Just say….shut up?

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During a recent Ibero-American summit, King Juan Carlos of Spain made a very pronounced comment to Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez.

Throughout the summit, Chavez railed against the US and those who supported them. In the Latin American countries there is little support, with El Salvador being the only country to have troops in Iraq to support the war.

Chavez talked about former Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar and severly criticized him for his actions. When the current Prime Minister began to rebuke Chavez and told him that he should respect the former official, Chavez continuously interrupted the scolding with interruptions, telling the PM that he “could say what he liked”. It was at this point that King Juan Carlos leaned over and said:

“Por que no te callas?”  Which in English means, “Why don’t you shut up?”

Not long after this, as the Nicaraguan president attacked Spain for interfering with his country’s politics, the king just got up and walked out.

I applaud the king for his actions. Some have criticized him for what he did, but I think that there should be more of this. There is no reason that anyone (especially the leader of a country) should come to a summit with other countries and talk the way that Chavez and his (many) supporters did.

It seems that, more and more, there are people who think that because they can shout, slam their fist, and go on a tirade, they should be listened to and respected for that. It happens here in the US too. There are lobbyist groups who seem to act like Chavez. Many of the groups have an anti-Christian agenda. You seem to see this kind of politics most from the pro-homosexual groups. They shout and yell about how Christians are mistreating them and how their rights are being trampled on and how they should be allowed to say whatever they want because it is a free country. Yet, when Christians stand up and say the same thing – that it’s a free country, that we have a right to say what we believe, and that we are being ignored – we are further criticized by the media.

I think that it’s time that the leaders of this nation started listening to everyone instead of just some special interest groups who give them money. I think that it’s time that leaders started acting like leaders and not even giving people like Chavez the time of day. We don’t need a bunch of special groups trying to push their agendas on the rest of us. There are plenty of other countries that support and allow what many of these groups are crying out for here. Let them go there. America is a nation that was/is built on Judeo-Christian principles and it’s time that our leaders rebuilt that foundation so that we can be “One Nation Under God” again…

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