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Christian Photographer Hauled before Commission for Refusing Same-Sex Job

Elaine Huguenin, co-owner with her husband of Elane Photography recently went before the New Mexico state Human Rights Division in response to her refusal to be the photographer at a “same sex commitment” ceremony. She refused to do the job because it was against her beliefs. The couple trying to hire Elaine decided to file a complaint that Elaine was being discriminatory to the homosexual couple. (New Mexico has sexual orientation as part of its discrimination laws)… When is a business OWNER not allowed to decide what work she will or will not take? Why didn’t the couple just find someone else instead of making a big deal about it? As a business owner, doesn’t Mrs. Huguenin have the right to choose whether or not she’ll take a job? If she decided not to do it, then she doesn’t make any money from it. What’s the problem? Oh yeah, there is a homosexual couple involved and they get preferential treatment…I wonder what the US would be like if Christians got the same preferential treatment…

Ford continues to lose money, workers

The Ford Motor Company continues to see losses and worsening conditions as the new year begins. The 4th quarter report for the company and stock losses were valued in the billions. They are also trying to “retire” around 11 or 12 thousand workers to hire replacements at half the wage. There are many who believe that this is because of the fact that Ford ardently supports the homosexual agenda. They have given monetary support to homosexual lobbyist groups as well as advertising in racy homosexual magazines. Also, there is currently a boycott against Ford by a number of Christians who disagree with the company’s homosexual agenda.

UK Government Education Guidelines: Don’t use terms “Mom” and “Dad”

 The new UK government guidelines for teachers include the terms “Mom/Mum”, “Dad” , and “gay” as words that should not be used because they are “racist” toward homosexuals.  Um…when did homosexuals become a separate race? Are they not still human? If you’re going by the traditional definition of race, are black homosexuals a different homosexual race than white ones? This is just ridiculous and the fact that the UK is giving in to this kind of pressure is just another warning to the US…

Israeli Doctors Saving Iraqi, Palestinian Children

 The Save A Child’s Heart foundation south of Tel Aviv has spent its time saving the lives of many children, including those who come from countries that have a hatred of the Jewish people.  This is just amazing to me. It is a true picture of self-sacrifice. The fact that most of the children that they operate on are not Jewish speaks volumes.  It’s also amazing that some countries, like Egypt, don’t allow people to go there to get treatment because they don’t like the Jews. They have people dying in their country who could be treated if they would stop being so prideful…It’s sad really…

Manufacturer of RU-486 Paralyzes Patients with Tainted Drug

 The US FDA continues it’s lax attitude toward the manufacturing processes of the Chinese company who makes the abortion drug RU-486. The government owned company is being investigated by China’s own FDA for producing a leukemia drug that causes permanent paralysis. The US FDA has done nothing about the fact that there might be something wrong with the abortion drug, and has known about the abuses of the companies processes for over 8 years. This should inspire faith in the US government and help us have pride for what we do… How can you honestly not take any action toward a company that you know has shady tactics? The Chinese government is shutting down part of the company and investigating them, and they own it

Judge Orders that Tiller Abortion Records Must Be Given to Grand Jury

 Judge Paul Buchanan has recently ordered that George Tiller must hand over the medical records for his clinic to a grand jury investigating the clinic’s performing illegal late-term abortions. Yeaaaah! It’s about time that a judge stopped making their own laws and upheld the ones that are there! It is a breath of fresh air to see a judge who realizes that they are NOT the law or its interpreter.

Tennessee Senate Passes Uncompromising Pro-Life Amendment

 The Tennessee Senate has provided another step in the banning of abortion in our country. They have recently passed an amendment that nullifies a Supreme Court ruling that says that abortion is protected under the Tennessee state constitution. The amendment is going through the House of Representatives right now. It still has a couple years before it would be fully ratified. At least it is a step in the right direction…

Churches Wary of NFL Policy Sack Super Bowl Parties

I know the Super Bowl is over and I know that there are many Christians who watched it, but I just had to ask something. Knowing how the commercials use sex, beer, and violence (should Christians be watching them?) and knowing how the half-time show usually has almost naked women and lots of other things that don’t seem very Christian; should this be shown in churches? It’s one thing if you watch it at someone’s house, but at a church????

