know what it is they’re supposed to be doing? Would we need these type of things? 


Pastor Poses Sex Challenge to Churchgoers

 The pastor of Relevant Church has challenged his congregation to an interesting challenge. He has offered his flock the “30-day sex challenge”. The challenge is an effort to get married couples to be more intimate and have a better understanding of their relationship with each other and with God. For the singles in Relevant, the challenge is a little different. For the 30 days, the singles are supposed to abstain from having sex and reflect on Christ and who He is.  I really can’t type anymore about this story. This is the most ludicrous thing that I’ve ever heard! There are so many COMMON SENSE questions that seem to have just been ignored that I have to ask them. Why is this even coming up in church? Is “Relevant” church trying to be more “relevant”? What are they really trying to do with this challenge? It seems like it’s just a draw to get non-believers into the church. What purpose does a “30-day sex challenge” have in regards to someone’s spiritual growth? Sex is a physical thing. Where’s the spirituality in that? And, how does having sex more often somehow draw you into a deeper relationship with God? Is this another attempt to try and “erotify” the gospel and somehow portray God as a “breathless lover” instead of the holy Creator of the universe? And what’s up with the singles challenge? YOU’RE CHALLENGING THEM TO ABSTAIN FROM SEX FOR 30 DAYS?????? As single Christians shouldn’t they already be doing that? Shouldn’t they be pure and focused on God already? To me, that doesn’t speak very well for the leadership of Relevant. If you have a church full of singles that are having sex, then what exactly are you teaching them? Obviously, you’re not teaching them about the parts in the Bible that say that fornication and adultery ARE SIN! This is a sad commentary on the state of the church when pastors are challenging their congregations to have sex more often because you’ll be “more spiritual”… 


Talented British Artist Hangs Herself Due To Grief After Abortion

 Emma Beck, a talented artist in the UK took her life on February 1st after struggling with the effects that the abortion of her twin boys had on her. According to the inquest made after her death, she was “extremely vulnerable”. The doctor who first saw Emma said that Emma had cancelled two appointments before finally going through with the procedure. She also said that Emma did not get to see a counselor because they were “on holiday”. The twins’ father Ben was unhappy to find that Emma was pregnant and did not want the boys. Emma’s mother is upset that she didn’t get more counseling before the abortion. I’ve got to stop right here. Her mom is upset that she didn’t get more counseling before the abortion? WHERE WAS SHE AT? Why didn’t her mom try to talk to her about it and tell her about the joys of being a mother? Why didn’t she try to lift her up and tell her that they would be there to support her and help her with her new twin boys? Why did her mom let her go through with it? Her lack of support is more appalling to me than the lack of a counselor at the abortion clinic! And the fact that the father of the twins was unhappy about her being pregnant is disgusting. I’m sure that he wasn’t unhappy when they were conceived! This kind of “instant gratification” and “I’ll do what I want and then gripe about the consequences” is sad and deplorable. If you don’t want to risk getting someone pregnant then don’t have sex! That’s really not that hard to figure out is it? Not only that, sex outside marriage is a SIN. This is another sad loss of life due to the cold heartedness of those closest to the young woman and the complete lack of value that we placed on life.


Planned Parenthood Building Mega-Facilities in Houston, Denver and Massachusetts

 Planned Parenthood is expecting to open a new 78,000 square foot facility in Houston Texas, right across the street from the University of Houston. The facility is going to have three operating rooms and will be equipped to handle late term abortions. This building will also have a surgical ambulatory center that will allow them to perform many more abortions. Planned Parenthood facilities kill 6000 children a year. If this new center opens up, it is expected to double that number. They have also announced their plans to build a 50,000 square foot building in Denver. The PP of Massachusetts is planning on moving from it’s current two-story building to a three-story building in the same town. PP killed 264,943 children in 2005. They receive almost a third of their money from government contracts and grants. In 2006, this amounted to $305.3 million. I think that the government needs to stop all of its funding of programs like this that do nothing but promote a sinful lifestyle with no consequences. Many in our country have wondered what’s going to happen, as the “baby boomer” population gets older and who’s going to take care of them. We wouldn’t have to worry about that if we would stop killing them off!!! 

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Islamic Links on Obama Web Site Stir Criticism

I’ll just let you read this article and come to your own conclusions. I think that we should be wary of anyone that has the support of any type of Islamic group like this.

