How many can you name?

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In a day and age when information is flowing like water and there seems to be no limit to what is available to those who know where and how to find it, it seems like our country (and others) is not holding on to the information that is the most important to the health, growth, and future of our country.

 In a study done by Kelton Research, Americans were asked a number of different questions about how much information they knew. I would like to say that the results were surprising, but really they weren’t.

The focus of the study was the 10 commandments. 1,000 Americans were asked how many of the commandments they could name. In order to compare, they were also asked questions like “What are the ingredients of a Big Mac” and “Name the six kids of the Brady Bunch”. The study showed that 25% (250 people) could name all 7 ingredients in a Big Mac, 80% knew that there were “two all beef patties”, 76% knew there was lettuce , 75% a sesame seed bun, 66% knew about the “special sauce”, 62% got  pickles, and 60% remembered cheese. For the Brady Bunch kids, 35% of the 1000 could name all six, and while Bobby and Peter were the least remembered, they still came in at 43% each.

 In contrast, only 14% of the 1000 (140 people) could name all 10 of the commandments. Less than 60% knew that “you shall not kill” was a commandment. Seven of the 10 were familiar to less than half of those surveyed (including “honor your father and mother” and “remember the Sabbath”).  “Remember the Sabbath” was known by on 34% and “Do not make false idols” was only known by 29%! Even the ones that we expect others to know, like “You shall not kill” and “You shall not steal” were only known by 70% at the most!

In a related study done by Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort for their Way of the Master ministry, they asked people how many beers they could name. They had adults and teens(!) answer with more than 15 beers without thinking. When asked if they could name the 10 commandments, they may have gotten 2 or 3 tops.

 Is it any wonder our country is in the condition it is? When a growing section of the population has no idea what God’s law says or that it is the basis for our judicial and social systems, should we be surprised when crime rates increase and lawlessness is rampant?

Should we be surprised that more and more people want God out of the public eye? Should we be surprised or offended when more and more people claim to be Christians and then live in direct opposition to what His Word says? Or that more and more of those same “Christians” support things that are against what God says is right?

 The truth is this: The 10 commandments are very much necessary in turning our nation back to God. They are the standard that God will use to judge. That means that all of those who do not know Jesus as their Lord and Savior will be judged according to what is found in the 10 commandments.

If you’re reading this and you don’t know Jesus as your Lord and Savior, that means that if you’ve ever lied (#9), if you’ve ever stolen anything (#8), if you’ve ever hated anyone (hatred is the same as murder – #6), if you’ve ever taken God’s Name in vain (blasphemy – #3), or looked at someone with lust (lust is the same as adultery – #7), then you’ve broken God’s law and will be found guilty. Because of your guilt, you’ll end up in hell, against God’s wishes.

 The only way to keep this from happening is for you to understand that your sin can only be paid for with the blood of Jesus. That through His death and resurrection, He paid the price that you should have paid. By accpeting that sacrifice and turning away from your sin, you can live in freedom and walk the way that God calls us to walk…

 So….how many can you name?


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