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January 20, 2008 at 3:52 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment
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To everyone who reads my blog (if you’re still here…:) ), I apologize for not being consistent in posting. It’s something that I’m working on. Speaking of working on stuff, I’ve got some new things that I’m really excited about!

I’m going to start posting about my t-shirt shop along with national and world events. When I started this blog, I looked at it as a way for me to just share what I’ve learned from the Bible and how it applies to the world around us. Since then, I’ve realized that all of that is only part of it. I wanted to write about what I’m doing as well. The shop that I’ve started is to help evanglize the world. I have a burden for the lost and part of that has manifested itself as my shop. I will try not to make it just a shop blog, but I hope to have pics and videos of things that go on. This year, I’m hoping to start being at different area events as well as being more aggressive about reaching the lost. I hope to have more participation with others, here and in person!

I’m expecting this year to be completely different from any other year, and looking ahead to whatever God has for me! I hope that you will have the time to be a part of it all!

Here’s to a great 2008 and a closer walk with God for all of us!

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