Tricks or Treats?

October 30, 2007 at 10:01 am | Posted in Christianity | Leave a comment
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Tomorrow night in the US, thousands of kids will be running around for hours, decked out in a multitude of different costumes, knocking on the doors of complete strangers and hollering “Trick or Treat!”. I remember it all, and thinking back on it reminds me of the church today….

In today’s church, we have people from all walks of life, dressed up in a multitude of different classes, colors, and clothings. And as I’ve watched them, I’ve noticed something. The majority of them are running around knocking on the doors of complete strangers and hollering “Trick or Treat!”.

The church today is running back and forth from one thing to another looking for something that will satisfy it. We are going door to door hoping that the next program we run or the next event we have will be like the elderly woman who used to throw money into our candy bags. We are looking for the next big Treat that will bring the multitudes in by the busload and allow us to feel good about “our” church and how we are doing “the will of the Lord”. We are looking for the next big Treat the will give us the formula and guidlines to produce the church that looks and acts most like Jesus and best represents Christianity to the lost around us.

Sadly, one day we will wake up and realize that it was all one big Trick.

There are churches all over the globe that are “trick or treating” in the hopes of having the largest, most productive church in the world. They are seeking the best ways to build disciples and grow the body of Christ, or so they think. They are like the little kids who will be knocking on doors tomorrow night. They run around looking like one thing when in reality they are something completely different. They knock on door after door hoping to get the best and most wonderful gifts from men; gifts that will give them some amount of satisfaction. Little do they realize that eventually the sugar rush will wear off and things will be back to the way they used to be.

The sad thing is that most of those doing the running don’t even realize what they already have at home. They completely ignore what they need to be focusing on. Instead of parading around like the world does in facades of false happiness and joy, they should be walking out lives that show the truth of what serving and loving the Lord Jesus really looks like. Instead of running from house to house looking for the next program or event to make the people feel good, they need to be looking at the Word and seeing that feelings don’t mean anything compared to the confidence and knowledge that comes from spending time with Jesus.

I pray that some day soon, the church will have the boldness and the honesty to remove the masks they’ve been wearing, stop looking for the next sugar rush, and get back to doing what our Lord told us to do from the very beginning. Here’s to no more Tricks or Treats, just the Truth….


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