Oprah’s marriage counsel

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One of the most recognizable and well known afternoon talk show hosts has completely lost what’s left of her mind.

Oprah Winfrey recently aired a show which made a huge push to show that pornography and adultery were not only ok, but that it was good for your marriage! The show was a joke from beginning to end.

One of the speakers, Dr. Pepper Schwartz (no jokes please), has written a book about how she traveled around the world participating in one night stands and “friends with benefits”. The “good doctor” states that she keeps the relationships in their own little box and that they don’t leave it.

After this segment, Oprah then went around the audience to find stories of infidelity and the misuse of the marriage bed. Sadly, she didn’t have to look very far. The women in her audience spoke of everything from owning pornography (“erotica”) to using sex to get a house.

Another “expert” stated that women having pornography was ok because it would help them to “overcome their concerns about the addictions their spouse indulge in” (emphasis mine).

Then, the show ended with a “picture perfect” couple who have an “open marriage”. Gregg and Hollie share their marriage with another woman, but it’s Hollie that is sharing herself. This “open marriage” (read adultery) has supposedly given Hollie “more love in her life” and “doesn’t take away from what we [Gregg and Hollie] have”. Gregg says that he has flirted with other women but hasn’t “started an outside relationship of his own…yet”.

Does anyone else get disgusted by this? Is this not morally wrong? And why is it on NATIONAL TELEVISION, on a show that is watched by millions of viewers, most of whom are women?!?!

First, the Bible says that adultery is wrong. Period. No excuses. No reasoning it away. It’s wrong. Second, Jesus clarifies adultery as being looking at someone with lust. If you have looked at someone with lust, you’ve committed adultery. Period. Again, no excuses.

Second, fornication is just as wrong as adultery according to the Bible. That means that if you’re having sex outside of marriage, then you are committing sin.

None of this is dependent on what the “experts” say when it contradicts and violates the Word of God. Anytime someone advocates something that violates the Word, we should ignore it and avoid it (and them) at all costs. There is nothing that is more important than us living our lives according to the truth found in the Bible! So why is this happening? I believe it’s because we have not held to the truth and we have taught the next generations that it’s ok to sin a little. It’s ok if you make the Bible say what you want. As long as you’re happy, that’s what matters.

The truth is that when you stand before God on the Day of Judgment and have to give and account for your life, He’s not going to be concerned with whether or not you were happy. He’s not going to ask you if you lived your life best you could. He’s not going to say, well you danced, and shouted, and sang, and prayed out loud at church. I guess I’ll overlook your sins and you can enter heaven. Sorry. It doesn’t happen that way. The bible says that we are going to have to give an account of every idle word that we speak (Matt. 12:35). If our idle words mean that much to God, how much more do our actions mean to Him? In the end, God will look at each one of us and ask us one question:

What did you do with My Son Jesus and did you listen to what He said?

Well…how would you answer?

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