Did I just see that on TV?

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For the first time in history, a video of an abortion was shown on live national TV. Of course, it wasn’t here in the US, but I’ll get to that.

The video was shown on Spain’s Intereconomia TV network and is a hidden expose of the illegal abortion industry in Spain. The reporter who made the video went to El Bosque de Madrid posing as a doctor who was looking for a job with the clinic. He was immediately rushed into the owner’s office and was told in a nonchalant way, the procedure and what to do and what happens if the placenta doesn’t come out.

The video shows two abortions. The first shows a doctor injecting the fetus with poison and then immediately covering the dead fetus when it is born. When asked why the fetus is immediately covered up, she replies, “I never, never, never look at them”. When asked why, she says, “Because I don’t like it”. The doctor told the undercover reporter that there is no valid reason that most of the people come in to have an abortion and that the clinic has an in-house psychiatrist who signs all the papers and takes care of everything.

The second video shows the same procedure. The voice over says that all of the patients are over 5 months old, a time when the fetus has all of it’s senses and is completely formed. It also notes that one of the patients was only fifteen years old.

When will people stop fooling themselves and realize that abortion is murder? When will they stop being sexually promiscuous and start taking responsibility for themselves and their actions? Let me get a little closer to home. When will those who claim to be Christians stop being sexually promiscuous and start taking responsibility for their actions? When will they live as a true example of Jesus Christ and start denying the world and its system?

The reason that this won’t happen in America is because there is a HUGE effort to cover up what abortion really is. Planned Parenthoods are basically slaughterhouses and death chambers for the unborn, but because they look all nice and are secretive about their practices (even to the point of hiding the doctors as they come in), they are overlooked. Not only that, they produce a large amount of “dirty money” for those involved. We immediately recognize Hitler as a mass murderer for killing millions of Jews during the Holocaust, but we have doctors in America killing 4,000 babies A DAY, and they’re just “professionals”. What happened? When did life completely lose its value?

I have a few designs in my shop and have had some people tell me that they were shocked by the designs. They like the others where they are nice and sweet and positive, but the negative, bold tone of the others upsets or offends them. They have a right to feel the way they do about the designs and about abortion, but the response that I got from them was the whole point! See, in America, we are all about positive thinking, looking for the silver lining, and living the “American Dream”. Unfortunately, most of the time we don’t want to live in reality. We completely gloss over the things that we know are wrong, hoping that if we ignore them long enough, they’ll go away.

The fact is we are not just talking about some simple medical procedure! We’re talking about killing human beings! You can sugarcoat it all you want, but that’s the bottom line and that’s what the liberal and anti-Christian side of our country want you to forget about. If a network in the US were to show an abortion procedure on live, national TV, they would instantly bombarded with hate mail, death threats, and thousands upon thousands of people complaining and boycotting. We can’t even stand pictures of aborted babies on the side of a truck, how could we stand the truth about the procedure?

If the women going in for an abortion were allowed to see a sonogram of their living, breathing, moving baby they wouldn’t have an abortion. The procedure doesn’t just kill the baby either. It completely and totally affects the woman for the rest of her life. I know women who have had an abortion and they still struggle with it. They still feel the loss and the pain, but no one wants to hear about that. Nobody wants to warn the young women going in for an abortion about the emotional, mental, and physical pain that they will go through for years…

Instead, our country glorifies the murder of the unborn as the “choice” of American women. That’s one of their freedoms. We have people like Laura Bush and Hilary Clinton promoting condoms and “safe sex” instead of abstinence. We have people like Jamie Lynn Spears (a 16 year old) publicly announcing that she’s pregnant by a 19-year-old boy that she met AT CHURCH!

Our country needs its Christian population to stand up and start making some noise about stuff like this. There is a need in the body of Christ for people who are seeking God and His holiness, His righteousness, and His justice just as much as they are seeking His love, mercy and grace. We seem to think (especially in America) that God is love and forgiveness and that we have a license to sin our hearts out and it will all be ok. I may be in the minority, but let me just tell you that that’s not true!

If you are caught in your sin (which includes the murdering of unborn children) when you die you will find yourself in hell. Period. There’s no second chance. Right now, however, you have an opportunity to change all that. As I said above, I know many people that have had an abortion. They murdered an unborn child. But, they have repented of that sin and have been forgiven. The truth is, if you have had an abortion, you can be forgiven of that sin. You need to be forgiven of that sin and all others. Those sins will send you straight to hell. They will bring the wrath of God on you and you’ll have no excuse. But, if you recognize that you are a sinner, that you’ve sinned against a holy and just God who will punish murderers, liars, thieves, etc. and that you are in that list, then you can be forgiven of your sins. To be forgiven of your sins, you have to repent of your sins. That means to turn from them and stop doing those things that you know are wrong. Then, you have to put your faith in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. This is like when you have a parachute. If you just recognize the parachute, but don’t put it on, it won’t save you from a 30,000-foot jump. But, if you put it on, then it will save your life. You have to do the same thing with Jesus. There is no other way.

Finally, I just felt the need to say that if you’ve had an abortion and have repented of the sin, but your still struggling with guilt and shame; you need to understand that you’ve been forgiven. You need to know that there is no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus. God has taken that sin and put it as far as the East is from the West. If you just want others to talk to please leave a comment and let me know and I can put you in touch with people who can share your burden. I would also encourage you to find a way to stand up for the unborn who still have a chance at life and let your voice be heard!

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