Atheists Assail Bill Recognizing America’s Religious History

 (As if we didn’t see this coming) Some of America’s “prominent” atheists are attacking a resolution in the House that would affirm America’s religious history. They are attacking the resolution because it contains strong Christian language and have offered a “Secular History in America” bill… This is kind of funny in a way and it’s kind of not. The history of the US is being slowly rewritten to erase the country’s Judeo-Christian foundation. Many of the founders of our nation held deeply rooted beliefs in the God of the Bible. In a day and age where this history is often ignored or attacked, many don’t realize that it’s the truth. The atheists attacking this bill are angry because it promotes a truth that they don’t believe in, but they then offer something that others don’t believe in; something that didn’t have a large influence on the foundations this country was built on. Why do they get so mad about someone they claim doesn’t exist?

Al Gore called ‘prophet’ at liberal Baptist meeting

Gore’s Green Message Resonates with Baptists

 In a speech given to Baptists about global warming, Al Gore has been identified as a prophet. The newly titled “prophet” told a crowd of Baptists that “if we heap contempt on God’s creation, that is inconsistent with glorifying God”. He also compared the climate crisis to the rise of Nazi Germany in the 1930’s. This is just horrible political propaganda given at something that was supposed to be a meeting for Baptists to come together. The “prophet” says that global warming is an issue, even though there really hasn’t been that much change. There are new studies out that say that it’s not the emergency that it was once thought of. The newly crowned “prophet” also seems to know what glorifying God is as long as it corresponds to his message. What about glorifying God by not killing unborn children? What about living a life that conforms to His Word? What about upholding the authority of scripture in the face of a society (and the church) who are consistently turning their back on the truth of God?

Book Reveals Fetal Soup Served in Chinese Restaurants

 In his new book, The Seven Sorrows of China, Dr. Mark Miravalle talks about how far the country has fallen. He talks about how the people of China see abortion as just another medical procedure like a flu shot or dental cleaning. He also talks  about 5 restaurants in a certain area that serve fetal soup for $40 a bowl. In response to the touted “health benefits” of consuming “fetal remains”, people jumped at the opportunity to sell this to people who could afford the price. The government has since closed the websites advertising the restaurants, fearing that they might hurt the image of China in the eyes of those outside the country.  This is just disgusting…as is the part about “ghost wives”…

Poll: Most Americans Want a Biblical Leader as President

 In a recent poll that, 6 in ten Americans said that they would vote for someone who speaks about following the example of Biblical leaders. More than three quarters of the people surveyed said that it’s a positive thing when candidates cite scripture. They are also looking for someone who believes in God. They were also looking for a candidate with truthfulness, integrity, and Biblical characteristics. Ok…this poll sounds good, but it really disturbs me. It seems like Americans are so bent on being spiritual and “Christian” because it’s the “in” thing to do, that they have no concept of a truly biblical worldview. Six in ten people said that they would vote for someone who speaks about following the example of Biblical leaders. So if they live like hell but speak about following the examples in the Bible that’s ok? They also talk about it being a positive thing when a candidate quotes scripture. Would most of those polled (or the rest of America) be able to recognize whether or not the scripture was in context? Would they know if it was being used correctly or just taken by itself and being twisted? They are also looking for someone with Biblical characteristics. Would most of America recognize those characteristics? This is a country that glorifies self, sex, and “truth for you”. Would we know Biblical characteristics? I recently heard that many evangelicals are going to vote for Obama or Clinton. Do they embody the Biblical characteristics that many seem to be looking for? They are both strongly pro-choice and have homosexual agendas. And while they have quoted scripture, do they uphold it? Do their voting records show that they stand on the Bible above all else?  I have waited to see how things would play out, and you may disagree with what I’m about to say, but looking at the candidates in the race for the presidency, I would vote for Mike Huckabee. Out of all the candidates running for president, he is the one who has stood consistently on the Bible. I may not agree with everything that he has said, but when it comes to many of the issues facing our country, he has consistently answered according to a right interpretation of scripture. None of the other candidates can say that. They are supporting things that the Bible clearly condemns. They are against things that the Bible says should be done. If the people who claim to be “evangelicals” truly are, then they will look at the presidential candidates through the lens of scripture and not be guiled by their sweet words, being deceived by the hollowness of their speech…

