Design of the Week 01/30/08 – Pro Life

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This week’s design is the Pro-Life design. It came from the simple thought that our parents had to be pro-life or we wouldn’t be here. It is something that most of those who are pro-choice seem to forget. If it wasn’t for the choice that our mothers and fathers made to keep us and not have us murdered in the womb, we wouldn’t be here.

 Sadly, about 3,700 unborn children are killed every day by abortion in the US. Those who support abortion often bring up the “what-ifs” about rape and safety of the mother. The statistics show that an overwhelming number of abortions have nothing to do with rape or safety of the mother. Most of the abortions performed in the US have to do with convenience and with social pressures. A large number of abortions are performed on young, unmarried women. These abortions are performed either because the women are unable to afford another child, or because they don’t want a child. This is sad enough in itself, but what about the underlying cause? What about the sin? They are unmarried. This means that they are fornicating or committing adultery. So, on top of the sins they committed to conceive the baby, they are adding murder to get rid of the evidence of their sin. To me, that’s extremely cold hearted and evil. 

Some of the abortions are performed on married women who say that they’re just not ready to start a family yet. WHAT? If you’re not ready to start a family yet, then do something to keep from getting pregnant, but don’t kill your baby just because you want to cop out and say that you don’t think that you could provide the best for your baby. Take some responsibility for your actions!

The sad truth is that abortion has helped to completely change the mindset of Americans. Many of us have become so accustomed to the murdering of unborn children that it doesn’t sicken us anymore. It is pushing us closer to an amoral society where nothing really matters and you can do whatever you think is right.

 As Christians, we have to defend the truth of the Bible, including the sanctity of life and the life of the unborn.

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