Where did it go?

November 10, 2007 at 10:41 am | Posted in Christianity | Leave a comment
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Reading some of the headlines recently and watching what is going on in local, national, and global churches I’ve got to ask one question…

Where did common sense go?

Sam Brownback is supporting John McCain’s run for president, even though their views differ where embryonic stem cell research is concerned….

Pat Robertson has publicly announced his support for Rudy Guiliani even though the former mayor is pro-homosexual and pro-abortion….

America’s “leaders” continue to move toward splitting Israel to give Palestinians a home even though they know that anti-Israeli factions are using elementary schools and other areas to launch attacks from (and they want peace?)…

Am I the only one that seems to find this both extremely ridiculous and very depressing at the same time? Brownback and Robertson are professing Christians and both of them are supporting people who hold to anti-Christian values. Is this right? Is anyone else offended? Does anyone else question their wisdom?

If this is the kind of “Christian” that Brownback is, then it’s better that he decided not to run rather than get elected and then disappoint all of the people that voted for him. Robertson has been back and forth on many issues (and made many other statements that make me wonder about what he truly believes) but to openly recommend that Christians vote for someone like Guiliani makes me question him.

Some of you might be sitting there thinking, “well, Guiliani and McCain would be better than Hillary. It’s the lesser of two evils.” While I agree with the first part, and truly believe that if Hillary gets into office, this entire nation will be in HUGE trouble, I disagree with the second part.

Choosing the lesser of two evils is still CHOOSING EVIL!!!

As Christians, we are called to be pure, holy, true, and just. It is because we have chosen the lesser of two evils throughout the past few centuries that the church is in the state that it’s in. Instead of choosing evil at all, we need to choose what God says is right, the way that He says it is right, and trust that He will take care of everything else. Unfortunately most Christians won’t give this a second thought because standing for what God says and who He is means letting go of sin, getting ridiculed and persecuted for living differently from the world, and studying the Bible(dear God has it come to that!). So as we drift farther and farther away from God and trust in “Christian leaders” who look less and less like the Bible says Christians look, I can only cry out once again and say that it’s time for the church to STOP IT!

If all of this doesn’t change and our nation ends up as some extension of another country or Christians become physically persecuted and this once-Christian nation turns out to be just like all the other non-Christian nations, I won’t say “I told you so…”.

I’ll be too busy weeping for America and what could have been….


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