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Homosexuals Squelch Facts About MRSA Outbreak, Conservatives Say

A claim is being made that information linking a new strain of MSRA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) to the homosexual community is being kept quiet. The new strain of bacteria is reported to be 13 to 14 times more prevalent among homosexual men. There is concern that keeping this news from the general public will allow the disease to spread quickly among the general populace. The recent downplay of the outbreak is the result of pro-homosexual activist groups claiming that the report of the outbreak is an attack on the homosexual community, even though the disease is mainly spread through homosexual activites…


 The former Vice President, inventor of the internet, and savior of mankind through his global warming endeavors has now given his support (as have other democrats) to the legalization of gay marriage. Forget that it’s sin. Forget that it goes against God’s Word. It’s ok, because “two men or women who fall in love with each other should be celebrated”…Yeah, right…  

Kobia Advocates Full Communion among All Denominations

The head of the World Council of Churches has expressed his belief that all Christian denominations will be united enough by the middle of the 21st century to be in Holy Communion together. The Kenyan Methodist Kobia said this in an article on the front of the Vatican newspaper recently.

Rick Warren: Mainline Church Problems Need Evangelical Solution

The senior pastor of Saddleback church called for reconciliation between evangelical and mainline churches in a talk with the dean of the Washington National Cathedral, Samuel T. Lloyd III. This was said as Warren’s response to membership decline in many churches. Instead of reconciliation between mainline and evangelical churches, how about reconciliation between the church and God? Maybe if we do things God’s way instead of our own, we’ll see things change?…

Planned Parenthood Tries to Get U.S. Pro-Life Ads Booted From Radio Stations

 The Planned Parenthood group in San Francisco has launched an email campaign in an effort to get pro-life ads removed from radio and print spots. They claim that the ads promote lies and gross inaccuracies, like the fact that each year, more than 18,000 babies are aborted after the 5th month of pregnancy. The Second Look Project, the organization that is running the ads and posting the signs has reported that vandals have destroyed so many of the signs they’ve posted, they’ve had to reprint more. What a lovely way to show you’re side is right. Don’t give people the facts about the pros of abortion (not that there are any), just go out and vandalize everything that your opponent puts up because you don’t have a leg to stand on… 

Brazil Bishop: Excommunication for those who Use or Distribute Morning After Pill

A Brazilian archbishop has recently stated that those in his country that promote the use of or actually use the morning after pill should be excommunicated. He is quoted as saying that it is both “aberrant and illegal”. His stance is supported by the fact that 87% of Brazilians think that abortion for any reason is morally wrong. Whoo hoo Brazil!

Canada: The Only Civilized Nation with No Legal Restriction on Abortion

The Canadian Supreme Court’s Morgentaler decision in 1988 made abortion legal without restraint. Those supporting the decision continue to claim major support in Canada’s populace, even though recent studies show that more than 2/3 of the Canadian people desire some sort of protection for the unborn. Can you honestly support the unrestrained murder of unborn children and still call yourself civilized?

Spanish Bishop Angers Homosexuals by Mentioning Church Doctrine

Spanish Bishop Rafael Palmero recently angered homosexuals in his country by openly standing on the Catholic Church’s doctrine. He said that “homosexuality is normally considered an illness in biology”. He also said that it is “unnatural and morally wrong”. A spokesperson for a prominent homosexual group responded by saying that the people in his group are “as proud of being Christians as they are of being homosexuals”. Can you really be a Christian when you live a lifestyle that goes directly against the Word of God?

Bible Group Challenges Churches to Listen First, then ‘Get the Word Out’

The bible group Faith Comes By Hearing is challenging people all over the world to take the time to listen to the entire New Testament. They have partnered with the American Bible Society to 1 billion Bible-less people. They are challenging those who are illiterate or have trouble reading to listen to an audio version of the New Testament.


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