Anglican controversy

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I have seen headlines over the past few weeks talking about the turmoil in the Anglican church, and it breaks my heart. Gene Robinson, an openly gay bishop, has been the icon connected with much of the trouble going on. In 2003, Mr. Robinson was ordained as a bishop of the Episcopalian church, even though it was known that he was gay. He said in a recent article that this was not just an “American problem”.

The truth remains that it is a problem Mr. Robinson. While I will readily agree that there needs to be acceptance of people that are living a gay lifestyle, it goes against the Word of God itself to accept a lifestyle that God says is an abomination and clearly (for those who are honest) rebels against the Lord’s command. It is ironic to me that you complain about the notion of punishment that the Episcopal Church may mete out. What is sad is that there is no mention in the article about the judgment that God Himself will mete out (remember Sodom and Gomorrah?)…You say that it is against the Anglican tradition to punish those who are non-compliant. The truth is that this isn’t about the Anglican tradition, or the Catholic tradition, or the Baptist tradition. What this is about is the Truth.

Is this really that hard to understand? It doesn’t matter what tradition you hold or how long it may or may not have been in place. What matters is whether or not your life, and my life, and the life of every other person on the entire planet lines up with the Word of God. If it does, then we have nothing to worry about. If it doesn’t, then we should tremble in fear and quickly seek reconciliation to the Lord through repentance and forsaking of our sins…

You mention that without gay people, “on any given Sunday”, the Church of England would be “close to shut down”. While this may be a sad commentary on the state of the church in England, it in no way makes a gay lifestyle line up with the Word of God. Honestly, it is because the church has turned its back on the truth in many areas and has tried its best to appease the world that it is in the state that it’s in. None of this changes the truth though. God still says that a homosexual lifestyle is wrong and that should be the beginning and end of it! Anything else is akin to “doing what is right in your own eyes”…

You lament over the fact that many bishops may boycott the Anglican Communion’s 2008 Lambeth Conference. Why are you surprised? They are doing what the Bible says to do. They are first exposing sin and calling it what it is. Then, since you choose to ignore their pleas, they are separating themselves from it and not being participants in it. As Christians, what would you expect them to do? You also say that you are more focused on saving souls than gay rights. How can you save souls or lead them to the truth when your life and lifestyle are in open rebellion to it? What kind of Jesus will you show them? Will you show them one who will support gay rights, openly contradicting the rest of scripture? Will you try and emphasize the love of Jesus and erase the truth, justice, holiness, and righteousness that is the Christ? Or will you show those you come into contact with the true Jesus? What kind of power can you have when your life is being lived in sin? You say that you are more evangelical than most in the Episcopal church.

Maybe we have different ideas of what evangelical really is. In truth, I would have a hard time calling you evangelical. I would also have to question if you are truly saved.

As I said earlier, this isn’t about tradition. This isn’t about whether or not the Episcopal Church has ordained you. It really doesn’t matter a whole lot to me. What matters is whether or not you are living by the truth found in God’s Word, and that goes for many other things that “Christians” have allowed into their lives and into the church because they think they can ignore the scriptures. That, my friends, is idolatry. When you make a god who shares the same ideals as you, holds the same standard as you, and allows you to live like you want to; that’s idolatry. You are making a god in your own image. You are denying the God of the Bible in favor of a god that will let you do whatever you please and call it ok. It doesn’t matter how closely he resembles the God of scripture. If there is even the slightest hint of difference, then it isn’t God.

Instead of trying to maintain the god that you desire to serve in your flesh, come back to the God who will renew you through repentance and forgiveness of sin…

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