Are they adding fuel?…

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A middle school in Portland, Maine has decided, by a vote of 5-2, to start handing out birth control pills and patches to it’s 11-13 year old students. They’ve also been dispensing condoms to the students since 2002.


Ok…maybe I’m just getting older. Or, maybe I have just gotten completely detatched from reality. Or…maybe I just have more common sense then all of King Middle School’s board members, but COME ON PEOPLE!

 Can you not see that this is adding fuel to the fire instead of solving the problem? Can you not see that by handing 11-13 year old kids condoms and birth control pills, you’re basically saying, “It’s ok if you have sex outside of marriage, even though God said it’s wrong“? Or, even if you’re not a believer, “We know that there is a growing epidemic of young people who are getting sexually transmitted diseases, and we know that more and more kids are getting pregnant younger and younger, so here’s a pill and a condom!”…


 This is a good example of the lack of concern some people have for our kids. Instead of providing the kids with morals and education to help them go above and beyond those who have come before them, the “leaders” of King Middle School have decided to provide them with the things that will distract them and may lead them someplace they wouldn’t have otherwise found themselves…

This is also another example of what happens when you remove God and prayer from the schools and homes of America. Instead of pushing our kids deeper and deeper into sin, the educators of this country should be instilling in them morals that will help restore the foundation of a country that is slowly eroding away. The problem is, for the morals to be instilled in them, they’ve got to be in the people educating them!

 What’s next for Portland, Maine schools? Will they start providing rooms in the schools for the kids too? Will they follow in the footsteps of a school in Norway that allows it kindergarten and preschool kids to dance naked, “play doctor”, and commit immoral acts in front of their classmates?

We need to start looking at what people are doing to and for our kids and we need to stand up against things like this. Our middle school kids don’t need help being immoral. They need people in their lives who can live a moral, modest example before them. Where are those people at?

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