Praising God!

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The Bible says to stand when you’ve done all you can do. I heard a wonderful scripture from Isaiah that says that the one who walks in darkness and obeys the voice of His Servant should trust in the Name of the Lord and rely on His God.

I can say, by the grace of God, that I have been able to do this. In August of last year, I lost my job. I won’t go into details except to say that there were disagreements between myself and some of the other employees as to the working conditions of the company. Since that time, I have been unable to find a job. I have been applying to everything that I can find that I think that I have a remote possibility of getting hired for. Not too long before I got laid off, I had been praying for God to increase my faith. Well, He has been. It may not have been the way that I liked or expected, but it has been happening.

Not only that, but I have taken the time that I now have to open an online t-shirt shop that focuses on the truth of the Word and evangelism. I have also spent much more time in the Word than I was before and have learned so much in the past five months that I am ashamed that I wasn’t doing it all along. I have been able to make a commitment to study the Bible inductively for the next 10+ years with a few friends who have the same hunger and desire that I do for God’s Word.

For that alone I praise God. But, when I add to all of that the fact that my bills have been paid for every month with only half of what I was making, I just stand in awe. Also, I had the opportunity to spend time coaching my daughter in soccer and watch her take third in the Area tournament. I have seen God provide in ways that just amaze me. The view of God that I had and who He is has been changing and expanding more and more every day. I am continually finding little things happening that can only be God.

Of course, my flesh has been screaming the whole time. I have had thoughts that ranged from “Just run back home” and “Go ahead and borrow some money from family” to “Lord Jesus, please come back today”. I have been more and more concerned as the day draws closer to my unemployment ending. I sometimes find myself worrying that I’m doing something wrong or that I am not going to find a job and end up homeless. Those moments don’t last long, but they’re there. Until I remember that the Word says that God will supply my every need according to His riches and glory by Christ Jesus. And that it says that I don’t have to be anxious for anything, because with prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, I can let my requests be made known to God.

I truly don’t understand what will happen today, or tomorrow, or the day after. But, I know that God is in control and while it isn’t as terrible a dilemma as some are facing even as I write this, in the end it will glorify God and He will be lifted up.

If you read this and get a chance, I would appreciate a little prayer that everything that I would do would be for His glory, regardless of anything else that happens….


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