‘Rambo’ Star Joins Activists to Decry Myanmar Junta

 The star of “Rambo 4” has said that he stands by activists against the Myanmar Junta and would like to go there to help them. While his endeavors have brought light to a needed area of darkness in the world, I can only ask: What would he do over their to confront ruling military officials? He is popular here, and his new movie has been used as a rallying point for many of those in Myanmar. But going there to face the rulers of the country is not like in the movies…it would be for real…


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  1. What studies are you refering to about global warming not being an issue, and there not being a climate change?

    The only studies that I have seen that even seem close to what you are talking about aren’t studies so much as they are statistical analysis. The ones I’ve seen weren’t even done by a geologist or a scientist for that matter. I read a study done by a pastor, that was simply a 25 year analysis of tempature changes in his isolated area. Unfortunantly, that statement can’t hold water b\c the study has since been removed from it’s original address where I read it.

    The scientific studies do not back up the conservative christian view stated in “Jesus Camp” to “Rape this earth and take everything from it”

    As for as the first story, I do agree that no buisness owner should be forced to take any buisness they do not want or need, however, I believe that saying I’m not taking that job b\c you’re gay, would be just as atrocious as if I were to say I’m not photographing your wedding b\c your christian and I’m atheist. A simple, I’m not going to be available at the time you need me, it would be better if you could hire another photographer. Even, I’m sorry, we won’t be able to take that job, would work. There is NO REASON that you must both refuse buisness and judge a person in the some statement. Yes, this is judging, you are saying that this person is sinful and non-christian b\c of their relationship, like it or not that’s judging. Even if it is based on what the scripture says. When a jury levies a guilty verdict, they must base their judgement on something, it’s based on law. When you say that a homosexual is sinful, you are judging them basing your judgement upon the Bible.

    The Bible says, Judge not, lest ye be not judged. Whatever basis you judge me and my actions, you also will be judged.

    Jesus Christ forgave me many years before I sinned for the first time, He loves me, I know this. I strive everyday to be a loving committed wife to mine. I have had 1 sexual partner, and although we have had hard times we struggle through basing our relationship on the example of Christ and His church. In this He has blessed us both, as many will say that I am sinful, I wonder what their basis is b\c My Savior Jesus Christ has blessed my relationship and quite frankly, “What God has brought together, let no one take apart.” on more scripture reference in Acts when speaking to Peter, God said “What I have made clean, who are you to say it is vile?”

  2. There is information available that shows that many of the climate models used in determining whether or not global warming is taking place do not match up with the statistical data taken from satellites, ballons, and surface sensors. Not only that, but they’ve known it for awhile now. Also, they don’t have data past 120 years ago. They also say that there is somewhere between an eleven and twenty two year cycle for the sun and the way it releases energy. They don’t have enough data to give an accurate account for anything yet. So they are basing everything on models and estimates. All of a sudden that’s science?

    By the way, nice straw man there about the “Jesus Camp” and their motto. Too bad they don’t exist. Those who study the Bible and live by it understand that the earth belongs to God and that we are to be stewards over it. We are to take care of it…BUT we also understand that we aren’t to WORSHIP it…

    As far as the business owner refusing that job, what difference does it make why she refused the job? It was her perogative as the owner of the business and she chose not to take the job because of what she believes in. Why didn’t they just find someone else? If it wasn’t about something other than the homosexual agenda, they could’ve found another photographer and that would’ve been the end of it. Instead, they have decided to file a complaint. Why? If the situations were reversed and a Christian were to file a complaint against a homosexual business owner, it would have been decried as an attack on the rights of the homosexuals.

