A list of compromise

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In a largely sickening, open view of compromise, over 100 “theologians” and “Christian” “leaders” have openly and heartily welcomed the “Common word between us and you”, a letter co-authored by 138 high-level Muslim leaders from the 5 sects of Islam.

I have already commented on the letter itself in another blog, but with a partial list of people who signed a positive and welcoming response to the contents, I felt the need to comment again.

As I said in my original comment, this is just a very good example of people compromising the Word of God in the name of “peace”. It shows a lack of study and concern for their own faith. The 100 or so “leaders” who signed the response letter have been quoted as saying, “If we can achieve religious peace between these two religious communities, peace in the world will clearly be easier to attain.”

The problem with this is the fact that Islam isn’t concerned about peace with Christians. All one has to do is look at what their scripture says to see that that’s the case. There are a number of Muslims who say things like: “The war that the Quran is talking about is a spiritual one”, and try to down play the numerous verses that support domination and destruction to those who choose not to follow Allah. The problem with this is that their own scriptures contradict what they are saying. It is the same with the so-called “Christian leaders” who are promoting this. It doesn’t matter what you say, it matters what you do. It matters whether or not you follow your beliefs out to fruition. If you are a Muslim and do not agree with the Quran the way it was written and is expected to be followed, then you cannot truly be a Muslim, can you? The same goes for those “Christian leaders” who promote the possibility of unity between the two religions. If you are willing to compromise the Word of God and will not follow it or live it out the way it is supposed to be lived, then are you really Christians? Does it matter how big your churches get? Does it matter how much recognition you have?

There cannot be unity between Muslims and Christians for one very important reason. Muslims deny Jesus as the Son of God! Without that, which is supposed to be the foundation of the Christian faith, there cannot be unity, and anything that claims that their can be is a false gospel!

Those who responded to the letter said that it was their desire to move “beyond polite ecumenical talks” and get on to deeper discussions that would allow “leaders” of both religions to “reshape” the two communities. I have already said that I have a problem with this, and that is that the reshaping is only of the Christian beliefs. They are the only ones being compromised. In reality, they shouldn’t be compromised at all! The Muslim leaders who wrote the original letter said that they love the one true God. But they don’t worship the same God! All you have to do to see that is look at the character presented in each religion’s scripture. Not only that, as I said before, they deny the Son of God. Therefore, they cannot serve the same God.

The “Christian leaders” also asked for forgiveness for the Crusades and for the excesses of the “war on terror”. Why? Those who took part in the Crusades may have claimed Christ but some didn’t truly act in His Name. Many revisionists have painted the Crusaders as evil, looting, thugs who were hell-bent on taking land from the “innocent” Muslims. The truth is very different. Many of the Crusaders were taking back what was stolen from them! Those who are fighting the war on terror are responding to an attack made by the very people who are now claiming to “love their neighbor as themselves”! That’s double-talk if you ask me…The “Christian leaders” also said that without peace between Muslims and Christians, our “eternal souls are at stake”.

Oh Really?

What about the cost of compromising the Word? Have we so ignored the Truth and so despised the gift that has been given to us through Jesus that we will allow it to be trampled on and fade away when it seems to be of no use to us? How shameful it is to see this happening by those who so quickly use the very Name of the Lord Jesus when it will bring them fame and fortune…

Am I against peace between Christians and Muslims? Do I think that we cannot talk on genial terms? No. I have talked to many Muslims and even after witnessing to them have stayed on friendly terms with them. But, through it all, I did not compromise the Word.

If there is truly to be some semblance of peace in the world (true peace won’t happen until Jesus returns), then it will come when the body of Christ stands up and truly starts being obedient to God and turns away from the sin it so quickly clings to…And not before…

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