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Farrakhan: Obama is the ‘hope of the entire world’

Louis Farrakhan spent nearly two hours praising the “hope” the America has in Barack Obama. In his speech on annual Saviour’s Day celebration for the Nation of Islam, he proclaimed Obama to be the “hope of the entire world” and “could turn out to be one who can lift America from her fall”.  A New Jersey pastor thinks that Farrakhan is doing what many other Americans are doing. They are setting aside their beliefs to be on the winning team. Sadly, I have to agree with the pastor. I think that many “Christians” are just as guilty. They talk about being born again, they say that they are “believers” and that the Bible is the inspired Word of God, but then they support people who support agendas that are in direct opposition to that! Scripture has become so little to those who profess to follow it that it’s almost a non-issue. It doesn’t matter that the Bible says that homosexuality is wrong; we support someone that’s pro-homosexual. It doesn’t matter that the Bible says that murder is wrong; we’re going to support someone who is pro-abortion. Both Democratic candidates for president are against a Human Life Amendment, they support gay pride celebrations, they are against any laws that would prohibit forcing of businesses to favor homosexuality and promote homosexual curriculum in schools. While somewhat better, John McCain is still against the Human Life Amendment and supporting traditional marriage. And yet, there are numerous “evangelical leaders” supporting these candidates. Why? Because scripture means nothing to them! Even the Islamic scriptures are against homosexuality and the killing of children, but Farrakhan supports Obama. How can Barack Obama be the hope of the world when the world already has the hope that it needs in Jesus Christ? There is a huge push to portray Obama as some kind of “political Messiah”. If Obama goes directly against the Word of God, then how can he lead us into a better way? And since that can’t happen, where would he lead us? I would encourage anyone reading to seriously consider everything that is being said and done from a biblical perspective. If you profess to be a Christian, then the Bible is your ultimate authority and it should be the guidelines that you use to determine everything in your life including who to vote for!

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Planned Parenthood Web Site Promotes Porn to Teens

 The PP website is promoting pornography to teens as healthy and normal and part of their “medically accurate sexual health information”. They say that even though federal law prohibits children under 18 from watching pornography, it’s ok for minors to watch because “not everyone follows the rules”. They also say that there are many different types of pornography that appeal to different people. This is just another effort to get younger and younger children to learn the humanistic ideal that “we are just animals and that sex is normal and fun and there’s nothing bad that can happen”. This also is disturbing in the fact that it seems that PP is trying to drive kids to have sex and get pregnant to justify their existence. It almost seems like a business move… 


Critic cites stats — Earth cooling down, not warming up

Statistics held by the UN seem to show a cooling trend that started after the 1998 El Nino with January 2008 being the coldest month in almost a decade. The stats give the cooling trend in the face of the fact that more CO2 has been pumped into the atmosphere. The stats also show a cooling trend that took place from 1940 to 1975, but those who aggressively push the “global warming fear” have yet to come up with an explanation for the data…


‘Earth worship’ on the rise among evangelical youth

  It seems that more and more “evangelical” youth are getting involved in Wicca. There is a concern among evangelicals and some point to the movies and books that have recently been popular. One person interviewed stated that she thinks that the Wiccan views of moral autonomy (“nobody can tell me what to do”) and no evil beyond what you believe to be evil are things that appeal to young people.  While the article lacks specifics, I think that this is just another example of the church not doing what it’s supposed to be doing. Instead of teaching our youth we’re entertaining them. Instead of building them up on the truth of the gospel, we’re making them comfortable in their sins and telling them that God loves them just the way they are. Instead of teaching them to fear (respect) God and obey Him, we teach them (by word and example) that the scriptures are nothing more than a nice book and that they can take it or leave it. We tell them nothing of the holy God who is going to judge them based on His standard. Regardless of how prevalent this really is, it should be a wake up call for believers to check their lives in light of biblical truth.


‘Conspirators’ Plot New Ways to Be Christian

 Cutting-edge leaders of the emerging, missional, mosaic and monastic streams convened Thursday evening in Washington state to re-imagine ways to express the Christian faith. The meeting promoted new ways of expressing discipleship, missions, and community church in a “festival of imagination”. The “conspirators” invited those  attending to “create innovative ways to engage these challenges in a way that reflects something of God’s new order”.  I think that this is a dangerous thing. While I agree that there are things that are wrong with the church as it is now, I disagree with the idea that Christians need to be “creative” and “innovative” as far as beliefs go. The body of Christ doesn’t need “innovative ways” for doing anything. We need to be doing what God has told us to do the way that He told us to do it (read Leviticus 10). God doesn’t have a new order and He doesn’t need us to have a festival of imagination. Honestly, He doesn’t need us at all. But, He does use us. What we need to be doing is studying God’s Word the way that He wrote it and the way that He meant it, instead of trying to reinterpret it for today. The Bible itself says that it is sufficient for everything that we need (2 Timothy 3:16-17) and because of that, we don’t need to be adding to it or taking away from it. We just need to be obedient to it!

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