Is this inflation?

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A Boy Scout council in Philidelphia, PA has encountered one of the largest increases of rent that I’ve ever heard of. The Cradle of Liberty Council in Philidelphia serves about 64,000 scouts in Philidelphia and it’s surrounding suburbs. Recently, the council was told that they would have to start paying the market value for the building that they are using, which is $200,000 a year. Their previous rent was $1 a year for their downtown office.

Why the change in rent? It came about because the Cradle of Liberty Council was accused of discriminating against homosexuals. This is a huge change from the 2000 court ruling that said the Boy Scouts have a first amendment right to bar homosexuals from participating in the Boy Scouts.

What is the city’s purpose behind this? Just a little bit of thought would show that this is foolishness. Would it be safe or right to allow homosexuals to be part of the Boy Scouts? Think about it for a minute. That’s like letting a pedophile teach kindergarten…

I was in the Boy Scouts for 16 years (3 years as a cub, 7 years as a scout – including Eagle, and 4 years as an adult leader). The Boy Scouts of America provided something to me that I didn’t have at the time. Through the Scouts, I had men in my life that looked out for me and taught me how to be an upright citizen. They taught me how to do things that my dad wasn’t teaching me because he wasn’t around. They taught me a lot of things about morality and truth just by their example. I appreciate the leaders that I had in the Scouts growing up. I wouldn’t be who I am without them.

As a former Scout leader and a Christian, I see no reason the Cradle of Liberty Council shouldn’t be able to bar homosexuals from being a part of the Scouts. The people leading the Scout troops and Cub Scout packs are shaping and molding hundreds of thousands of young men during the time when they are most open to influence. They are showing them how to do the things that they will need to do to provide for themselves and their families. They are building up the next generations of leaders for our nation. These young men don’t need to be “influenced” by something that goes against what the Boy Scouts is based on. If you read through the Scout Law and Scout Oath, you will see that Boy Scouts is based on the God of the Bible. If you read throught the Law and the Oath, you’ll see qualities and characteristics that are sorely needed in today’s generation…

Disagree with me if you want, but I see no place for homosexuality in the Scouts….


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