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In an effort to try to close the gap between himself and conservative voters, Rudolph Giuliani said that the ideals that he and conservative voters have in common are more important than what separates them. He says that he’s not “an activist for liberal causes”. He told the values voters in Washington D.C. that, while he and conservatives have many areas of disagreement, that “he would protect the values they share”.

Is this possible? As president, would Rudolph Giuliani really represent the conservative voters of our nation? Especially when so many of the ideals that we hold don’t match up with his own? Just reading his website you can see the doubletalk dripping from his quotes about where he stands on political issues.

For instance, on marriage the website states:

Rudy Giuliani believes marriage is between a man and a woman. He does not—and has never—supported gay marriage. But he believes in equal rights under law for all Americans. That’s why he supports domestic partnerships that provide stability for committed partners in important legal and personal matters, while preserving the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman.

So, does he support marriage as it’s supposed to be or not? If marriage is between a man and a woman that should be it. Period. There shouldn’t be any support for anything that goes against that…And this is just one example of the presidential hopeful talking out of both sides of his mouth….

In an effort to reach out to evangelical Christians, he let loose with some Christianese in hopes of helping them forget what he stands for.

“Christians and Christianity is all about inclusiveness. It’s built around the most profound act of love in human history, isn’t it? It grew from a persecuted few people in the Roman Empire to the most widespread religion in the world by spreading a message of love, of hope, of faith, profound optimism, and with its hands out to everyone.”

Is Christianity all about inclusiveness? Does Jesus preach that we should tolerate everybody and every belief that is out there in an effort to show that we love them and are optimistic about where there life is going?

In a word, NO!

Does Christianty desire to see all be free? Yes. Does Christianity hope that all will be saved from the wrath of God that is to come? Yes. Does Christianity seek to show the love that Jesus had on the cross? Yes. Is that all that Christianity is, one big happy love-fest? NO!

Jesus was/is love. He is the complete embodiment of what love really is and His sacrifice on the cross is the greatest example of this. But this love also comes with a cost. Jesus said, in John 14:6, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No man comes to the Father but by Me”. Does this sound like inclusivism? Does this sound like the common canard that “all religions lead to God”. Nope. It sounds like Jesus is saying, “If you don’t believe in Me and you don’t follow Me, then you won’t find God”. And that’s exactly what He said. For anyone to say that Jesus was all about accepting everything as equal, even things that are contrary to what He taught and lived out, is an out-and-out, bold-faced lie!

He told those present that “my belief in God and reliance on His guidance is at the core of who I am”. But which “God” is he talking about? If it’s the one that loves everyone regardless of their sin and doesn’t care about what they do or how they live as long as they claim to know “Him” in some form or another, then his “God” needs a little “g”.

On the other hand, if his “God” is the one that loves everyone regardless of their sin, but calls them to repent of it and turn from their wicked ways, and if it’s the God who’s desire is that “none should perish but all should come to repentence”, and if it’s the God who gave everything He had to return us to a right relationship with Him; then “Rudy” needs to pay more attention to his God and start acting in accordance with the rules that God has laid down and worry less about how voters will see him or what people might think.

In the end, will he stand before God and say, “Well, I had to say that so that I could become president. I had to try and get as many votes as I could to win and I only compromised who you are a little. I’m sorry though…”? If he thinks so, then God will say, “I’m sorry too. I can’t let you in. You compromised the truth for your own selfish reasons and made me into something I’m not (idolatry)”.

Sadly, “Rudy” isn’t the only one that He will say this too. “There will be many on that day that say, ‘Lord, Lord'” and Jesus will say, “Depart from Me you workers of iniquity. I never knew you.”

What will He say to you?

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