    God is the first and final law giver. He gave Moses the 10 commandments. He also gave Israel the Levitical laws, one of which says that homosexuality is an abomination (Lev. 18:22 – This is echoed in Romans 1:20-32). The law that God gave is perfect, unlike man’s law which can change at a whim.

    The Bible does indeed say “Judge not, lest ye be judged” and can be found in Matthew 7. And, like many others who have come before you, you’ve done well to take one scripture out of context to try and support something that God is clearly against. In John 7:24, Jesus says, “Judge not by appearance, but by righteous judgement”. You accuse me of basing my judgment on the Bible, but as a Christian, someone who believes that Jesus Christ is the truth and spoke the truth, what would you expect me to base it on? Jesus said to not judge based on appearance. Instead, I’m to judge by righteous judgment. There is only One who has ever made any righteous judgment and that is God. Since the Bible is God’s Word, AND the Bible says that homosexuality is wrong, it is His judgment and it is righteous. I am not making a new judgment on my own. I’m repeating the judgment that God has already made…

    While Christ died to forgive the sins of the world, it isn’t just something that everyone receives. The Bible makes it clear that it is a gift. To actually get the benefits of the gift, you have to receive it. The Bible says that forgiveness of sins comes from repentance of those sins. If you have not repented, you are not saved.

    I John clearly talks about the truth of sin. John says that anyone who says that they know God and does not keep His commandments is a liar. He says the same thing about one who claims to know Him and walks in darkness…

    If you are in a homosexual relationship, how can you say that you are “basing your relationship on the example of Christ and His church”? How can you believe that God has “blessed your relationship” or “brought it together” when He says that it is an abomination (Lev. 18:22) and that it is an unnatural function (Rom. 1:26-7)?

    How do you get the scripture in Acts 10 as support for your relationship? The context of Acts 10 is Peter’s vision of the food. In it, God tells him to eat of things that the Old Testament Jews labelled unclean. He refused twice and then God said, “What God has cleansed, do not consider unholy”. This was immediately followed by him interacting with GENTILES, whom the Jews thought were unholy and not worthy of the gospel. There is no indication that God somehow cleansed everything that He formerly considered unholy! Especially when Paul talks about homosexuality as a sin in Romans 1, 1 Corinthians 6, and Galatians 5.

    God has not condoned homosexuality and He never will because it is a perversion of His creation. Living in a homosexual relationship – no matter how much you “love” them, or how much you try to base it on the example of Christ and the church – will not make it ok with God. Homosexuality is a sin in God’s eyes and living in a homosexual lifestyle is something that God will judge. 1 Corinthians 6:9 says that homosexuals will not inherit the kingdom of God. Galatians 5:19 says all immorality will not allow someone to inherit the kingdom of God. Revelation 21:7 echoes this by saying that all immoral people will have their part in the lake of fire.

    You don’t have to listen to me. You can go on living the way that you want. You can continue thinking that because man says it’s ok, it doesn’t matter what God says. You have that right as someone who has free will. But, I don’t want you to go to hell. And, whether you agree with it or not, that is what awaits anyone who lives in a homosexual lifestyle. It probably sounds like I’m being extremely intolerant, arrogant, maybe even judgmental. The fact remains that I’ve told you the truth of what the Bible says. It is up to you to decide what to do with it…

  3. “Jesus Camp” was a very real operation, which only shut down after the documentary (which the self-assured owner approved before it was released). The documentary embarassed her beyond measure only because of the universally negative REACTION to it. The documentary exposed some of the most egregious beliefs, psychological child abuse, and bizarre practices going on against children and adults in the deluded world of the self-righteous and self-serving among Christians.

  4. Allan,

    Thank you for correcting me about the existence of the “Jesus Camp”. The sad thing about them is that some people seem to want to lump all Christians together as the same as the “Jesus Camp”…

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