Money or children?

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Practicing physician and GOP senator Tom Coburn has painted himself into a really tiny corner with his latest statements. The “pro-life” republican senator is quoted in the Hill newspaper as saying the national debt is a greater moral issue because it “burdens our children with debt before they’re even born”. “The greatest moral issue of our time isn’t abortion, it’s robbing our next generation of opportunity.”

You mean like the opportunity to live? For someone who claims to be pro-life, this seems very cold and uncaring. If you think that abortion is the murdering of children, how could you honestly say that debt is a greater moral issue? Could it possibly be that part of the reason that this nation is in the state that it’s in (aside from the pornography, sexual immorality, and our determination to slowly divide Israel) is because we are killing unborn children? Do you think that that might have something to do with it?

According to senator Coburn, the fact that our nation has a huge debt is more important that a life that is senselessly and coldly slaughtered by someone who is supposed to love them

In America, since abortion was made legal, there has been an estimated 46 million legal abortions. This doesn’t include the illegal ones, just the legal ones (that makes me sick just typing that). Our national debt is an estimated 9.1 trillion dollars as of Oct. 27th. The national debt in 1973 (when abortion was made legal) was 4.7 trillion dollars. The difference is 4.4 trillion dollars. If we divide the number of abortions into the debt that has been accumulated since abortion was made legal, then each baby killed is approximately worth 96 thousand dollars. I didn’t do this for any other reason than to show how little value life has compared to the value we’ve placed on material things like money.

One thing that I continuously fail to understand is how someone who claims to be pro-life could hold views like this? Has the English language lost all sense of meaning? Is English all relative too? Is what is said all that really matters? If I say that I’m a Christian and that I’m pro-life, does it matter how I vote or what I do?


We whine and moan about wanting someone who will do something for America to bring it from where it is to the idealistic land of plenty that we all want it to be. Ya know, I’ve got a sobering thought about that….

Maybe we killed them…

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