Kudos to Texas

August 22, 2007 at 5:19 pm | Posted in Christianity | 1 Comment
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This will hopefully be just a quick blog. Because I have a desire to do more than just rant about the things in the world that go so clearly against God’s Word (although there is so much more to write about), I wanted to just give praise to the state of Texas for adopting a bill that will allow students to actually exercise their freedom of speech. While this is a right given to all Americans, it is consistently squelched or denied outright with regard to Christianity and those expressing Christian beliefs. Schools in Texas have until September 1st to designate events with public forums where religious viewpoints will be allowed to be expressed. It will also allow for students to organize religious groups and events as well as provide guidelines for student speakers at graduations, sports events, and other school functions.

This is a great thing that unfortunately shouldn’t be necessary. Our country was founded on Christian principles and the belief that God has blessed us because of our obedience to Him. Regardless of what revisionists try to tell us about the history of our country or how hard they try to remove God from the foundation of this country, He will always be there. There is scripture on just about every government building in Washington, DC. The documents that shaped our country are rife with references to the Lord. The fact that we have to have a bill passed to allow Christians to use a right that was allowed to them all along is just one indication of the direction the American society is going. Without Christians taking a stand and actually speaking up it really doesn’t matter how many bills we pass. We should be speaking out for our rights as Americans and as Christians… There is a great site that has articles on what beliefs founded our country at www.wallbuilders.com

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  1. Amen and Bravo! You should see Yahoo and type in “Dangerous Radicals of the Religious Right” to see a breath of fresh air. It is not copyrighted and can be printed by anyone (hint, hint). Louise

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